Sunday, April 30, 2006
Labor Day (It's A Holiday)
Lets get it goin cuz we know we gon celebrate cuz its a holiday I don't work today or the next 3 days so lets celebrateCuz its a holiday I don't work today naw pardon me as I celebrate
I know the songs below doesn't match with the phrase above, but what the heck, i love those songs right now, so enjoy!

Guang Liang - Yue Ding

Guang Liang - Dou Shi Ni

Jay Chou - Coral Sea (San Ru Hai or sounds smtg like tat)

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I farking hate Slimyx
  • i do not pay so that i suffer disconnection every single fucking 10 minutes
  • i do not pay so that i dont get to download my desperate housewives
  • i do not pay so that i dont get to download free music
  • i do not pay so that i got cut off from my msn conversation
  • i do not pay so that me or my friend have to repeat ourself a zillion times
  • i do not pay so that i can get really pissed
  • i do not pay so that i can call and complain about the same fucking problem for the past 4 months
    • i do not pay so that i can get stuck halfway through my surfing
      • i do not pay so that it can increase my blood pressure

      I farking paid the bills on the dot every farking month. Can't you pigs behind the counter or phone do something about it!!

      Knnccb....damn tl...really tl about it.... ARghhh~!

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      Brokeback Mountain
      I know I'm eons behind for this movie, but i just finished watching this movie yesterday. I thought i would be grossed out by the gayish antic, but i was not. I mean, abit la. cos i can't take the fact that 2 hunkly guy making out so passionately. "SUCH A WASTE" was the first thing that come through my mind.

      I still feel that heath ledger could have been straight if not being "seduced" by jake in the movie. But holding on to a fragile and dangerous relationship for 20 years is really something. Heath and Jake really deserve some award for totally immersing themselves in the role. such bravery to tounge kiss another man on screen. But then again, they are handsomely paid for it =.="

      Why isn't most people grossed out when 2 girls kissed? Remember the kiss from Cruel intention? that was something also.

      I totally do not expect the ending of the movie at all. It's so discriminating you know. It's so sad yet it's true cos it's happening in the real world right now. There's people who died for being who they are. It brings a new light upon this gay issue. This guy was beaten and left to die for just being gay.

      Anyway, this is just another blog entry to fill my time while waiting for my mom to go to dah saloon.

      If you just wanna had a good time and laugh your heads off, go watch She's the Man. Alot of eye candy in it. Thinking of the movie makes me droool...Seriously, very yummy looking guy in it. Just another chick flick with cheesy lines.
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      Thursday, April 27, 2006
      Baru Baru!
      Update: I like this template better, but i dont know how to adjust the sidebar. so stupid!

      Like the new look or not? Please tell me. Anyway, i feel the "white" is too overwhelming and it's too spacey. So white, pure and looks so innocent. Even typing the word "shit" like will spoilt the pureness of the design(i think i just did) Hahahah I think i will change it very soon. I found a nice one which i like alot, but i do not know how to adjust a couple of things.

      Experts out there care to lend a helping hand? *.*
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      Brain Dead
      I think i've been home for too long. My brains are getting malfunctioned. It's like the clockwork had stop working because it's rusty or something. I used to have endless stuff to blog about or to do. Now i couldn't think of 1. I had to study for my paper, but notes left unflip on my desk. I'm morphing into a bug.

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      Wednesday, April 26, 2006
      Chef & Brews + Gubra
      Gubra is damn nice!! Go watch even if you did not watch Sepet. For once, support local movies peeps! It makes me really wanna salute Yasmin Ahmad for being such a daring film maker in this country. Memorable scene: An ustaz went up to a stray dog, stroking it's head and talking gently to it. You see, if your religion is islam, you CAN touch dog, just not the wet part i.e. nose and mouth. So next time, you must sayang my dog when you see her, must sayang even if you are not islam *-*

      Well, if you watch sepet before you have to wait till the credit roll finish, then you'll get a snippet for sepet. However, after watching that snippet, it makes me more confuse @_@

      I got my uncle to fetch me from USM and then he wanted to eat steak. So YAY! for me. We headed to Crystal Point area as i thought they have a nice place that serve nice steak. The surrounding of Chef&brews are not bad, very spacious and all. Food prices ranging from 9.90-30+

      We were serve with bread even before our drinks. Hmmph..The breads is not toasted real well also.
      My uncle had Hainanese NZ something lamb chop/steak. Does hainanses make good steak? The lamb was tough to chew on. Not very friendly to older people with gum problems. Portion was alright but you wouldn't alot quantity over quality do yah?

