Saturday, March 25, 2006
Gone for 10 Days
Hey People, i'll be going to Jakarta then Jogjakarta and then Bandung for the next 10 days. When i'm back, there will be loads of photos. YAY!!! Will try to online from there! See ya!!

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Friday, March 24, 2006
X-Men: The Last Stand

In "X-Men: The Last Stand," the final chapter in the "X-Men" motion picture trilogy, a "cure" for mutancy threatens to alter the course of history. For the first time, mutants have a choice: retain their uniqueness, though it isolates and alienates them, or give up their powers and become human.

ARghh!! I can't wait to watch this movie!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!! Can't Wait!!

I used to secretly read my brother's precious comic which he actually wrapped in plastic *amazed* He wouldn't let me touch it because it costed him a bomb to collect those comics. My all time favourite character MUST be woffy Wolverine!! I love Hugh Jackman gruffy voice! View the trailer here!

So YENG right??*drool* Ok, some recap on the first 2 X Men.

In X1, Wolverine is a wanderer who fights for money and finds himself kicked out of almost everyplace that he has been for the past 15 years. The years before that are a mystery to him as is the dog tag that he wears around his neck. He befriends Rouge and finds himself hooked up with the X-Men. Professor X promises to help Wolverine find his past if he stays at the mansion, thinking that Magneto is after him. But Magneto goes after Rouge and Wolverine must band with the X-Men and help save Rouge and mankind.

In X2 we learn more about Wolverine's past as he meets William Stryker and remembers what he was and what was done to him in the Weapons X facility. Stryker tries to convince Wolverine that he belongs with them but Wolverine decides to join up with the X-Men totally and turns his back on his past. Remember Kelly Hu and her titanium(or smtg) claws? *meoww*

What's in store for us in the last and final part of X-Men? I think Jean Grey will be back from the dead and be a very difficult position to either choose Wolverine or Cyclops which we all know very well, Cyclops win. Bahh!!!

Pointless photos, just for me to see his sexy sideburns and claws...*gRowlllll* *faints*

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Magic Stone
It has been raining for 2 morning straight! Arghh...Had to get up from my comfy warm bed for work. Once i got up, my dog Jaz, will straight away hog it. *juling sama dia* But i knew it would be raining. How? Why? You might ask. I got a magic stone that can forecast the weather, that's why!! *jumping in glee* Alright, I'll show you my magic stone.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006
Pantai Kerachut
**WARNING!! Loads of photos ahead! Please dont blame me if it slows down your downloads or internet speed! Awful long blog

Update 24/3/06: More photos here!

This is such an experience which is soooo worth to blog about! I've been wanting to Kerachut since I such place exist in penang! My brother and sister had been there before, half of my male friends had been there before, even my mom and dad had been there! The "kiasu" side had the better of me. I vow to get there someday! Always when the chance arise, there will be obstacles preventing me from getting there.

The chance is here. I had to grab it! I nearly forgo it for the sake of beauty sleep. So, 1 fine satuday morning, i woke up at 7am to get ready. Reach infront of my college gate 8am as agreed. The morning silence was broke by the sound of my phone * Lu Kuo Che Jui Shi Aiiiiiiiiii* Donovan called to tell me that he just woke up and he's still at home >.< A rare sight for me

Around 9am, everyone FINALLY got there and we went for breakfast. Yak Yak for awhile and off we go, 5 of us, in Donovan tank car! When we reach End of the World, there are already a few groups of people(which we don't know) gathering there. A bunch of scouts, a group of malay and some backpackers ang moh. Me and Ailing planned to go by boat as we are to lazy to hike. I have not move a limb for the pass 3 months, i'm afraid i'll collapse halfway. Mana tau, the boat rent is RM90 per trip! KNN! The chinese uncle say all the rates are the same if we go elsewhere. So we have to choice but hike with the boys. I thought it will be a ok for me as i used to hike alot (Useless fact: i completed starwalk before!!)

Let the journey begins..

