Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Happy Birthday Joosing!!

Thanks for inviting me to your BBQ party!! Visit her blog *here* ehehe

-End of post for the day-

Tomorrow going Skybridge!! yay! Excited!!
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Monday, May 29, 2006
Desperate Housewives Season Finale Spoiler
A gift from the landlord to us tenants. So nice right?? Where to find such landlord? Plus, he invited us to his wedding dinner this saturday night. Woww.. Amat bangga to get invited. It's like going to my first "friend" wedding. hehe..canot memalukan anyone including myself on that night.

He gave us 2 boxes of durians to eat last night, yes, i ate the durians, so finger licking good! Back at home, we need to eat in secrecy because my sister hated the smell, and after eating it, i have to brush my teeth at least 3 times before i can talk to her

When to lecture today, and true to the rumours, the lecturer is everything but normal. Really. Can. Die.

Finally i get to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives. As usual, ditzy Susan got caught in between Mike and Carl. How can 2 so eligible guy got attract to someone like her? Especially Carl! i like Carl. hehe. Then there's Bree and her weird family, how can there be so much drama in 1 family? So screwed up. Wisteria Lane seems to be so peaceful, but there's always murder and psychotic people living there, terrible man. What will be in store for us in Season 3? My opinion, Lynette will still tolerate with that crazy Nora for the sake of Tom. Gabby will make Carlos pay BIG TIME for his affair with Xiao Mei (tat ungrateful bitch) and of course, she'll not make Xiao Mei's life easy. Mike will either have memory loss bout Susan or be in a coma. The lady in the mental hospital is there because of something mike did in the past that's why Orson the dentist is back for revenge. Btw, how come the finale has no Edie AT ALL ?? What's this?

So TVB right? Aih..Dramas...So damn predictable yet so addictive to it...

That will only be aired after 6 months! So now, i'm going to watch Prison Break and Project Runway. hehe

Helped PaleDonovan moved his furniture to his new place, din actually get to go his new place because the car is soooooooooo full with racks and table and pail 0_o So tired now. Going to sleep. nite/morning peeps.

ps: will post something useful tomoro instead of another ME post. hehe. i try lar..
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Saturday, May 27, 2006
100th Entry and still counting....
Yes! This is the 100th entry for my blog with blogspot. I want to thank my mama, my papa, my dog, my camera and everyone that has been visiting my blog since day one. Thank you even if this is the first time you saw this tiny space in the world wide web. I really appreciate those comments that had been left on my blog, sometimes that is what kepts me from stopping. I will continue on to blog to kept insanity at bay!

My last dinner in Penang was a scrumptuos one!! Ordered all that i like!! Terima Kasih to my aunt from Indo for visiting, if not for you, i dont get to eat so many dishes before i leave the island of food. wAhahaha ... I don't get to eat like this when i'm in kl..*sob sob*
Last night was a sleepless night for me, I'm always a heavy thinker before sleeping that's why i look like a panda all the time. This morning i left penang a very unhappy person. Not because i miss it so blardy much(sure miss wan mar), it's because i had a row with my stupid sister( yes, i know she will read this and i might die bloggin this, so i leave all my assets to my dog, jaz)

I don't know why she has to always make my departure from penang an unpleasant one. 9/10 times i will leave penang with a grudge! I think she enjoy seeing me suffer. She has always been this fear in my life. Yes, my sister is my fear, not that i dont sayang her, i do, just most of the time i dont hahaha. So many times she made me cry in public. i know it's so damn embarrassing but i just dont know why everytime she jeered or teased or scold me, i will 80% end up in tears*covers face*ONLY from her. I just can't seem to control my tear glands, it's ridiculous i know, sometimes im even laughing at the same crying. I dont know what the fuck is wrong wit me!!! From other tom, dick or harry, i don even give a fuck or i'll just give them a piece of my mine. I think im phobia of her. i must get away from her. She makes me look like a problem child in my family when i'm obviously not. Why must she always make me look so bad infront of anyone?Why must you act like you so damn superior? WHY???? You are just born few years earlier than me!Try putting yourself in my shoes and think back.I tahan you alot d ok..

