Wednesday, March 01, 2006
This is personal
This entry is meant for a certain group of people.

You guys say "You've changed since I move away from penang"
This is what i say:

Have you yourself not changed a single bit? Did i change for better or worse, you did not tell me? I see you people change for the worse, but you people are not listening. What am i suppose to do? Can you tell me that now? Will our relationship really stay as how it is 4 years or so ago? I seriously doubt it if all we do is nothing. Everything needs to be work from both side. Please do think about it. I know everyone will change so come what may.
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  • At 3:56 AM, March 02, 2006, Blogger Sunny Side Up

    Everyone will definitely change over time, it is true. So, don't bother what the others say about you, as long as you are happy about yourself.

    So, have you gotten a bf as I suggested last time?

  • At 5:23 AM, March 02, 2006, Blogger Eve

    wow, it will be great if i can get a hot, sexy, rich, generous, kind bf that loves me to bits in a matter of days!! u know anyone like that? hmm? Please do let me know ya! hahhaha