The walk start quite plesant with nice tar road, and even nicer walkways. We saw more malays along the way before we officially reach the start of the hike after walk over the drawbridge thingie. It was a downhill hike for me as it's so GOD DAMN SLOPY!! With stairs!! At first, we ( the girls) were all chatty and laughing all the way, we even sing song..After a while, there's no sound except for the panting and sound of crickets. We were sooo breathless, i thought of turning back and just wait for them in the car. It's was tortureous!

Notice how girls will always pose no matter what condition they are in??

We bump into fellow hikers along the way and Ailing ask one of the them to snap a picture in the middle of nowhere. I was about to faint at that point so the boys had to help me carry my backpack. Thank you Donovan, Tony and Yaw Shiong for being such a nice gentlemen. In order to get to the beach, we had to hike over 3 hills. God knows how long we hike, but we reach a shelter along the way, where we stop to rest.

30 minit? SALAH!

They had small shelter build along the way and deceiving signboard too. We bumped into several hippies ang moh who was friendly and greeted us and all.

Rest awhile ya..

We came to this T-junction where one is where we come from, another is pointing to a lake and another to pantai kerachut. In fact, Donovan say, the one pointing to the lake is a straight hike to kerachut and the one to the kerachut is to the lake then the beach. See how messed up our signboards are. Since we are already there, we choose the one heading to the lake and will reroute back to kerachut. It was a very very slopy staircase we are heading to. There are fallen trees where we have to slide over and narrow bridge full of ants that we had to cross. Finally, we reach the lake!

Yes people! This is the lake! It looks more like a desert to me more than a lake. WTF! It has long dry, brittle grass growing all over it. Stupid! Made the extra effort to walk over to see the lake and all we get is dry land. Bahhhh

Remember the girls are suppose to take the boat instead of hiking? We hike all the way wearing only slippers! Woot! Gurls Rocks! Notice the string on my slippers? It's gnawed on by my dog. Stupid jaz!

Notice there's a strip of blackish stuff in the lake? I thought it was water from the beach. It's actually dead balitong! There must be zillions of them! Since the lake is already dry, we decide to walk across it instead of around it to hasten our journey to the beach. Yes, we did poke poke around with a stick incase there's quicksand. ahahahah

Heaven! I'm in Heaven!! After hiking for like an hour or so, we finally has warm sand around our toes!! Actually its hot like hell ok! But just look at the blue skies, blue sea, lush green hill. The hike is so fucking worth it to see this!

The famous jetty of Kerachut!

Us, rewarding ourself on the jetty after the hike! The day has a steady nice breeze all the time we were there. There's also alot of jellyfish in the waters, so we couldnt swim in it.

Guess what these 2 are doing? They are catching jellyfish! Yes, the previous blog where i posted a photo of whitish stuff is their catch. We bump into a malay guy who is catching jelly fish, so we helped him. Turns out he is the caretaker for the endangered species, green turtle. In return for helping him, we get to play with the baby turtle that just hatch 3 days ago! We learned alot of stuff from him that day.

We were very lucky to be there. It was the right time, right day. He say USM students had been frequently calling him to asked whether there are sighting of turtles and people normally had to camped there for days to wait for the eggs to hatch. Even better, we get to be in his documentary. We were suppose to act normal, like some ignorant tourist (which we are) and he will record it with his video camera. I get to feed the turtle with the jellyfish. No, i did not get stung. We can actually hold the jellyfish. Only the tentacles is poisonous and dangerous. After sucking at the "brain" part of the jellyfish, the turtles are suppose to swim non-stop for 7 days in the open sea, if it can avoid being others lunch or dinner la.

A group picture of at the santuary. To get there, we actually had to run all the way from the beach up to the shelter. It was blistering hot and we were all barefooted at that time. We had to brave the sea of prickly grass to get there too. But again, it was all worth it.

I like this picture alot! The turtle is actually flapping its fin/hand when we took this photo, so my face and ailing's was splashed with water. It was very cute..looks like mini batman to me.