I'll probably spend my whole life fearing her..with occasionally outburst that will have everyone pointing fingers at me again.

I feel so bad that my mom always got caught in between the fight. Sorry Mom.

So is this how my 100th post gonna be? With me coming out of my closet bout my sister? Well, this is my really how i felt today. No mood to talk about other stuff.

KL so jam today! Plus, they closed some roads leading to my house today, and im not familiar with other routes. So at 1 point, we got so lost that we dont even know we are heading towards Genting o_O

Tomorrow is my first lecture of my final year in KL. I feel like a kid going to school on the first day. Brain dead after 3 months of letting it rust.

What a meaningful 100th entry.. at least i can look back someday and compare the situation in the future...hehehe...

What lies beyond tomorrow for me?

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Xmen Xmen Xmen
Finally watch the movie that i've been waiting for!! So many eye-candy in it, how to get a thumb-down from me? hehee... We went into the cinema and waited for 45 minutes with a blank screen before the stupid cinema start playing it. That's 1 hour of time wastage and it's not fun when you are sitting at the first row with a bunch of noisy and annoying young expatriates sitting behind you >.<

I feel that there are too many character introduced in this sequel that practically does nothing much but a cameo. Like Angel, although i like that alot, but it's like not much contribution except flying around.

Then there's a few death that went without much explanation.. Not happy bout that. After watching the movie, only i read the spoiler and i realized a miss out a surprise scene after the credit roll. Whats with the current movie nowadays? So many surprise scene after the credit rolls..*rolls eye*

Anyway, i feel it's a better movie than Da Vinci Code. So go watch it, even if you are not a fan. hahahaha


Going back to Kayelle tomorrow morning d...hUuuuuu...Going back when everyone is coming back to penang is simply no fun!!!

and i realized i lost my pendrive today..Arghhh~~~
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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Random Rants
Do you ever feel like there's a season where alot of people just spilt up and got together? It's like there's a need to reshuffle the people again. Recently heard of quite a handful of breakups and unions, from those close to me and just hi-bye friends.I've noticed the cycle for at least 2 years already. Suddenly people will be telling they have broken up or had found a partner or something. OI, you stupid cupid!! Why every year also left me unshuffled wannn?? It's getting very bored for me to be alone everytime d.... Cilaka....

I just hate it when i tell someone something then he buat like malas wanna layan me but then took what I told him and tell other people like his idea. Very clever issit like that? So smart you think yourself la...no need to wait for me to give you the idea mar..cb... I dont really want to hate you, but why are you making yourself being hated so much???

Does 3 months of holiday seems very very long to you? Most reaction i will get is:

Me: Eh, im back for 3 months holiday d, when are you free to meet up?
X : 3 months ar? Why your holiday so long wannnn? So envy of you, bla bla, plenty of time to meet up la, u scared i'll run away ar..bla bla bla

Fast forward 3 months, now it's already the last 3 days of my 3 months holiday and guess what, those people that utter those words, tak nampak batang hidung also. Pilaaaa... That's why i always say, dont take things for granted. Appreciate the time we have, must make full use of the time if not, huh, time flies man...

3 months holiday ada apa guna? People say must use this time to see your friends and family back in hometown. What if they dont have the time to see you? People say must use the time to do what you like, vacation. What if you dont have the money to fund your vacation, even if you have the money, you cant find a travelling partner? DAMN!!! i hate it~~ How hard is it to find a freaking travelling partner?? People tell me, "it's you wor, how can you be boring in penang? How can you not find somebody? You know so many people" If everyone assume that I'm always busy going here and there, no one will bother to call me. Those that i called are simply too busy with their life to insert tiny me into it. Like they went for lunch that day without me, they forgot that i'm in penang... =.=||| HOW CAN???? I can get very angry being abandon by so-called friends. HMPHH!!! Ask you all to go for laksa for at least 5 times in the past 2 months, gave me plenty of excuses then what, when i went there with other people, HAHA! bumped into you people. grow up la...me...

