Friday, May 12, 2006
Homecooked Dinner
The day our genting trip got postponed, it was replaced by a nice dinner at a friends place. This is the first time a guy invite us over to the house and actually prepare, marinate, grill and cook for me!! That's some big deal, cos normally, asked a guy to treat teh ais also so damn difficult d -_-"

So while i'm in the room channel surfing, PaleDonovan and Ladycow is sweating it cooking for me in the kitchen for 2 hours i think??

We got a full course meal somemore, complete with a waiter ordering drinks. ehhe. I help stirred this for awhile then it got too hot for me to stay in the kitchen..teeehheee

The lamb is really nice, visit to the doctor at all.. It look as if it's burned but it's not. It's black pepper. Oh, i forgot to take a photograph of the nicely grilled corn. I didn't had any, cos i don like corn. hehe Thank you PaleDonovan for inviting!! I hope to receive more invitations in the future ya..hahaha

Ps: i think my photos size are abit large, that's why the fonts lari abit... T_T
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