Monday, February 27, 2006
Snatch Thieves at Belissa Row

This happen right infront of my sister. So i just copy and paste lar..lazy to type again

What she said in the email:

I was at Haagen Dazz (Belissa Row) last night when I witness a lady's bag being snatched away while she was just sitting opposite me enjoying her Chocolate Fondue!!
So please if you are along Belissa Row or any shop where it's besides a street, try not to sit OUTSIDE the shop… or leave your bags next to your sit or lap.

One skinny guy just walked from next door (Coffee Bean) looking for his target and saw the girl's sling bag just next to her, he just snatched it and ran out the street while his partner in crime was waiting for him on a motorbike and they speed off.
The person working there mentioned that this is not the first time this happened. It usually happens in Coffee Bean… Anyway, just be careful when you happen to be sitting OUTSIDE the shop.


Is the crime rate in Penang really that high?Those snatch thieves or robbers really like to victimize ladies. My mom was once robbed at "fake" gun point last year and she fractured her face bone and had bruises all over her knees and arm. Last week, while eating steamboat bbq at Sg.Dua, as we sat outside, we were warned by the shopowner to keep an eye on our bags as there's people snatching bags.

Soon, everyone will be staying home to avoid being a victim to these petty crimes. Then the all the shops won't be doing great and Penang will face recession. OMG!

Nah...i'm just exaggerating the whole recession situation in penang. hahaha. Anyhoo, it is really getting serious by the day. I just found that that the email about the snatch thief at E-gate infront of Guardian turns out to be true as well.

Why does the people around me always get to know about these kind of news.. Adoi..Just be careful whenever you go out, it's really not a safe world out there. Bring pepper-spray, or penknife or the lil thing that can shock and electrocute people wan ar, together with you all the time for protection. haha

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Casanova: The Movie

!! I Love the movie !!
Click here if you wanna access to the official website for this movie.

For a romantic sucker like me, obviously i love these kind of mushy-iloveu stuff loads and loads~

The legendary Casanova(Heath Ledger), where no lady could resist his seduction,even nuns, mother & daughter finally found his true match. A girl(Sienna Miller, yes the ex fiancee to Jude Law) with her own thinking, principles and stand against those low-life mens in ancient time.

It's typically a romantic-comedy. A no-brainer. Girl! a Must watch. Guy? Err...i think you girls out there need to force alil bit. haha. Although there are a few fight scenes and maybe guys can pick up a few things from this irresistible lover of all time.

This movie also show how the whole of Rome is controlled by Vatican City and the Power of Church during that era. Cardinal was the Prime Minister, Bishop were like the Ministers. Princes has no all..

Next review, Angels & Demon by Dan Brown

Finally get to go out and feel the breeze in my fat face. Went out whole day with Spring. Went lepak at gurney and then stuff my face with McNugget(yummy!). After watchin Casanova, off to window shopping again and end with Sushi King..Now that is what i call..... Life...

*jumping off happily*

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New look?
Like the new pinkish look of my blog? It's an accident. >.<

I wanted to have a girlish-pinkish-innocentlooking-cutish new look for my blog initially. So i coxed one of my very html/pc savy friend to help me out on that. Being very nice of him, he set out to design a new "skin" for my blog. He work for more than 3 hours on that, and i was sleepin in my cozy bed all the while..haha yes, im a pig.*oink* Around 3+am, he sms-ed saying it's Done!!

YeaY!! i'm so anxious to see how my new blog turns out! Once, i got my computer at work started, i click into my blog site *waiting, loading, done*

ARGHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!! There! Right on the top, in the middle of the nicely made banner, my stupid face smiling back! I simply cannot accept to have my own stupid round face displayed so openly on my blog. I have to HAD to destroy it immediately so that no one, NO ONE can see that.

I had to resort to choosing a temporary template from the blogger hence the new pink one which i Love! *muaks muaks to my own taste* Cons taking this action??
  1. I lost the links I stalk daily
  2. I lost all my blogger buddies link.
  3. I lost my cute pink chatterbox
  4. I lost my counter link
  5. I lost my statistic link
  6. I lost whatever configuration or adjustment I made earlier on.
  7. I have to start from scratch..
  8. WTF!!!!