      This is my aunt's Black Pepper chicken. This is nice. I like. but too spicy for my liking...

      And this is moi's Grilled Fish Fillet. 3 fillets altogether. Nice but the salad is not fresh. The ordered lemonade for my drink but it's just sprite/7-up with a slice of lemon dump into the glass. Huh! And they dare to charge twice the price of a soft drink.

      Conclusion? I think i wont go back unless i'm treated. For the bill we footed, i'll choose chillis or even Dome any day.
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      Thank you friend for being there, holding my hand, partially going through it.
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      Monday, April 24, 2006
      A day in PAYAR
      Update: SORRY PEOPLE! i guess i was just too excited to blog about this and i had the WRONG TITLE! Thanks to bro who pointed that out. no wonder so many people ask me, "you went payar or pangkor?" and i thought those people don't know how to read. MY BAD! i went Pulau PAYAR

      The speedboat that we board take off from the pier right on the dot which is 845am. Looking around, there's no local except for us and the staff. Well, it's a sunday afterall. The journey took around 1.5 hours from Penang to Payar Platform. Anyway, we were up in the upper deck most of the time cos it's not that stuffy. Then the sun got too hot for us, we went into the "cockpit" for boat(i dono what's called la) Sitting at the captains chair, very nice. Have you sat on a captain seat before? haha. Next time if you go, just walk in, the people there are very friendly and will tell you loads of stuff like whale sighting.

      The platform isn't actually really big but good enough. After a short briefing, we put on our snorkelling gear and *splash* So many fish staring at you saying "FEED FEED FEED", at first i felt it's so disgusting, many fish touching me. And seeing my fear, my friends start throwing bread crumbs around me. DAMN IT! now i have bruises on my leg because the stupid fish likes to cubit people.

      Basically, there's alot of corals that looks like overgrown potatoes, some reef with nemo inside, dory fish that always lose out when it comes to bread crumbs, and huge fish that will become ikan masin in the future. As i mentioned earlier, there's alot of foreigners, so alot of bikinis clad girls to see haha. Even an old auntie around 70++ wore a lacy bikini with all the wrinkled skin. very chio auntie ok..hhhahaha There's also alot of ang moh guy in trunks.

      Around noon, the buffet lunch is ready!! After swimming for 2 hours, i'm hungry like a wolf. Lunch was not bad, as they have a reasonable wide variety. I love the lamb stew. Very sedap!!

      So after lunch, we went to another side of the beach to see sharks and baracuda. Scary, the sharks are like swimming around your ankle ok! and it's not those baby sharks you see in Redang.
      We had to see the baracuda from the jetty as it's too dangerous to go near 'em. They have razor sharp teeth along their "snout" if you dont know. We linger back to take take photo here and there before going back to the platform.

      They have glass-bottom boat rides too, that take us out to the section we are not allowed to swim too. But that was abit too boring, so end up taking loads of photos again. hahaha. The japs we notice, will put on their makeup before getting in the water, and when they got up, they will reapply and get in again. I mean, whats the point la?

      Another interesting thing is, this arabian lady, went snorkelling fully clothes, with her black tudung, black trunks and even the black robe. Scare me ok, i thought whats that floating around!! So yeah, i guess that's the best way to stay fair on a snorkelling trip. Hahaha
      So that's the more or less about the day trip i had in Payar. Paid RM155 for it, which is worth it i felt. Foreigners have to pay RM270 for the same thing i get. hahaha ..better be local again. I think i pigged the entire journey home. Reach around 530pm.

      Ps: Night was fun, went dinner with my family and then haagen dazz for fondue again. Wahahah. Meet a fellow blogger there also..haha so ngam ya... I thought you are in Johor..
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      Saturday, April 22, 2006
      Farewell Dinner
      That's where i mostly blog from for the past 2 months. Some colleague brought me to a nice place for sort-of farewell dinner near Batu Lanchang. Very nice fuuudd there. Ordered soft shell crab, nestum prawn, special taufu, belacan chicken, fish, vege and a soup. That's 7 dishes for 7 pax. Tasted awesome!

