Monday, February 27, 2006
Casanova: The Movie

!! I Love the movie !!
Click here if you wanna access to the official website for this movie.

For a romantic sucker like me, obviously i love these kind of mushy-iloveu stuff loads and loads~

The legendary Casanova(Heath Ledger), where no lady could resist his seduction,even nuns, mother & daughter finally found his true match. A girl(Sienna Miller, yes the ex fiancee to Jude Law) with her own thinking, principles and stand against those low-life mens in ancient time.

It's typically a romantic-comedy. A no-brainer. Girl! a Must watch. Guy? Err...i think you girls out there need to force alil bit. haha. Although there are a few fight scenes and maybe guys can pick up a few things from this irresistible lover of all time.

This movie also show how the whole of Rome is controlled by Vatican City and the Power of Church during that era. Cardinal was the Prime Minister, Bishop were like the Ministers. Princes has no all..

Next review, Angels & Demon by Dan Brown

Finally get to go out and feel the breeze in my fat face. Went out whole day with Spring. Went lepak at gurney and then stuff my face with McNugget(yummy!). After watchin Casanova, off to window shopping again and end with Sushi King..Now that is what i call..... Life...

*jumping off happily*