Okla, now left 3 days only, u people happy? i go back kl d..going to bother you all no more . Get on with your own life .. How to make use of the last 3 days?? Most probably listening to those bastard teasin me on what they are going to do, eat, watch together AFTER i left penang. What's this la? Trying to torture me ar. While i'm here, i kick you all also don wanna go out, once i left, you all going all out rally-ing on the streets to celebrate issit.. fuck man...die la

Whatever man...i dont really wanna give a flying fuck but then again, i'm being my confused being.

To round up the whole holiday, i worked, i had a vacation oversea, i crossed something from my wishlist, i pretty much see the peeps i wanna meet(not enuf!!) I had an annual gathering . I feel that i actually compressed my whole 3 months holiday into 1 week after last week, a hell of a hectic one.

yay yay... Going to watch Xmen III today!!! YAY!!!!

Very long post ya...doesnt really expected it to be that long. at least i got all the frust off my chest. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
A trip to Uncle Lims'
This was suppose to be a impromptu trip 2 weeks ago but we delayed it by a week because we were ticket-less and room-less. Finally after much doubt, we made it! Yeah! It's kinda like an annual gathering for us, last year was perhentian/redang with 19 of us. This year, just the 8 of us. That's whats left of those in penang now. So Sad..

The journey from Penang straight to peak of Genting takes around 5 1/2 hour thanks to the snail bus and the unnecessaries long long stops.

When i first stepped into the hotel (firstworld obviously) I now know how SMALL the bathrooms is. My sister mentioned before that once you open the door, take a step and you'll fall on your bed. I mean you cant stretch your arms full length in the bathroom you know, it measures 4x4 bathroom tiles. So you get the idea. Actually it's not really bad, just right for a night stopover or so, but i just like to complain. ahhahaa

First day there, the counter girl warned us of misty and rainy weather so we bought indoor tickets instead. Blardy shit, the weather is so fine the birds are chirping, and bugs humming...@^%$% It rain the next day...... =.=

That night, all of us tried our lucks getting into the casino but all was stopped. So PAISEH! but we did what we do best, buat bodoh lar...ahha then those among us that is OLDER(ok, older by a few months la) get to go in, the rest of us, including me, went clubbin. NOT NICE AT ALL!! It's so obvious there's so many china dolls inside. Then there's all those old dudes staring and ogling at us. Mind you, we were all in long sleeves woolen tops. not slutty at all. I was like practically sitting there the whole time. Would rather go eat mcD. I wouldn't go even if people treat me, even if there's unlimited free choices of liquor waiting inside for me. No more clubbing for me in Genting!!

Football mad nation! Kick it! Kick it!

The next morning, we had an expensive breakfast. Wan tan mee at RM9.50 per bowl, somemore it's the hard-to-swallow-type..Bleaaakkkkkk. That kick starts our day as a kid again, spinning tops, cyclone, roller coaster, and of course plenty of camwhorings.... so fuunnnnnnnn~~~~

Took too many photos to be loaded here. Go over to my multiply. I made a photolog bout this trip. It's has been a very short time with you guys but i enjoy every moment as it's not like how it used to be. It's so hard to get any 4 of us together at any given time. Hopefully there'll be more trips in the near future =)

This photo tak ada kaitan..just that i feel it's very pretty. I took this photo with my new camera. unedited. Nice or not?? Any comments on how to improve?
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Top reasons why ladies today are still SINGLE
Just something i got from the email today.

1. The nice men are ugly.

2. The handsome men are not nice.

3. The handsome and nice men are gay.

4. The handsome, nice and heterosexual men are married.

5. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men, have no money.

6. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men with money think we are only after their money.