This is life man...Nothing to do for the rest of the day except chor tai tee, eating lunch, yak yak yak and more cam whoring.
1 last photo from kerachut on the jetty

We manage to hire a boat for just RM10 each person. Infact we got another young malay guy to give us a ride at RM8 only. Fuck you chinese old man! Same race also want to cheat us money! No wonder you don have business la, have to sit at that shabby shade waiting for people who will not hire you! Notice the white plastic bag that Yaw Shiong is holding. Ailing brought a souvenier home with her from that island. And her name is Marie!!! Meet Marie the Jellyfish!!!

In all, it was a very refreshing and rewarding experience. I would love to go back there someday! Maybe i will join my friends to camp there this year if the situation allow. =) I'm a very happy person now~!~!~!~

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Toads for sale/ Football rant

This is the answer to the first question.

I went to the saloon to get some treatment for my new hairdo and i notice that they(my friends/stylist) has added a green snake to their saloon/mini zoo. Being curious and all, i hover over to see see look look. I saw some kodak/kacang pulu inside the aquariuam. So i was like

Me: Hey, how did you manage to catch those toads??

Joe: Buy them from the petshop la *making the are-u-stupid-or-what look*

Me: *blush blush* Oww, expensive ar?

Joe: No..They are selling 1 toad for 30 cent *pause* and 3 toads for RM 1

Me: Serious ah?

Joe: Yala!! That's y i buy 2 by 2 instead of 3..

All in shop: *laugh at stupidity of petshop*

Moral of the story: So people, dont always assume that 3 X 30 cent equals to 90 cent. There are really really dumb business people out there o_O

I'm in the office today! Woke up at 5.15AM people on a saturday. Woohoo! I did it again! First time this term working on a saturday. OT coming my way babeh! I dont know why but i feel estatic and energitic. Not sleepy as usual. Looking forward to go home and edit the photos that i took yesterday. Couldn't do it yesterday because my brother was hogging the pc to play his football game..BAH!

What's wrong with men's and football? I have nothing against the game, in fact i do watch the match from time to time. But why must 99% of men be so goddamn obsessed with it? It's just a freaking ball. They talk about it, dream about it, have poster up on the wall, sleep underneath a big red MU duvet that cost them abomb, play games like Fifa, CM and Fantasyfootball. I dono... the heat will be raise higher than you could ever imagine come this June. Scratch mark will be seen all over taken boys as gf will be desperately prying the boys away fr the TV. Only once in every 4 years. Mother of All Football league/championship/match or watever u like to call it is here.

"The World Cup"

ps: i wonder this time how many flat/apartment/high-rise building will have a sudden increase of unwanted resident. Undertaker will have a busy season ahead!
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Friday, March 17, 2006
Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?
You Are Most Like Carrie!

You're quirky, flirty, and every guy's perfect first date.
But can the guy in question live up to your romantic ideal?
It's tough for you to find the right match - you're more than a little picky.
Never fear... You've got a great group of friends and a
great closet of clothes, no matter what!

Romantic prediction: You'll fall for someone this year...

Totally different from any guy you've dated.

Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?
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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Guess! Guess!! Guess!!
1st Question
If 1 toad cost you RM0.30, how much will 3 toads cost?

2nd Question
What is that whitish thingie that the finger and stick is pointing at? It's not super huge "hingus"/runny booger or spit that has been zoom-ed in.

No prize for guessing the correct answer. This is just for fun!! Come guess guess. Those that are present on that day please dont bocor rahsia first ya!!
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Ta DA!! New Banner!!
Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Nice or not my new banner?? After a few painstakingly weeks, i finally got my banner up up and away showing it proudly! *glistening eyes*

Very big thanks to Herman for his great photoshoping skills. Flock his profile and people and watch in awe as he works his magic with his camera and mouse! Also not forgetting KEATLOON for helping me with the html codes.been bugging him for 1 week to put it up for me

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Love you guys lots~*~*~*~*~*~

I'm still bloground hunting. Anyone who happens to see a nice one, drop me a line ya!! thanks!
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Happy Day
Meant to blog bout this few days ago, but keep on procrastinating. Anyway, last week, X department in my company was decorated with ALOT ALOT of ballons. I even saw they set up 2 30" flat screen lcd monitor with PS2 hooked to it, and i saw a few TS playing...during working hours. How i envy them! While walking to the carpark with sis,

Me: Eh, u notice that X got alot of ballons or not?

