Friday, February 17, 2006
Horrifying Attack in Penang!!!!!!
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As i'm typing furiously away on my keyboard, my brother's great friend in lying in Adventist Hospital now.

Yesterday night, when he is waiting for his girlfriend somewhere near The Place along Burmah Rd, an indian boy got into his Kelisa. That boy is trying to rob him alone. Of course, he fought back. But without his knowledge, 3 other indian boy had got into his car thru the backseat.

He was pressed against the sterring wheel of his car while being brutally abused by the 4 indians. Then he was forced to drive them to the nearest ATM machine. When they force him to say his ATM PIN number, one of them took out a scissor. That fucker repeatly stabbed he with that scissor all over this body while another pressed his head AGAIN agaisnt the wheel.

Losing alot of blood and being helpless at that time, he simply blurt out a series of number. I'm not sure whether those bastards got the money or not. After that, they drove to a remote road in Balik Pulau. Obviously took everything he has, phone, wallet, and car.

He was lucky that they did not stabbed his face or kick him down the slopy hillside road. He was saved by an uncle who was on his way home and was send to general hospital immediately.

He was savagely stabbeb 30-40 times on his back, and on his limbs as well which total up to over 100 stab. Not to mention those punches and kicks that he received. Those bastards are really vicious. The car they took is consider a new car.

My brother who visited him in the hospital this afternoon said he has bandaged all over his body and is very weak at the moment. Being my brother, he still brings penthouse to cure his's boredom in the hospital '_'

I really couldn't believe that this very guy who always come to my house during football nights to watch with my brother had to go thru such a gruesome ordeal like this. This was reported to the police. It was confirmed done by teenage indian boys that doesnt look more than 15-16 years old. If it wasn't for that kind uncle, i would have lost this friend.

My intention of posting this up to remind the people out there to be extremely careful right now. Whenever you are alone in the car, PLEASE LOCK! I do not wish to have such uncivilize act to happen again.

This has been really a bad week. 2 of my friends fathers has passed on. My deepest condolences to them and their family. Not only that, another friend was hijacked when he went to collect his car from the carpark. Luckily he jumped out of his car when he was forced to drive. He lost his Avanza. This happen in Penang as well.

Who would have thought this sleepy, quiet lil georgetown will have such bastards!!!

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