7. The handsome men without money are after our money.

8. The handsome men, who are not so nice and somewhat heterosexual, don't think we are beautiful enough.

9. The men who think we are beautiful, that are heterosexual, somewhat nice and have money,are cowards.

10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice and have some money and thank God are heterosexual, are shy and NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!

11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in us when we take the initiative.

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Monday, May 22, 2006
Da Vinci Code
Have you watch THE movie and unbreak the code? I had. Today with more than 12 people that i know. Like mini gathering. Hehe, it's been so long since my life is so lau juak. After watching the very confusing movie, we proceed to Lok Lok. Happy Day!!

A lil bit about the movie....i rather read the book, then again, i always prefer the book if the movie is based on a book. Seems like out of the group that watched the movie today, i'm the only one that actually finished reading the book =.=|| They didn't actually explain enough to make patrons really understand the book. Left people with ??? around their heads.

Watch this, it's cute..teheehhhehe:
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Thursday, May 18, 2006
I'm Not Dead
Been very busy acting as tour guide/tau euw for kl friends for the past few days since i got home from uncle lim's place. will update soon ya. maybe next monday.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Glo-wing Night
Last wednesday, after so god damn long, the gang finally decided that we needed to dance. We headed out for a late dinner and Glo, supposedly the hottest club in Penang currently. Well, i'm not too sure bout all these stuff now. Old and retired d..

Kim & MungCollege Friends

I wouldn't say i regret going that night as i bumped into loads of friends that i haven't seen in AGES!! I was shouting all night so that i could be heard! Ughh, i lost my voice when we went mamak after that. I kinda forgot that i actually had friends in the real world...*beam beam* HAHAH *happy song playing at the backgroud*

Lady Cow - All time Friend!!

It was like a reunion for my high school friends, so it was really nice. Michelle was celebrating here 21st that night, and i've seen her for like the past 3 years, so it's was great seeing her again. ( i got stuff with a piece of blackforest cake, yummy!!)

Colistrians Reunion in Da Club~

There was like a dancing diva thing going on that night, so practically it's free show for us. hahaa. Slutty dance, hip-hop wannabe, "shuffler" wannabe. It's all up on the stage. You win, you get RM555 cash. Nice price eh? But would that be worth showing everyone the color of ur panties/thong or your shapeless bra? Worst, had tones of cameras flashing at you while your dancing sluttily or drunk.
I wouldn't do anything like that, what if my mom sees it? I would be D.E.A.D.

I actually wanted to delay blogging bout this cos i wanted to collage the photos i had but im lazy. Sorry guys, none of your faces up here. hHAhahaha...It's Ladies Night, so i'll post the girls photos here only lar....

ps: 80% of the night photos had been uploaded at my photo album ya'll...the usual site. Go see!!

PPS: I'm Going Genting Tomoro!! No more Postponing! Yayeee!! Can take photo till tangan patah d..mUahahha
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Friday, May 12, 2006
America-You Vote, You Suck
I mean, did you really listen? How can Chris be voted out?? OMG! You people seriously need hearing aid alright! At this stage, you can't afford to screw up any song. AT. ALL. But Katherine Mcphony did, but she got through. How can that be? You tell me! I mean, obviously Elvis night wasn't meant for him, but at least he pull off a decent performance. He pulls off a VERY DECENT performance every single time. So disappointing. I guess now, i'll support Elliot Yamin, cos i think he need all the help he can get in the entertainment industry, wahhaha..doesnt mean to be cruel at all.

This is one of Chris best performances, take a look man...

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Homecooked Dinner
The day our genting trip got postponed, it was replaced by a nice dinner at a friends place. This is the first time a guy invite us over to the house and actually prepare, marinate, grill and cook for me!! That's some big deal, cos normally, asked a guy to treat teh ais also so damn difficult d -_-"

So while i'm in the room channel surfing, PaleDonovan and Ladycow is sweating it cooking for me in the kitchen for 2 hours i think??