      Around 11pm, p0ohz came round my place and we just went out. We had no idea on where to go and who else to ajak along cos most of our friends are not in penang anymore or sitting for their exam now. So blindly, both of us just go round around town and decided to go C.Bean. When we walk pass a club, we realize it was ladies night, so both of us just went in selamba like that. Got our drinks(FREE) and a seat near the bar. It's was kinda fun yet makes me feel old cos i can simply walk into club now >.< As i watched "kids" sluttty dances, i even though like for heaven sake, go home and do your homework la! OMG, i must be old.. After i gulp my drink and p0ohz, we left cos it's too noisy...

      Waterfall Road at 2am

      Still wanna munch on something, we went to our fav place!

      We chatted for like a few hours on everything. It felt sooo good that i get to met up with my buddy after so long. She is like the only girl friend i've got that i can do crazy stuff with(cos she's crazy herself) and stay out late. I really miss those late night out la...

      Me and my best buddy!!

      I guess too much of euphoria and alcohol combined makes ppl do stupid stuff

      Alritey, I'm going to Pulau Payar at 8am tomoro, so i guess i betta get some sleep*yawn*

      By the way, Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin is just simply Fiery HAWWTT!!!
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      Thursday, April 20, 2006
      Internet Addict/Bitch - NOT!
      I am 53% Internet Addict.
      Total Internet Addict!
      I am pretty addicted, but there is hope. I think I'm just well connected to the internet and technology, but it's really a start of a drug-like addiction. I must act now! Unplug this computer!

      So, it's proven i'm addicted to the internet. But don't dread, it's curable if you guys ask me out more often so that i dont need to rely on my pc all the time~!

      I'm a nice girl! Take me out! Like me Like ME!!

      I am 45% Asshole/Bitch.
      Part Time Asshole/Bitch.
      I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.
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      Junk Food II
      Updated: Scroll Down

      Just in case you don't know, KFC has come out with a new item on it's menu. It's the OR Chicken Chop in Mushroom Sauce. After spending 1.5 hours waiting for my sis, we head to Tesco to try out the chicken chop. and it looks like this :

      *Forgive me for the poor quality photo. Maklumlah, i'm still a poor student with bad cameraphone

      Conclusion: Not very positive feedback from diners (not me, i opt for snackplate)

      After dinner, went to buy all the junk food available in Tesco again. In case you forgot already, i blog about it sometime ago. This time we bought even more!! The whole trolley is purely junk food that will ruin your kidney! Anyone would have drop dead instantly if he/she attempts to finish all of it in 1 sitting. haha

      Guess how much is the total bill?

      Updated: Since no one is interested to guess the total amount, i'll just post it up*sulk sulk sulk* No fun wan you people...*sulk sulk sulk*

      ps: Anyone knows a good tour operator? I want to go Pulau Payar with my friends. Drop me a line y'll.

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      Wednesday, April 19, 2006
      I Won 100 Bucks!
      nyeh Nyeh nyeh! This morning, still drowsy from waking up, I'm the lucky caller through to Fly.Fm *snort* So yea, the stupid-sounding-girl you heard on the radio this morning is me. I was taken back that i got through. It's kinda scary cos you know you are on air, and i *tried* my best NOT to sound stupid. So big deal, it's just 100, nothing to shout about. But I won the cold hard cash by just answering 4*snap snap fingers* peanut questions *waving money in ur face* HAHAHAHA

      This is my very first time winning something off the radio station!! (minus those i won from hitz cruisers) I'm so happy about it!! hahahhaa....So yesterday my sis won, today i won, maybe tomoro's my brother's turn?

      Turns out the hardrock cafe thing is just the prelude for AIM. The actual date is 29th April. So if i back to kl this weekend, it will only for the quiksilver revolution tour. Then i'll be back in penang for maybe 2 weeks before i go for my resit paper which is on the 6th May. Will it be a waste of $$ to go down for the weekend. I mean, the transportation would have probably cost me +- 100 (there goes the prize money) Is it worth it to just go and watch? It's such a hassle to travel to and fro..

      But then again, it will be such a cool event! Arghh... Should i go or not? Should i go or not?Should i go or not?Should i go or not?*pulls hairs, scream* Such a simple decision but i'm so fickle-minded and so indecisive.