But the new look is cute right? You love it too right?*snickers* hahahaha

P/s: It's a very crappy blog. Ignore it if you want to. I dont care. I hate Monday!!

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Friday, February 24, 2006
Pathetic Life
I wonder how many of you people out there lives a life like mine? For goodness sake, i'm only 20 turning 21 this year. Why do i have soo many stuff to rant about? to whine about?

I work 5 days a week sometimes more, and i truly look forward to spend the weekends with my buddies, chimuis and heng tai mun. But, reach friday and i got no where to go except my uncle's house to parasite on him for dinner and to use his ultimate, out-of-the-world, so god damn cool and expensive new desktop( hey, it cost him a bloody 9K, it better be good). After dinner, went home at 930 to watch American Idol and online till i die again. How sad could that be?

YOU guys probably think that how could that be? It's Jxxx wor! no way she would stay home on friday nite right?? (most prob the first to think that would be angchoonseong) Well, you are SO fucking wrong! I'm home again on Saturday night. tiewwsss

Even this afternoon, when i needed someone to go gurney with me, i couldnt get anyone to go with me!! summer needs to get her assignment done, autumn needs to be with her bf, spring is back in hometown, ailin & eric went cruise, and the most fuckstrating one is teong need to finish his Smallville series. -_-" Damn lame lar.. Luckily, i manage to get butt to drop me off to gurney.
This incident truly strucks me in head like a huge squash racquet made of titanium hitting me.*wo0Osh BAM* Does this really means that I am that pathetic? I just need a break from my working life and spend time with you guys! Is that really too much to ask for?

Damn... and I thought i would be out by now to get a drink and chit-chat with some friend but NOooo..everyone is again too busy for me. I really do regret for not going to the cruise with ailin & eric. Then, i wouldn't have felt so shitty like now.

Can someone please ask me to a movie? I'm really lagging behind and VERY, EXTREMELY outdated! I'm not always like this. I'm not a homey girl. I like to go out alot, Anywhere! I WANNA GO CLUBBING, I WANNA GO DANCING, I WANNA GO DRINKING, I WANNA GO FOR A DRINK.

There, i made my statement.

Will the rest of my supposedly holiday in Penang be similar to what i'm going through today? I really hope not. *hint hint to anyone i know* I sometimes wish that i'm back in KL, living alone, do not need to race for the pc with bro, eating when i want to, sleeping at 6am, watching Sex and the City all i want!11 *GAHHHHH*

The only thing that pleases me is my blog hit has increased by more than 500 hits within the last 24 hours. WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
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The Tammy Bandwagon

Since almost every blog i've been reading all these while is or had mentioned about this Tammy NYP girl. So I will hop on to this bandwagon as well in hope to bring at least some traffic into my blog site. *wishing, hoping,praying*

So what's all the hoohaa in the
Blogosphere about this singaporean cheerleader student affectionately named Tammy NYP by bloggers or kaypochies. Now everyone can have a 10minutes to fame ala Paris Hilton style.

Handpone with video recording features + Boy + Girl = You got yourself a homemade sex video!!

This is has been the top search in Technorati for the past few days, i think. What happen is this girl Tammy who is studying in Nanyang Polytechnic(NYP) of sillypore whose cellphone was allegedly stolen by a jealous classmate and whose sex video recorded on that phone is now spreading across the Internet.

So there's a debate over in blogosphere whether who should be blame in this situation. Tammy is rumoured to be expel from uni soon for causing the uni "lose face" in the world. The name of the scandal is also being called Tammy, in other words the finger is pointing to her. What about the guy/bf? He is not suffering from all these discrimantion and criticism . Let's not forget about the culprit that stole the cellphone. Shouldn't he/she be the one that is being punished? Rather than the helpless girl? Honestly, i pity her. Women/girls has always been on the losing side since the beginning of centuries. Husband abusing wife, divorce case, work, etc.. you get what i mean.

