Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Melon Shopping
I've been melon shopping for awhile. The ones that i wanna take home with me are all not for sale or already bought by other shoppers. Those that are available in the market are out of shape, skin too yellow, skin too thin, skin too thick, too round, too ripe, too yellow, not ripe enough, seems not yummy, looks uek uek wan". Once in awhile, i'll come across a melon that looks good enough for me to take home, but because of doubts and being a picky shopper, i will eventually put it down again. Before i have the second chance to take a good look at it, another girl comes along with her trolley and happily buy the melon with full satisfaction, no doubts at all. All i can do is look on and ponder whether it's a good thing or not. It could turn out to be some kickass melon or it might be filled with maggots. I dare not risk it anymore as i took home a very bad melon before. So i go home everday, with no melon served on the table.

Sometimes, in life, i wish there's an undo button.

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