Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentines Day to You Couply People out there~!!

To single homos:
Lets huddle together in a dark corner of the room till the clock strikes midnite again!

On a HAPPIER NOTE(i suppose), I'm no longer unemployed. I've being hired once again by the oh-so-familiar-computer-company. I have to wake up 4AM in the morning for the next three months for goodness sake!! No more late night yam-char for me..*sob SOB*

This is the end of:
1. Waking up past noon time
2. Having breakfast at 3pm
3. Having dinner at 3am
4. Catching a movie at 1pm
5. Just lazying around till its time to eat again
6. and the list will go on.....

Sometimes, i just wish that i wouldnt get the job. But without this "well-paying" job, i couldn't afford to:
1. live the lavish life i want
2.go island vacations
3. eat Chillis
4. eat TGIF
5. buy my oh-waited-for-so-god-damn-long digital camera
6. shop at KLCC

SO, i need to work my ass off to get what i want!! ARGHHH~~!!!
So Long, my lazy, hazy, short semester break!!
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