The video first made it debut in I do not have the link) and ever since then, there are many fake downloads in countless blog trying to increase their traffic (i'm also trying to attract traffic, LOLz). There are also forums being set up just to so that everyone can comment and share their Tammy stories, along with those special links to photos and video clips.

The "I Fark Tammy " t-shirts are also selling like hot cakes over the net and needless to say, the video clip is being sold over in ebay.

So this Tammy girl turns from a cheerleader>student>victim of theft> Singpore Porn IDOL!!!

Wahlau...hami seh kai...

I guess the society is getting sicker and sicker by the day, always feeding on other's misfortune, snickering and gossiping(am i one of those? i hope not). I hope it wont get any worse than this. haiZz...

*credits from this blog goes to Wingz and also chanlilian for the idea*

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
The Answer is out there
I've Found the Answer!!!!!111

The reason why my blog entry disappeared after clickin publish! Thanks to xiaxue.. It seems that the blog queen is also facing the same problem. more rants....

I think will post up something later on if im free to steal some time from work..??
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Tell me Please
While reading tyler's blog, i came across this term called Johari Window. It is an interesting kind of survey that tells me, the window creater, what are the positive qualities that people think i have. There's a wide variety of adjectives you can choose such as mature, introvert, blabla bla...

So what are you waiting for? Click here to tell me what you think of me!

After you are done, you can create your own Johari Window here!

Now here's some facts about it:
The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Bird Flu Alert

How did the deadly disease get to peaceful Malaysia?? Do we need to wear mask out now? Damn it! The infected place is Setapak! Where i stay in KL.......... Will my plants in the house survive? Will my heavily addicted gamer housemate survive? Are they going to dispose everything i have in my KL house?

My precious computer is still there....Please dont quarantine off that place! I'll have no where else to stay then....Waaaaawaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaa*running around panicking*
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a lifetime:
I want to get rich( $$ face nyek nyek), travel to at least 2 different continents of the world, and hopefully settled down before I'm old and wrinkly.

5 years ago:
That's when im in my sweet 16. Best time of my life!! Went to plenty of camps and that's how i met the most marvelous group of people who is still my great friends until today! =)) i also meet wonderful guys, nyek nyek(very young n bimbo durin tat time). What else? Form 4 = honeymoon years. That rounds up!! hahaha

1 year ago:
2005 today, i think i'm working in Jell also. semester break, and they NEED me...what can i say..*sitting in the basket carrried high up, swing swing swing*

typical boring workday. go to work, work* Hello?heLlo?*, drive home, online, eat, piggggg

will drag my butt to work at 7. then work work work . after that maybe will go do something different with my moppy hair...HAHAHA

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. ice Creamssss (prefer rum & raisin, strawberry cheesecake or mcD RM1)
2.dried mango from thailand
3. dried cuttlefish fr korea. its Pink in colour..yummy!!
4. cottage fries
5. McD French Fries...especially twister!!

5 songs i know the words to:
1. My humps - Black Eye Peas
2. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
3. Yu Jian - Stephanie Sun Yan Zi
4. Top of the World - Carpenters
5. If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys

5 things i would do with $100,000,000:
1. Pay off my debts..*sad life*
2. Buy meself a new stylish swanky apartment
3. Lets go ShoPping! *clap clap clap cheerleader style*
4. Fly me whole family to visit granny in taiwan then to anywhere in the world
5. Investment! Diversify..watever shit that can double the wad in my wallet...

5 locations i’d like to run away to:
1. Rome
2. venice
3. France
4. some one's arms?
5. level of divinity?

5 bad habits that i have:
1. I keep on saying YES to almost anything
2. say “huh?” on repeat.
3. procrastinate.
4. say too much when i don’t need to.
5. say too little when i need to say more.

5 things i like doing:
1. s-l-e-e-p.
2. read/write.
3. conjure imaginary scenarios in my head, pretend they’re real, then snap out of them immediately.
4. not stay home.
5. indulge in mindless jabber about all things life.

