Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Happy Day
Meant to blog bout this few days ago, but keep on procrastinating. Anyway, last week, X department in my company was decorated with ALOT ALOT of ballons. I even saw they set up 2 30" flat screen lcd monitor with PS2 hooked to it, and i saw a few TS playing...during working hours. How i envy them! While walking to the carpark with sis,

Me: Eh, u notice that X got alot of ballons or not?

Sis: Yalar..u think i'm blind ar? It looks like a clown institute ok...

Me: Very talented actually, can know how to make poodle and snakes/shit out of ballons..

Sis: Exactly la...clown institute mar..

Me: Then you know what's the occasion?

Sis: They having something called Happy Day..

Me: Wahh...so happy..i also want to work in that department, jolly jolly

Sis: If those ppl there are already happy, y have a Happy Day..idiot *roll eyes*

Me: -_-"

Anyway, i still wish to work in that department! hahaha Exactly what i need after today. Still can't believe i can actually fail..fark man...
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