Monday, February 13, 2006
What to buy?
Chocolates, Diamonds, Soft Toys,Hallmark Cards, Flowers and .....
Those are the classic gift to get a girls. Diamonds are girls best friends, that confirm. Chocolate can increase sex drive, thats a plus for the guys. Soft toys would be a great idea for either long distance relationship or not so distances one. Girl like cute stuff. Admit it!! No matter how boyish a girl might appear, a cute, cuddly, plush, expensive, HUGE teddy wouldnt fail to melt the girls heart (provided you presented in a romantic way as well, not those Nah, give u!)
Flowers. Honestly, girls dont really like flowers. I've asked around. Personally, its doesnt smell nice at all, it has a weird smell. They cost a bomb during these season, and guys are just dumb to buy pay for a few stalks that would probably last a couple a day and then die. Most girl would then hang them up and collect dust. wtf. But then, W H Y in the world would a girl still want flowers?? Its because other girls man are buying them and being a girl, means IF SHE HAS ONE, I WANT ONE TOO!!! *clear throats* and when every girlfriend DEMAND or EXPECTED to have a bouquet in her arm on V-day, the price will soar above the clouds in the sky outside my window now. see, girls arent so god damn complicated afterall =))
So guys out there, be a dear and go now to buy me a bunch now..hehehe I'll personally write you a thank you note.*shy shy*
Here's something that I got from searching in Yahoo!

Top Ten Valentine Gifts for HER
10. TV Cuddle Blanket
9. Picture Frames
8. Romantic Toys for the Bedroom
7. Charm Bracelet
6. Lingerie ( sexy one of course)
5. Perfume
4. Jewellery Box
3. Spa Massage Gift Cert.
2. Dance Lesson Together
1. Jewellery

What about the worst gift you can present to your cupcake??

PS: Can someone surprise me by giving me something? do i sound like im begging? Alrite then, i'll just go back to watchin my Sex and the City.

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