Monday, February 27, 2006
New look?
Like the new pinkish look of my blog? It's an accident. >.<

I wanted to have a girlish-pinkish-innocentlooking-cutish new look for my blog initially. So i coxed one of my very html/pc savy friend to help me out on that. Being very nice of him, he set out to design a new "skin" for my blog. He work for more than 3 hours on that, and i was sleepin in my cozy bed all the while..haha yes, im a pig.*oink* Around 3+am, he sms-ed saying it's Done!!

YeaY!! i'm so anxious to see how my new blog turns out! Once, i got my computer at work started, i click into my blog site *waiting, loading, done*

ARGHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!! There! Right on the top, in the middle of the nicely made banner, my stupid face smiling back! I simply cannot accept to have my own stupid round face displayed so openly on my blog. I have to HAD to destroy it immediately so that no one, NO ONE can see that.

I had to resort to choosing a temporary template from the blogger hence the new pink one which i Love! *muaks muaks to my own taste* Cons taking this action??
  1. I lost the links I stalk daily
  2. I lost all my blogger buddies link.
  3. I lost my cute pink chatterbox
  4. I lost my counter link
  5. I lost my statistic link
  6. I lost whatever configuration or adjustment I made earlier on.
  7. I have to start from scratch..
  8. WTF!!!!

But the new look is cute right? You love it too right?*snickers* hahahaha

P/s: It's a very crappy blog. Ignore it if you want to. I dont care. I hate Monday!!

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