Monday, May 08, 2006
Stormy Saturday
It was pouring like mad last saturday. Not much choices to go since almost all hang out places are out in the open, or it's fun-er to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Mr 628, Jenny, p0ohz, and me set out around 9 at night in search of food as they are starving!

After going in circles around Bukit Bintang area, we settled for Jalan Alor food. It's like those tourists place la, nothing much. Then we went 1u in hope of catching any good midnight show. Turns out the only movie left is Man venue-less again, p0ohz suggested we go to this Friendster place in Damansara Perdana. Nice area but the place was booked for some event -_-"

Where else to go then??? SS2 la, since there got so many food stalls. Luckily the tong shui pow still open. Yummy..miss the loh alot!! So i had THIS:
So i went back Penang the very next day, had dinner with my family and went badminton today. Anyway, there's this very disturbing sign at my sis place that i HAD to show you guys. hahahhaa
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