5 things i would never wear:
1. Hotpants-lyrca-auntie-style
2. platforms.
3. camouflaged anything.
4. teeny-tiny shorts
5. something that has been is FULL of sequins n glitters...*like walking light bulb*

5 TV shows that i like:
1. Sex and the City
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Friends
4. 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place
5. any tvb a sucker for that

5 famous people i’d like to meet:
1. Dan Brown
2. Johnny Depp and hug him and not letting go
3. Catherine Zeta-Jones
4. Any rich, available smrt, good looking prince who doesnt look down on peasant girls
5. Daniel Wu...*drooolll*

5 biggest joys at the moment:
1. being free
2. giving my mind its long delayed rest.
3. having baby jaz lying on my foot.
4. being in the company of my absolutely-darlings friends.
5. just livin’ and breathing

5 favourite toys:
1. camera....*pure camwhore here*
2. Jaz jaz

3. this *points @ computer*
4. car?
5. others’ fragile feelings - just kidding
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
What do my birth DAY say bout me.....??
Is your birthday day 15 of the month?
Your Life

You are outgoing and love to be at the center of attention. From the
outside, you may seem flashy, flirty, and tricky but your true self is
strong, full of hope to be the leader. When you
fail to convince someone, you will get frustrated, and perhaps let your
temper shows.

Your Love

You are emotional. Many can win your heart at once, but not for long. This
is why you hardly win a decent relationship.

Is it true? Does what the prediction say is true about me? Let's see....

Generally, I'm really outgoing!! I'll get some souding from those that knows me if i say i'm not. but i Do Not Like to be in the center of the attention as i get really really shy. Reason being? I'm very self-concious.

Who dont get fuckstrated when you failed to convince someone of doing what you wan. Yes, i like to do everything my way but i'm stilll very reasonable.

My Love
This clearly explains to be why until today i'm still so god-damn single!! Should i tame myself?

should i? should i? should i? Do i sound desperate? Oooh, shut up, i know i do. Hmmm, maybe i should be this Desperate Housewife-wannabe! LOLzzz

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damn it! i spent more than 1 hour bloggin last night and when i click save, it saves alright. But when i edit the colour of my font and click Publish. the Core of my work is GONE forever to the cyber world!!!

the introduction to the post is still there but the bottom part is some nonsense from a guy bout his summer holiday and dono wat nonsense he got into some faculty...should be some ar mo guy la....aiiih...

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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Chocolate Fondueeeeee!!!!!!!!!
WAHHHHHhhhh!!! Finally i get to eat the infamous Chocolate fondue!!! So we went after a frustrating session at Redbox. That will be another different story to tell.

Back to the the fondue, it's has pure warm chocolate in 1 side and walnuts on the other side with a small candle beneath to keep it warm. The fruits, green apple, strawberries, peach, and bananas. The ice-creams are scoops into tiny scoops so we can eat it with just a bite. Yummmy!!!! And although 5 of us shared 1 fondue, its very filling. 1 foundue cost Rm40+ inclusive of tax we paid a total of RM51.

The Top View

Another Angle of the Fondue

Chocolate Coated Apple

The Aftermath!!

Me with the Fondue!! After fondue, the guys decided to go for a famous mee goreng along the stretch of Gurney Drive.It had been a long long time since i took a photo there, so i decided to take one. The very blue sky is extremely nice.

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Friday, February 17, 2006
Horrifying Attack in Penang!!!!!!
*Please do not take this post and forward it as email again without my permission*

As i'm typing furiously away on my keyboard, my brother's great friend in lying in Adventist Hospital now.

Yesterday night, when he is waiting for his girlfriend somewhere near The Place along Burmah Rd, an indian boy got into his Kelisa. That boy is trying to rob him alone. Of course, he fought back. But without his knowledge, 3 other indian boy had got into his car thru the backseat.

He was pressed against the sterring wheel of his car while being brutally abused by the 4 indians. Then he was forced to drive them to the nearest ATM machine. When they force him to say his ATM PIN number, one of them took out a scissor. That fucker repeatly stabbed he with that scissor all over this body while another pressed his head AGAIN agaisnt the wheel.

Losing alot of blood and being helpless at that time, he simply blurt out a series of number. I'm not sure whether those bastards got the money or not. After that, they drove to a remote road in Balik Pulau. Obviously took everything he has, phone, wallet, and car.