      Any advice from you, the wise one? Thanks!
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      Tuesday, April 18, 2006
      2 More Days..
      And so tomoro will be my 2nd last day as an Office Lady, well not exactly, as i wear jeans to work daily and short + slippers on weekend work. Very casual company yea? It's kinda nice working here but too much of repetition for me. I mean it's alright since I already know i'll be working here for a short period and compared to my coursemate who went industrial training, i'm handsomely paid* Chik chiiiinng $$$*

      I left my KL house unoccupied for 2 months +. Old people say if the places has been left empty for long, it will have uninvited "guest" So do you think my room will have some "guest" by now? I'm scared la. If im going back this week, then i'll be alone. Roomie wont be back so soon.*biting nails*

      Just kidding!

      My houseowner just bought a Jack Russell Terrier and i can't wait to see it! YES! Finally my kl home has got a dog as well! hahahaa So happy! If everything goes well, I'm gonna have a blast this weekend in kl.

      For the past few morning, i woke up earlier so that i can call to play the One Step Behind game. So as usual, i'll waiting for the cue to call in the parking lot while waiting for my sis to come down. And so, my sis got in the car and the cue comes on air. I start dialing and passed my phone to sis.

      AND IT GOT THROUGH! not only that, Fly Guy PICKED UP THE PHONE!

      So unfair ok!! I sacrifies my sleep, i tried so many mornings and when i need to drive the freakin' car, it got through! So my sis, Pidgeon won the money (dUhhh, it's so easy they are like practically giving away the $$ nia ok!) It's RM100 ok. Like so damn easy to win RM100 ok. Oh ya, she got 2 VIP tickets to the AIM thingie too. Whatever that is im going to Hard Rock with p0ohz this friday. I just wanna see sheila majid.

      In return, p0ohz got tickets to some Quicksilver surfing contest on saturday and she's bringing me. YAY!! I'm sure got alot of eye candy*drroool already* So if i really do go, i'll snap snap loads of photos to post up ya!

      Meantime, im really not sure whether i wannt to go back kl this week or not yet...... 6pm d...gtg..chaussss
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      Monday, April 17, 2006
      I know where is Valdor...huahua
      Remember once i ask where is Valdor in Penang? While on jalan-jalan cari makan yesterday, i Found it!!!11 Smart me!

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      Indonesia -Best of Part II
      This will end my indonesia trip blog. Anyway, it has been 2 weeks since i return home, i should have finish it off sooner but then again, i've been busy for the past weeks.

      So I'm here again to change typical mindset on Indonesia. Many of those that do not have relatives or been there will have certainly imagine it as a very chaotic and poor country. In fact, it is not, if you know where to go and how to blend it.

      Where to go: Places that have alot of indo-chinese and better places, which tends to have higher securities as well

      Blend it: Prepare lots of small changes, as you will need to tip along the way to get your way there.

      Na Si Wah Uu Chi PaK bannnn = If I have a million dollar

      In indonesia, that doesnt really does alot as everyone is a millionaire.I think the most you can do is "chiak sushi" haha Now let's see how the taitais in Indo lead their life.

      Those taitai are really what we call - dumb blondes. They always look like they are ready for dinner, hair always set properly. How did they manage to do so? I manage to find out that they go to saloon 2-3 times per week. Meaning to say, they dont actually washes their hair themselves. They have pedicure and manicure very often. Body scrubs are very common.

      Have you watch Dynasty before? or the O.C now? They practically live a very US rich people life. The younger ones will carry Guess and Next and Gucci. The elders will always have LV, Gucci and etc. And those are not fake ones......i can tell you that. =_=

      While we party, the driver wait and chit chat in the parking lot. While we shop, the driver wait also. The driver practically only waits on us but then, that's their job =)They have plenty of maids tagging along to practically everywhere.
      You can have alot of fancy cakes. Kids party cost more than my birthday party worth of 3 years.You can have fancy and expensive swagbags for your kid's guest. Not the typical partypooper stuff.

      And best of all, you can have versace in your house, handpainted paintings on the walls and ceiling, and crystal made coffee table..

      Well, for the period I'm there, of course I wanna indulge myself and turn myself into a dumb blonde and beautified myself. hahah

      *Please ignore my tan line.