Sis: Yalar..u think i'm blind ar? It looks like a clown institute ok...

Me: Very talented actually, can know how to make poodle and snakes/shit out of ballons..

Sis: Exactly la...clown institute mar..

Me: Then you know what's the occasion?

Sis: They having something called Happy Day..

Me: happy..i also want to work in that department, jolly jolly

Sis: If those ppl there are already happy, y have a Happy Day..idiot *roll eyes*

Me: -_-"

Anyway, i still wish to work in that department! hahaha Exactly what i need after today. Still can't believe i can actually fail..fark man...
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Bald head lecturer
I got my result for my exam today. I expected i would have failed 1 subject and that subject alone after exiting the exam hall. Guess what? I really did fail* pulls hair* for the first time in my life!!!!! *SCREAMS* But it's not for the subject that i expect to fail. I pass that subject alright.

I failed IT subject. Can you just believe that? That lecturer loathes me. vice versa here. It's because he sucks! He is not even qualified to be a lecturer. Always bragging(hey, if u r so keng, u wont be here la) belittle people, laughing and jeering at his student's english(i'm in tar so 90% is chi-ed), mis-using his power as a lecturer. That's why i hated him so god damn much!!

Every semester we will have this form to fill up in order to evaluate the lecturers. This botak, as i named him, will hover around reading what we wrote about him. Some wrote comments that displease him and he showed his beh-syokness by collecting back the honest forms and re-distribute to us and DEMAND us to rewrite lies about him while watching closely..

Well, who in the right sense of mind will bitch about him under such situation? Because i hated him so much, i really studied for his subject as i do not want to see him EVER again. I am really confident enough that i did well enough not just to earn myself a pass. Now the result showed me otherwise. I'll launch a complain against him to my school counselor no doubt about that.

This incident makes me hates him even more X 100. I so wanna punctured his Vios tyres or makes his bonnet shiny no more. Serve you right being botak! Must have been curse by too many students through out your service in this reputable collage. Stupid botak, go rot in hell with ur cheap vios, most probably second hand!

But what should i do now? I want to make an appeal to remark my papers but friends advice is to just for resit as its useless and a waste of money cos they do not re-read ur answers. Is that true? Is this is differences between a chi-ed and eng-ed people? I notice many a times they just let things be and accept their fate although they felt unfair or unjust. For me, i will not go without a fight. Tell me what you think about it.

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Monday, March 13, 2006
Junk Food

Have you ever seen someone buy this much of junk food only? If you ever bump into someone girl just strolling along the junk food aisle pushing her trolley laiden by tons of junk food, most probably that will be my sister.

No, she is not an event manager nor a kindy teacher. She works in the same computer company as i do. Then why does she buy so much of junk food monthly..sometimes fortnightly? It's too satisfy the appetite of her "anak angkat sekalian" in that company -_-" Those people are 20ish on an average age and all crave junk food.

This means junk food is gewd! It's a fast energy booster for everyone. HAhahaha I'm kidding when i say the whole trolley is full of nothing but unhealthy, high in fat, high in carbo food. It shock me so that i had to take a photo of it. ahha. A silly post i know...*stands in corner* 0_O
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Sunday, March 12, 2006
Yet Another Sunday
* This post has been removed by me
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
I look like a Cocker Spaniel...
After much procrastination, i finally did it! I aged myself by 20 years within 2 hours. This is how i look before i did anything.

I'm lack of sleep, eyes can't really open, lack of food, lack of energy, and lack of money..but i did it anyway. All the photos are taken using my handphone as my camera is in bengkel already. *sobsob, scream!!*

I know i look like a chef or some artist from paris, but most people will call me a sohai. Ok, this process is called neutralization. It's suppose to soften the "molecules" cell of my hair so that the stylist can mold it to any shape you desire, cubic, square, watever... just name it.