He was lucky that they did not stabbed his face or kick him down the slopy hillside road. He was saved by an uncle who was on his way home and was send to general hospital immediately.

He was savagely stabbeb 30-40 times on his back, and on his limbs as well which total up to over 100 stab. Not to mention those punches and kicks that he received. Those bastards are really vicious. The car they took is consider a new car.

My brother who visited him in the hospital this afternoon said he has bandaged all over his body and is very weak at the moment. Being my brother, he still brings penthouse to cure his's boredom in the hospital '_'

I really couldn't believe that this very guy who always come to my house during football nights to watch with my brother had to go thru such a gruesome ordeal like this. This was reported to the police. It was confirmed done by teenage indian boys that doesnt look more than 15-16 years old. If it wasn't for that kind uncle, i would have lost this friend.

My intention of posting this up to remind the people out there to be extremely careful right now. Whenever you are alone in the car, PLEASE LOCK! I do not wish to have such uncivilize act to happen again.

This has been really a bad week. 2 of my friends fathers has passed on. My deepest condolences to them and their family. Not only that, another friend was hijacked when he went to collect his car from the carpark. Luckily he jumped out of his car when he was forced to drive. He lost his Avanza. This happen in Penang as well.

Who would have thought this sleepy, quiet lil georgetown will have such bastards!!!

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lil' bit of this lil' bit of that
2nd day was not that bad =)) I finally get to have a few smooth conversation with my colleauge. Found out that there are a few bloggers among the small community. HAhaha. Too much time in our hands?

Tomorrow is SATURDAY! Yeeeayyyyyyyyy!! No work, no early rising, no cold-freezing workstation. Going Lalalala and ice cream!

Me: Ice cream ah, ice cream...
HD: Im not just plain ice cream, im high class ice cream called Haagen Dazz Fondue
Me: Whatever fuck your name is la, im going to EAT YOU~
laughing evilly!
gobble gobble gobble
ice cream no moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........wEeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
*stop dancing*


Recently my streamyx line in penang sux like the roadside-few-day-old-shit-of-stray-dogs. So, being a smart consumer, i called the 1800 88 9515 and the shedding of blood begins....

A simple search in wikipedia reveals this:

"TM Net has often been mocked by names given by stressed users that would apparently suit their services such as "TM Nuts". Their broadband service isnt spared from this, either. The official name is Streamyx, and because of the amount of problems it gives its users, constant disconnections being the most famous of all, the users have often named it "Screamyx", "Stimx","Sillymyx" and "Slowmyx"."

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Thursday, February 16, 2006
First day in "Jell"

I managed to wake up at 6am! HAHA but what's the use?? Damn it!! I'm incharge of the matsalleh countries. I think to make it more realistic, to make us think we are really at their countries, those maintainence people really turn down the temperature~! fuck man. I thought I was in North Pole or Antartica.I only had on a t-shirt and im stuck there for 10 fucking hours!!! ARRGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I couldn't believe that my fingers could go so purple.


i saw Mr Mouth today! Couldnt believe my sleepy eyes that he is standing infront of me when i enter my workplace. WOwwww, i was about to ask the very next person to slap me awake, when he moves around. HE'S REAL!! HAHAH

happy happy happy

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Post V-day
Nice Dinner~!! will never get bored going to that place. 3 single guy and 3 single gals. It's not a date, not a double date but a TRIPLE date~! Yippeee... ahahhahaah no pressie btw!

Wanted to go for chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazz after dinner, but since the shop doensnt know that V-day is the BEST chance for it to turn into a money-sucking-vampire, the staff turns around and tells you that "Sorry, fondue's sold today at 4PM and oh, by the way(in-a-matter-of-factly-way) we are closing soon" It's only 10pm!!!! *fuming*

Since, fondue is definately off the list, what will be the next best place for us to go?? BED! we decide since it's kinda new to some of us. We took loads and loads of pictures without realizing it


The TipsY Drink

i'm Bored thus the pose

When the clock strikes 1130pm, our lil miss cinderella summer needs to return to her 7th floor tower before the yellow 5584 turns into an enourmous pumpin. Being the typical US, we wont called it the night without a Groupie!! so...

so take again...