      That's me and my brother, Junk. Pretty or not ? *covers blushed face with file* ahehehehe
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      Friday, April 14, 2006
      Clever Friends
      So im very bored in office today and buaya ahko say he's bored and requested i blog to cure him. So here's the 2nd apple of the day...

      * After finish typing, i felt it's a pointless post. So read if you want la.

      I never knew why but i always have very clever friends around me. I mean im not those study 24hrs type, not even 2hrs ok. I like to go out aLOT and i dont get excellent result. But 80% of my friends are super homey, super smart type of people. It's good to know these people as i can get help all the times when i screw up with my work. haha

      Trix is my desk partner in school for the final 3 schooling years. I dont know why she choose to bear with me though. She has been whispering answers to me during class and letting me "check" my homework with hers as well. Although she always sleeps in class, her result was amazing and always top the class. I dont sleep in class but my result... She's now in Sg studying some complicated stuff i dont understand.

      Then theres p0ohz, whose art is amazing. Till now, it still amaze me with your creativity. Most of the time, she'll help me touch-up my biology or physic or chemistry diagrams or let me trace hers. I really sux at drawing ok! I think a Form 1 kid can definately beat me with a hand tied =.= She's still the crazy girl i can call up at anytime of the day or text silly stuff. I hope you can realise your dream and venture into directing. Pick ME! as your leading lady ya! FOC nvm. There's more ppl in the art department but blog bout it some other time la.

      Mei, Sookz and Kling Ceh, the 3 that sticks with each other no matter. Mei always has the patience to teach me Add Math, and when i get bored, i go teased Kling and kena hentam by her pencil box or umbrella. Both scored straight As in stpm and now in UM. Sookz is the head prefect and my buddy! That's why i can get away with my nails, shoes, fringes in schools. HAHA and she still get good results!!See i told you, my friends are geniuses......There's more!

      Buaya ahko himself is a genius and anyone that knows him simply canot deny that(ppl, i know im wrong to puji him, let him kembang lor, since he already so buncit now) Always cracking stupid jokes, perli me, bully me, making fun of me. But still can get scholarship. People like that can get JPA scholarship! Somemore next time qualify to cut people up. die man. Spending free pound is what you deserve for the many many A's that you get. Oi, you spm result still paste in my kl house u know. hahah, want me to scan and upload here or not?? I still waiting for my chillis ok...*menjuling*

      But not only 1 but several people get the jpa thing k? There's yxejason in dublin and Tong in india and will-i-am in ameriKa. In conclusion:

      In the Past
      Thank god i have alot of smart friends to help me with my homework, schoolworks, gatherings and etc. Had great time knowing you people before everyone turns evil and materialistic

      Since you people all so smart, sure study oversea, which means i dont get to see you people at all and miss you all alot laaa. One of the purpose of the blog is to sort of keep in touch. So haPpy that i'll be seeing will-i-am and ahko soon! come back soon, remember to bring lots of gift for me ya!*showing my best puppy eye*

      In the future
      No one can be sure so i predict since they so smart, in the future will be very rich and successful. When you are rich and successful, please dont forget i predicted in 2006 your status and remember to "thai-hit" me. I predict, i can get to see doctors and dentist for free, free accounting services, free engineering services and free boat trip to trix that studies some marine stuff. HAHAHAAH

      How to meet genius?
      Try to be in the top class in your school where most of the elites are there(in other words, my result not that bad wan la, haha) And it also depends on fate. Well, i'm really happy to know you guys even if you are a bunch of idiots !!!!!

      ps: Those that are not mentioned are also very clever boys and girls ok... =)
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      Good Friday!
      Today it's public holiday in Aussie and NZ so i doubt i will have alot of work to do. YEahh!! Same goes on monday. Half of the team gets to go home at noon today but im not one of them*stomps feets* Hopefully it's be my turn on monday *wishin', & hopin' & prayin'* Well, tommorrow will be my last weekend working and will get to meet some of the guys at night. Looking forward to it! Me and ailin will attempt to put on some fake eyelashes tomoro. I think she'll look gorgeous and me, like an idiot. hahaha. Hopefully tonight i'll have time at home to edit the last part of my indon photos but my sis just ajak me to go shopping!! I'll see....