We got a full course meal somemore, complete with a waiter ordering drinks. ehhe. I help stirred this for awhile then it got too hot for me to stay in the kitchen..teeehheee

The lamb is really nice, hehe..no visit to the doctor at all.. It look as if it's burned but it's not. It's black pepper. Oh, i forgot to take a photograph of the nicely grilled corn. I didn't had any, cos i don like corn. hehe Thank you PaleDonovan for inviting!! I hope to receive more invitations in the future ya..hahaha

Ps: i think my photos size are abit large, that's why the fonts lari abit... T_T
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Wishing and hoping
just back from club. sober and sleepy. but realized what i want. too late for everthing. hoping the girl would make a refund so i can purchase it again.

will post up photo when im clear in the head tomoro. meet fiona the flower there. she's super. ok. im pasing out infront of the pc.
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Melon Shopping
I've been melon shopping for awhile. The ones that i wanna take home with me are all not for sale or already bought by other shoppers. Those that are available in the market are out of shape, skin too yellow, skin too thin, skin too thick, too round, too ripe, too yellow, not ripe enough, seems not yummy, looks uek uek wan". Once in awhile, i'll come across a melon that looks good enough for me to take home, but because of doubts and being a picky shopper, i will eventually put it down again. Before i have the second chance to take a good look at it, another girl comes along with her trolley and happily buy the melon with full satisfaction, no doubts at all. All i can do is look on and ponder whether it's a good thing or not. It could turn out to be some kickass melon or it might be filled with maggots. I dare not risk it anymore as i took home a very bad melon before. So i go home everday, with no melon served on the table.

Sometimes, in life, i wish there's an undo button.

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Monday, May 08, 2006
Stormy Saturday
It was pouring like mad last saturday. Not much choices to go since almost all hang out places are out in the open, or it's fun-er to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Mr 628, Jenny, p0ohz, and me set out around 9 at night in search of food as they are starving!

After going in circles around Bukit Bintang area, we settled for Jalan Alor food. It's like those tourists place la, nothing much. Then we went 1u in hope of catching any good midnight show. Turns out the only movie left is Man Laksa.....so venue-less again, p0ohz suggested we go to this Friendster place in Damansara Perdana. Nice area but the place was booked for some event -_-"

Where else to go then??? SS2 la, since there got so many food stalls. Luckily the tong shui pow still open. Yummy..miss the loh alot!! So i had THIS:
So i went back Penang the very next day, had dinner with my family and went badminton today. Anyway, there's this very disturbing sign at my sis place that i HAD to show you guys. hahahhaa
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Low Kuat Tau
I'm old already.. This morning went for a 2 hours session of badminton with the gang. Actually 1 hour playing and 1 hour gossiping at the bench area. haha. Even 1 hour, i feel so tired now. Can't really lift my whole arm. Old bones cant take it anymore -_-||| But i really enjoy badminton, stop playing for a year since i went to kl. sadness..

Did you know PizzaHut has these lunch set that are kinda cheap and nice to eat? Very affordable. Stinky as we are, we went there for lunch after sweating for 2 hours. hahaha

Well, if everything goes well, i'll be heading to Genting tomoro morning(got nagged by dad cos i just got back fr kl, like less than 24hrs ago...) Impromptu decision. Dont you just love spontaneous decisions? I simply love it!! Really! It feels so exhilarating. I feel so young and crazy again!! Muahahaha

If the boys decide to pull out tonight, well, i can still attend a birthday dinner tomoro nite!! It's a win-win tuesday. ehehehe
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Those that are using mozilla firefox, when you click into this blog, does the colour went off?? Like totally 2 colours?

When i use firefox, it happens, if IE, it's alright. Can someone help me fix it or guide me or something so that my blog doesn't look so damn cacat? Thanks <3
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Blissful Day~!

Nah! That's my camcam. Exact same colour too. From today onwards, it will be incharge of the photos from this blog. If the photos not nice, dont blame me. Blame camcam. It is powered by a super duper 1 GB memory card that can take up to 600+ photos. Can take till fingers and arm patah. Can camwhore till puke. Muahahhaha!! I'm great~!!!