Picture Perfect =))

PS: i had a more interesting story in mind, but was threaten to be killed to bits/cebisan/dust if i ever post those photos up...WAHAHAHHAAH

i hate stupid "rhh" bank!! stupid service provided!

end of ranting!

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Translation: Blog + Background

Mission: To find a suitable background for my "naked" blog.

Result: nada!! Zilch!! however i found a site that provideds annoying background. IT'S REALLY ANNOYING. I like number 28, where you have a priest/monk/pope-like guy doin breakdance! HAHA!! The rest are pretty much like those hynotizing stuff that makes me feel like puking and pengsan.

Will continue my search for the PERFECT BLOGROUND~!!

*bloground hunter signing Off*
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentines Day to You Couply People out there~!!

To single homos:
Lets huddle together in a dark corner of the room till the clock strikes midnite again!

On a HAPPIER NOTE(i suppose), I'm no longer unemployed. I've being hired once again by the oh-so-familiar-computer-company. I have to wake up 4AM in the morning for the next three months for goodness sake!! No more late night yam-char for me..*sob SOB*

This is the end of:
1. Waking up past noon time
2. Having breakfast at 3pm
3. Having dinner at 3am
4. Catching a movie at 1pm
5. Just lazying around till its time to eat again
6. and the list will go on.....

Sometimes, i just wish that i wouldnt get the job. But without this "well-paying" job, i couldn't afford to:
1. live the lavish life i want
2.go island vacations
3. eat Chillis
4. eat TGIF
5. buy my oh-waited-for-so-god-damn-long digital camera
6. shop at KLCC

SO, i need to work my ass off to get what i want!! ARGHHH~~!!!
So Long, my lazy, hazy, short semester break!!
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Monday, February 13, 2006
What to buy?
Chocolates, Diamonds, Soft Toys,Hallmark Cards, Flowers and .....
Those are the classic gift to get a girls. Diamonds are girls best friends, that confirm. Chocolate can increase sex drive, thats a plus for the guys. Soft toys would be a great idea for either long distance relationship or not so distances one. Girl like cute stuff. Admit it!! No matter how boyish a girl might appear, a cute, cuddly, plush, expensive, HUGE teddy wouldnt fail to melt the girls heart (provided you presented in a romantic way as well, not those Nah, give u!)
Flowers. Honestly, girls dont really like flowers. I've asked around. Personally, its doesnt smell nice at all, it has a weird smell. They cost a bomb during these season, and guys are just dumb to buy pay for a few stalks that would probably last a couple a day and then die. Most girl would then hang them up and collect dust. wtf. But then, W H Y in the world would a girl still want flowers?? Its because other girls man are buying them and being a girl, means IF SHE HAS ONE, I WANT ONE TOO!!! *clear throats* and when every girlfriend DEMAND or EXPECTED to have a bouquet in her arm on V-day, the price will soar above the clouds in the sky outside my window now. see, girls arent so god damn complicated afterall =))
So guys out there, be a dear and go now to buy me a bunch now..hehehe I'll personally write you a thank you note.*shy shy*
Here's something that I got from searching in Yahoo!

Top Ten Valentine Gifts for HER
10. TV Cuddle Blanket
9. Picture Frames
8. Romantic Toys for the Bedroom
7. Charm Bracelet
6. Lingerie ( sexy one of course)
5. Perfume
4. Jewellery Box
3. Spa Massage Gift Cert.
2. Dance Lesson Together
1. Jewellery

What about the worst gift you can present to your cupcake??

PS: Can someone surprise me by giving me something? do i sound like im begging? Alrite then, i'll just go back to watchin my Sex and the City.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Chap Goh Meh
Today marks the final day and the end of the chinese lunar new year (no more angpow). As the chinese community in penang are mostly Hokkiens, so it is celebrated as well. Tonight, we'll hear the last of firecrackers and fireworks till next year. Anyway, whatever festival there is, penangites will still beria-ia to celebrate it.