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      Thursday, April 13, 2006
      Yay! Finally get to watch Ice Age 2 last night with couple of friends. Thanks guys! Very funny show. Planned to buy the dvd to rewatch it already. Batu ferringhi only RM4 (ahkor tat spend POUND, don jeles ok, haha) the squirrel that go nuts over the nutz really sesat sial wan... 0_o

      Foooood~~~Glorious FOOD!!!

      Anyway, apparently in 1 high school in Ohio has got 64 pregnant student at the same time. That's out of 500 girls, which is 12.8% already k..One of them is just 17 and has 2 kids. I'm nearly 21 and i dont even have a boyfriend(would that be a good thing or...?)

      Find out more HERE

      Do you know that there is a riot going on in India right now? That causes the branch of my company to close because those people are obstructing the traffic. In other words, i have a sudden increase in workload!! Reason behind ?? A superstar mati and the fans wants to see his dead body...wattt theee f.................
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      Future Planning for Penang
      Imposing tolls in small Penang Island is totally insane. I thought having 1 toll for the bridge is abit too much. The toll are for maintainences of the bridge and to pay off it's loans. It's has been there for around 20 years i suppose, and throngs of car, buses and motorcycle crosses the bridge daily and they still couldnt cough up enough money to settle the debt. I wouldn't know how many years Penangites will have to suffer.
      Having tolls will definately increase the jams as you know and I know how efficient the "peopleinthebox" works. Aren't the purpose of PORR is to reduce JAMS?? I still feel that it will bring more harm instead of good to the island.
      1. Cuts through Youth Park after a good but expensive makeover
      2. Destroying famous Gurney Drive- the mother of all tourist spot in Penang
      3. Decreasing the value in Jesselton area (might make some rich ppl TL also)
      4. Burden citizen with cost of toll (notice if cuts through air itam? the farlim area)
      5. The developer right was given to a company that belongs to someone relative "sitting up there wan la" - you can try to find out more. I scared i will get arrested. haha
      6. Infinity.
      Despite so many years of protesting, why is the project still being carried on?

      Now is nearing the middle of year 2006. I doubt the monorail will complete in year 2007. Maybe a station will be ready.haha(Remember the sg.2 flyover took 6yrs to complete)Say give them another 10-20 years time?? And come on la...Need to be so expensive or not? Rm1.11billion? The line for phase 2 abit senseless, how often do you travel from air itam to tg tokong? I think there should be a station in pulau tikus or gurney area. Agree?
      I dont understand a thing from this. Girls cant read maps**bats eyelashes** Just for you mens out there and also smart lass =)

      How can an unsignificant girl's opinion affect the major plan of the gavman. After all, we are in bolehland that can build a half bridge across the straits. hahahhaha

      *I got those maps from my email.
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      Tuesday, April 11, 2006
      Indonesia -Best of Part I

      KLIA - CGK

      In Indonesia, as everyone knows, there's a huge gap between the rich and the poor. If you are rich, you travel with this (driver/supir are normally in the package)

      Most Indons drive SUV & MPV tinted so heavily you cant see your hands. For safety reasons.

      There's public transport available. Sometimes its full so you'll have to ride on the roof.(seriously, same goes with the train there)

      The minibus. Most of the time, you can see people spilling out of the door.

      Not so rich? No problem. Only RM6 1 way:

      A very common sight in Jogja

      Too poor for anything? Well, i guess you'll have to walk then..*shrugs shoulder*

      If you are one of those taitai-dom, most probably we'll find you here.



      Some of the many malls in Indon. P.Ex caters 4 d young, they have Dj spinning housemusic.

      Not enuf cash to qualify? There's plenty of jobs opportunity in Indonesia, employement rate are practically 0%(fiction ok!)

      D mask dancer only in Bandung. There's aspiring musician, car cleaner, beggers, robbers surrounding your car each time you stop.

      Obviously being ones of the elites, you will only eat the best there's to offer.

      J.Co Donuts- Best i've ever hAD!!!

      Everything is very crispy in Indonesia!

      Suharti Crispy Chicken

      Can't afford? Try to eat this. You might just win yourself Fiiveeeee Thooouuusaaannnnd Dollllllarrrrrr in COLD HARD CASH! UMMPHH!!

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