I think i look like someone ready for operation but just look at my cheeks..I have no idea why am i blushing. I guess i have a very good blood circulation. HAHAHA

If you notice, behind me is my cousin, getting her hair done also. Thanks to her for being my photographer and driver yesterday. She is the one that looks like the Ring ghost.

This is the back of my head after 20 minutes of neutralization. The roller is the mold for my new hair. I look stupid.

It smells terrible, the chemicals that is on my hair. And its stinging my eyes smells very acidic to me. But as the chinese saying goes " Oi Leng, Mmm Ngoi Meng"

Camwhore abit..looking more and more like aunty already..mission going to be accomplish soon.

After a round of treatment and resting my head on top of the basin for 15 minutes (treatment la), some more trimming, styling, blowing, more styling and combing and more styling again...


This is how i look. Please ignore my face and focus on my HAIR! Very the maggie mee look. Why my hand is there you may wonder, well, because im wearing black, I canot fully show off my new hair. So i use my hand as a background to contrast the hair colour.

Right after 2 hours of sitting with chemical all over and around my face!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, baby and elephant, let me proudly present to you....

The Cocker Spaniel Human Look-Alike!!!!

- no more combing
- no more complain of hair not being straight
- no more fear of having a line on my hair after tying it up
- fuss-free

~~I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!!~~
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
I spy
I spy with my eyes:

- A 20-ish lass in my office wearing a baby-t meant for babies/shrunken shirt and a pair low-waist jeans exposing some "spares" hanging over her jeans waistline. The thing is, she keeps on tugging at her shirt or pulling up her jeans to hide her mid-drift.

Moral of the story: If she does not wish to let people view her notsofirm abs, then why dress like that in the first place?

- A super sleek shiny black and silver SMART for two on the road. I would have expect some young, smart looking guy/gal to drive such a stylish car. Well, as usual, I'm wrong again. No, it's not some old bald guy facing midlife crisis. It's a 30ish women driving the chic car while picking her nose...flicking her broad daylight...during rush hour (5+PM)...along Bayan Lepas Highway -_-" EWwww

Moral of the story: If you drive these luxurious car, there will be people looking at it AT ALL TIMES. So please don't do anything that will embarrass yourself or the car, ok?

- A teenage looking guy dressed like lala chai with a kawaii-wannabe girl by her side infront of Watson. They look like the typical wannabe couple to me until...The guy turns around and I notice some colourful stuff on his hair. He has those above-the-collar schoolboy haircut and he manage to tie it up in not 1 but 2 tiny weeny ponytails using those cheap fluorescence-shocking-colour rubber band and it look sooo disturbing. What in the world was he thinking!!?? Attention seeker!

Moral of the story: Please do not try this at home...or anywhere even if your kawaii-wannabe girlfriend forced you is not cute, yeng or stylish. It's so goddamn FUGLY!! You never know when a fashion police might smack you across the face for being so wrong.You are a very disturbed kid, get a shrink.

- While walking towards the basement carpark, my fulltime taitai mom got attracted to a stall selling madeinkorea cutlery.The stall is basically just a few table put together so it's really expose. I walk around and notice the stall keeper had placed his laptop on a box behind his stall. I suddenly saw myself on the screen so I walk closer. He has his MSN running as well as the webcam. That's why I saw myself on the screen.

Moral of the story: Get a job like that!! You can msn and chat and cheat girls during working hours. Electricity is free as the charger is plug into the mall's socket. Internet access is free as there are free wifi around. However, some brute might think that you are trying to record "something" under his girl skirt and beat you up and most probably this wont be the highest paid job with a bright future that you can think of *shrugs*

Just some sightings that I find interesting yesterday :)
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Let's all do "The Wave"
Every year the Oscar Award is something that everyone looks forward to. It's when prestigious awards are given to those deserving...and not so deserving. It is also when these overpaid actress and actor will set some astonishing and shocking fashion trends. Remember J.Lo@Jennifer Lopez@ Jenny from the block@ Jennifer Anthony green scarf/dress?
That send the world to shock! Well, this year a new trend has been set. It's called "The Wave"

It's is shown by the most dazzling stars from Hollywood on Oscar Night namely, Jennifer Garner, Kiera Knightley, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman(I'm not somekind of stalker or freak fan, dont worry)


It's fairly easy to do, just raise your arm(make sure you shave first), SMILE brightly and WAVE!! It had taken the world by storm and everyone is doing it!!