The tradition for tonight is that all the single maiden will go out to meet single guys. They will throw mandarin oranges into a lake/sea/pond with their names and maybe numbers and the guys will picks them up. "thim kam chui ho ang" = throwing oranges will get you a good husband. Rubbish i say. This is just a marketing gimmick from the olden days. Those leftover mandarin oranges that couldnt be sold during chinese new year will get sold today. As people, WILL buy them to just throw them. As for now, what goodlooking, eligible, single , young man will wait in a sampan to have rotten oranges to be thrown at them. If there is, will someone pls inform me?? I will go arm with crates of GOOD mandarin oranges and bombard them until they notice my existence. *beaming*

Today is also the Chinese Valentine's Day. 2 more days and it will be the Western Valentine's Day. Doesn't make any different whether its chinese, western, indian, bangla, or italian to me. It's all the same thing. The day for lovey dovey couple to profess their undying love to one and another. ARGHHHHH~!!! and i will be sitting at home, most probably channel surfing my astro or online. Yes, im pathetic.

Maybe I'll get some single friends out to dance and drink the night away.Hmmm, sounds good to me. Had been doing that twice already. Last year was very holy. I went Kek Lok Si with a bunch of my friends to see the lights. What will it be this year?? I'm sure i wont receive any chocolates, flowers, gifts or watsoever...*sniff sniff*
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Vei! Vei!
Today is Thaipusam. This means there are plenty of Indians out and about, kavadi-ing everywhere, throwing coconuts on the road. This is exactly why Im staying in today. I am allergic to their smell.

However today is not thaipusam to me. Its Buttz DAY!!!

Happy Birthday to You Buttz!!!
May All your wishes come true!!
Earn more money, Get to know more Girls!!
Many Happy Return of the Day!!!
21 years of breathing, and many many more to COME!!


P/s: Thank you in advance for the dinner later on!! haha
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Thursday, February 09, 2006
What's with the multiple sssss in holiday? The reason being, I'm on my 3 months. It's official. And it's a damn long one too. I'm having it and not you. HAHA YOU still have to go college/university/work to do whatever boring stuff you are already doing now.

After dawdling around for the final week of my exam period, which in between, there are inbetween/blackjack/poker session. IT's FINALLY OVER! I did study fyi. Just enough to make sure i pass with a reasonable grade good enough to satisfy my parents and siblings. hmm..

Now i need to look for a day job to support my "kinda" expensive lifestyle. Meantime, i'll just bum around. Actually, am waiting for my poker buddies to arrive.haha. got so damn addicted to it already. Can't believe it that i just learn how to play in the past few days.

I guess all those stayin-awake-whole-nite-before-exam did have some effect on human beings. Im suffering from STML, Short Term Memory Loss. I've been called DORY twice within 24 hrs. DAmn it. I'm still very young. Me dont like all those diseases or syndromes or watever trauma.

Great time singing my lungs out in a sleepwalking-dazy condition. All panda united!!

Got to pack now. Going back to my sweet island with pearl tomorrow noon with a fierce uncle of mine. Will dread the trip.


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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Just Let Me
Let me cut my own hair.
If it looks horrible,
let me learn not to touch scissors and that hair grows back.

Let me spend my money.
If the shirt's too little and the store doesn't give refunds,
let me learn to save my cash.

Let me kiss a boy.
If he thinks it's just a fling and i get my heart broken,
let me learn that some boys are just that way.

Let my flunk my test.
If i fail the class and miss the honor roll list,
let me learn to study more.

by Jennifer Danley
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Monday, February 06, 2006
Warning~! WARNING! and wElcome
First post at 745am. i've been awake for the whole nite(again). There must be something wrong with my biological clock. I seriously need someone or something to tweak it right. Any volunteers out there? =)

Welcome to my blog.. Prepare for ranting, rambling and exessive swearing from my everyday life. If you expect this to be an all girlish blog, written by a perfect ladylike-barbielookalike girl, then please do not view this blog again.

This blog is 51% sweetheart, 49% bitch. Dont try to push your luck. Be Warned. Thank you.
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