Thursday, February 16, 2006
First day in "Jell"

I managed to wake up at 6am! HAHA but what's the use?? Damn it!! I'm incharge of the matsalleh countries. I think to make it more realistic, to make us think we are really at their countries, those maintainence people really turn down the temperature~! fuck man. I thought I was in North Pole or Antartica.I only had on a t-shirt and im stuck there for 10 fucking hours!!! ARRGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I couldn't believe that my fingers could go so purple.


i saw Mr Mouth today! Couldnt believe my sleepy eyes that he is standing infront of me when i enter my workplace. WOwwww, i was about to ask the very next person to slap me awake, when he moves around. HE'S REAL!! HAHAH

happy happy happy

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