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Monday, March 06, 2006
Bloggity Blog Blog
I got a few feedbacks that my blog are too vulgar or profane to them. Reverting back to that, no one ask you to come reading my blog in the first place. You may not be aware of this, but on my very first post on this blog, I've already stated clearly that there's will be excessive swearing. It's not my fault that you are unschooled. Go somewhere else if you dont like this blog. There are millions out there for you to criticize.

Since I'm now in the blogging topic, i will further explain WHY i start to blog. I started to blog since early 2005 because I want to record the special moments in my life online. All my blogs(yes, i have several) are meant to be personal blog to be read by friends only but it has been a different story now. However, i got more and more into it as i lead my solitary life in KL and having more friends leaving Mahlaisia. I just want to make it an online journal where I can share my life with those living abroad. Actually, it's like if anything interesting happen in my life, i need not repeat it over and over again to different pipo, i can simply say "Go Read My Blog laaa *yawn*)

I got more and more obssesed blogging when i got another
friend blogging as well. Motivation mar, found a kaki already.Writing about anything isn't a problem for me since young as i used to write my very own fairytale *silly smile* NOW, i blog almost about everything, my thoughts, my life, anything that i can have a say on.

Now people, i do have a life, a dog and a family. I admit i do face the monitor more than i face a person in a day. But that's my job. If i do not have a life, all i will ever blog about are whiny, pathetic, psychotic, depressing and suicidal entries. So if you ever saw post of those kind continuously, it's time to pay me a visit or call tanjung rambutan. *laugh hysterically*

I like to hang out with my friends the most. Miss those movie marathon session with p0ohz, will or seasons. It has been sooo long we gather together to have a nice chat. *Bahh*

Why apple4today ?
Some maybe find it corny, corky, weird, freaky or even cute but this is my blog and i name it whatever i want.Ever heard of An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doc Away? Well, this is a place meant for others to see my ups and downs in life and makes them realize that there is still happiness in this cold world (ups) or they can simply be vultures and feed on the downs of my life Hahahaha.I know its lame. shaddap! apple4today is now my dearthelma(as i have a few comment now and then), my sandbag for me to rant and let out all the anger or steam(hence the swearing), my life scrapbook, the daily newspaper of me and infinity supplies of blank pages for my life to fill 'em up!!

Why winterbeear?
This is a mixture of nicknames. I love winter, so I'm named winter by my friends. Another friend called me steam bear because i'm always in a 50% concious state. Plus, a bear hibernates. I love to hibernate alot myself so thaaat suits me fine, LOL. Notice, i added an E to the bear? that's for my relish of alcoholic drinks *hic hic* Lo and behold, winterbeear is here!!

Back to reality, I am a SYT outside blogosphere. I do not utter a word of profanity in front of others except very close friends out of rage.(u know who you are). Come and know me, you'll love me. I will however, continue to swear or curse all i want here because it's MY blog. I can write whatever i want on it and you can't stop me. HAHAHA*hands stuck at the waist* Lei chui ah....

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30cent hike
I blogged earlier on that the hike does not affect me YET. Well, it had now. A dinner with friends at Bukit Tambun means a drive over the bridge(RM7 for toll) plus a few ringgit for the juru toll. Petrol is not a factor.Going over to the mainland in search of great food is a great activity. It's merely a drive. But after yesternight dinner, it made me realized something. And it's very bad news. This sucks


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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Pleasant Weekend

I had a rather pleasant weekend. Spent most of the day sleeping. Doing what i do best. *wink* Nothing much to update about.