I spend all my salaries working in the freezer for 2 whole month for camcam.Donation are accepted in the forms of cash, cheque, online transfer or shopping spree starting from today!!( any currency also can, USD, Pound or Euro) Terima KASIH banyak banyak!!

Because now im also super duper broke!


Exam is over! No more dreadful nights. No more migraine. No more splitting headaches. No more seeing docs. Tonight Mr. 628 and Jenny will bring me out for fun in KL. Where can we go?? Suggestions??

I can see it... i can feel it.... It's gonna be a wonderous week and week(2weeks till my sem starts again =.=") ahead!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Soon all friends and foe(sometimes u HATE that person but haih, have to be nice nice too) will be reunited once again. All uni's having holiday at the same time. whahaha. great-ness! But not all of the buddies are here*pouts pouts*

Ps: I'm sorry if you find the colour shocking. I dono whats wrong and I dono how to adjust it. I'm too lazy to retype. Yea, im lazy and abit stupid. haha ..take it as the excitement then.
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Friday, May 05, 2006
My KL Home
click to see larger image

Night view from the balcony taken with slow shutter speed + shaky hands with my new camcam. Too bad you cant see the KLCC. The unit next door has a better view i suppose o_O


You know the girl, Lara, that duet with Jay Chou in the song Coral Sea? Well, she owns a blog too. Check it out. Link provided by ACS.

For the girls, here's Edison Chen blog. I just managed to browse into it today too =) Thansk to moi's cousin for the link.

Leng jai and leng lui of the DAyyy...
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Anonymity issue
Recently I felt a constraint when in comes to blogging. It shouldn’t be that way at all but somehow now there are things or people I canot blog about. That’s why the recent blog entries are just a few words, enough to remind me of the event when I read back.

I realized it when a random friend asks me about my trips. Then another girl who I hardly know comes tell me that she reads my blog as well. When a person that I least expects told me that HE reads my blog as well, I’m like “Damn…” Of course im trilled to know that there’s actually people out there who makes the effort to click into this very page.but I prefer some people not to read my blog.

When I first started this blog, I choose to be anonymous thus winterbeear is the blogger. Not putting a face to the name has a lot of advantages.I can curse like there’s no tomorrow and not a single soul would know it’s me OR Talk bad bout everyone even your family yet no one can judge you because no one knows who you are (maybe not here) OR share your darkest secret with blogger like when you have this ritual where u burn your barbies when your are young.

But I’m the sort of person who couldn’t stop posting up photos for friends to see and blabbing sharing bout my life. How to stay anonymous like that?

Im really considering of shutting down this blog as those that I wish reads me does not, at all and vice versa. Or I’ll just venture into anonymity and start posting up photos like this:

But that wouldn’t have served the main purpose of my blog at all. I cant blog about other stuff because I lack of seriousness so politics are definately out!! I can’t spin out humorous blog like Kennysia or spiritual stuff like 5xmom, I suck at photoshop and i dont have celebs for my friends or cool event that i went to. so That leaves me with my life right?

Anyway, this blog is not meant to be read by any family members. So I’ll be relived if pidgeon would stop reading my blog and read others. If u knows my sis, then tell ur ism to stop reading my blog la. You know im phobia of her. I don’t want her to find out about me in my blog. She can ask me straight or I’ll just tell her, not through a blog. Family members shouldn’t get to know about the other members’ life thru a freaking blog!

My point is, again, I don’t wish to have any family reading this blog anymore so that I can again blog freely without fearing of them getting a different impression of who I am..

To those that had read my blog all along, or had just stumble upon this space, thanks for spending your time here. I really appreciate your time here.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I strike Jackpot today
and got myself a new toy! Wooohooooo!!! =D

Me will board early early bus tomorrow morning back to solitary life in KL. For the next few days, i doubt i'll get to online as my housemate warned me that the router kantoi. DAMN! Hopefully i wont go mad for that loooooooong period of time.
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