Was suppose to go Pantai Kerachut with my colleauge but that got cancelled. So i spent the day servicing my sister car and paying off my credit card bills! what a relief! no more debt, for the moment. Went to celebrate Sue's 21st birthday at a BBQ-poolside party at her house. Quite nice, meeting up with friends and housemates and all...

Sunday was spent watching Astro, checking emails, bathing baby jaz and blogging. I took some of her photos while she is wet to post it up but it turns out very weird. Maybe next week then.AXN showed XXX just now. I watched it few years back in the cinema with p0ohz. Still find van diesiel hot like hell. Can someone find me a boyfriend like that? I like daring bad boy type.*snickers* That's all for this blog. I got to get ready for another friend's birthday. This round, we'll be going to Tambun/Batu Kawan for some finger-licking seafood. Yum yum!*stomach growling*
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Friday, March 03, 2006
American Idol
Today i'm going to talk about American Idol. It had shot ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry or Plain Jane to stardom within a couple of months singing in front of millions. Even if they do not win the idol title, they can do better than those that actually won the title. What it takes to be famous in this phenomenon:

Be a lil bit better looking than the winner
The freaky Clay Aiken(if he is invisible, he wants to spy on girls) outshone Rueben the fat.

Be America's Darling Girl:
The pretty Kelly Clarkson was the first to win American Idol. She went on to win a Grammy and oops, she forgots to thank those that make her famous, the fans and American Idol itself. Kacang lupakan kulit, that's what she is. From a frumpy country girl to a rock chic. I guess she lost the title as girl next door.

Have pure talent, need not be pretty:
Look at Fantasia Barrino, she has got a voice of an angel, so god damn unique especially when she sang the song "dono what's the title but she sang lying" but she has a Erm....not so pretty face.

But there's an exception for everything. There's 1 guy who makes million without having any of those mentioned above. He is neither good looking nor talented. Let me present to you, the one that shames all chinis for infamous dance:
Well, those the finalist of this season has got what it takes to make it? Either Make History or Be History is the rule of the game here.

This is in my opinion, the cutest contestant ever! At the tender age of 16, he can melt any teenager, office lady or lau ee's heart in a milisecond with his deep voice like Frank Sinatra, deep set of eyes, dimple and a flashing thousand watt smile!! Sad news is, he is already out of the game! Better luck new time, lil boy =P

This is a noble man who sings at a bar and has a wife older than him by few years with 2/3 pin yee chai to feed. In order to give them a better life, he depends on one and only thing.....his voice. His looks is a bit chris martin/coldplay but he is a rocker who sings in a pub. Might have a good chance at his competition as Simon says: This song can be played on radio right away! Bright Future i say!

Taylor Hicks, the naturally white/gray hair guy definately stands out among the crowd. Being said so, he is a natural born entertainer. He is just a natural. I think i repeat the word natural alil too many times. Him, the white hair and a harmonica with a great stage presence. What more can you ask for? Is he too perfect? I think he is not suitable to be in the current music industry as he, i repeat, stands out among those hip-hop R&B, booty shaking black world.

Are you already melting girls? Ace Young is, by far the most attractive finalist for 5 season. However, doesnt show any much talent. His good looks will compensate for that. Hey, what is there to worry? Thousands and millions of people regconize him and i dare say, if he and i doubt he will, make is as the next American Idol, he can easily be the AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL! Lolz

He lack of the look, he looks like an ET with the big ears sticking out, he's shorter than the rest, he has uneven eyebrows and a shaggy face. Then why is he on my blog?
He is the male version of Fantasia Barrino, geddit? He is the best male vocalist by far the American Idol had. A statement made by Simon Cowell himself. If every eligible voter look beyond the looks, he have high chance to clinching the title!!

The purpose of this photo? Nothing actually. Just think that ACE look hot in this. I want to share share with my female readers(as if i have reader*slapself*). This 2 are the crowd favourite though.

So who are you rooting for this season? Tell Me if you watch or follow this reality show.


p/s: notice i mention nuts about the girls? ahhhaa..cos i don care!! There's too many hunk for me to drool now. Wait till they get kick off then i'll talk about the girls ya!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I actually woke up at 4am today to come for work. OMG! I couldn't believe it myself. It's Amazing!! First time working at 5am. I tell you, miracles will happen today hahahahah I only slept for 4 hours after being dragged out by my friends last night.

I *heart* the traffic! Smooth sailing, no bloody temper soaring up, no cars nor bikes to annoy me. There's police though, had a scare for a while, i thought i will be stopped for driving too fast, but they are too busy giving "bak kua" to a taxi driver. *blek* It's gonna be a happy day for me!
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This is personal
This entry is meant for a certain group of people.

You guys say "You've changed since I move away from penang"
This is what i say:

Have you yourself not changed a single bit? Did i change for better or worse, you did not tell me? I see you people change for the worse, but you people are not listening. What am i suppose to do? Can you tell me that now? Will our relationship really stay as how it is 4 years or so ago? I seriously doubt it if all we do is nothing. Everything needs to be work from both side. Please do think about it. I know everyone will change so come what may.
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Warning: Retard on the Road!
You know those yellow plate thingie where people like to stuck in their car window?? Well, they should make 'em by the dozen and give them out for free to those fucktards i met on the way home. At least I'll know that a retard is driving in front of me. I knowI'm not suppose to rant on this holy ash day but i'm not christian therefore im not "spiritually" bounded right? hahah

*Breath in Breath out*

Can someone please show me the path to enlightenment? I really do not understand what those stupid fucktards are thinking while cruising in their stinky old car on the highway taking their own honey-sweet time. I wanted to get home as fast I can after being stuck in the office after 10 hours. These idiots will drive at the maximum 70 on a FAST LANE! If they do not know the rules on the road, please go back to the L "kopi" driving school and you can drive using 1st gear as long as you want lar. Please do not cross my path with the ultimate single purpose to piss me!

To make things worst, when I wanna cut to the left so I can overtake him, he will also slowly swerve to the left and not letting me pass. WAT THE FUCK!! I absofuckinglutely had enough of this behaviour so i decided to tail the shit car reallll close to the bumper and flash him. I'm an idiot. Please slap me. I totally forgot that it's a retarded with a pea size brain driving in front. Gahhhhh!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOO wannna be a road bully at that time, taking a baseball bat smashing that asshole windscreen to pieces or even better, if i have a bulldozer or those bigfoot car, i'll do them a favour by rolling over their scrap metal/socalled cars. WAHHAHAHAHAA

Another fuckin annoying thing was that he thought the highway belongs to his ahkong! When's there no car on the left lane, he will drive in the middle of the road, blocking the whole damn road!!! By then, my blood vessel are throbbing like it's gonna burst anytime, even listening to Light & Easy wont help.

Luckily, the bottleneck of the highway ends.

Going berserk with the daily traffic i have overcome on my workdays. Take bicycle la people! Petrol go up by 30cent ady ok~Still dont want to save ar? Later need to eat sawdust only realise should be enviromental friendly? TOO LATE! Dumbass...

*Breath in Breath ouuuuttttt Feels soo much better*
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Something Strange i Saw
Yesterday while driving home, i saw something strange on the road side.

I saw a sparrow chasing and pecking furiously at something. I drove closer and i saw what the silly thing is chasing. a Cockcroach. Ewwww, disgusting!! Nothing else to play with ar? Play with me lar... Why would a sparrow corner a cockcroach and pecks at it while flapping it's wing? Such a weird encounter. Should i blame in on the weather? The sparrow kena heat-stroke and go mad issit? hmmm...gets me wondering

*the photo is there just to make this blog "look" more interesting and to show what a sparrow is -_- No cockcroaches pic cos i do not want to pollute my cute blog :P

YESS!! i know this blog is L.A.M.E


Happy Ash WednesdaY!!!!!!

Erm...not really sure what is ash wednesday about. Just know that all christians are suppose to turn vegetarian for the day, some a week before today. Wanna know more? Go read 5xmom blog yar. =)) Please forgive me for being ignorant.

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