Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Free Movie at Times Square
Last saturday, SweetSarah and I went to Times Square at 9 in da morning to catch the premiere screening of High School Musical courtesy from smashpOp. We not only get to watch the highly acclaimed movie version of the musical FIRST, we also get freee popcorn, freee soft drinks, freee posters, freee postcards and freee T-SHIRTS that are really really cool!!
Very enjoyable movie indeed! If you like movies like Sound of Music, or MaryPoppins, then you would have really like this as well. Those with astro can watch it on Disney Channel.

It was also the first time for me to meet a big-time blogger. I mean, a blogger that i dont already know as a friend. Wow, actually quite nervous. haha. Although i know he wont bite, but still shy shy mar...He looks exactly like his photo(duuuhh) Taller than me, that's kinda rare nowadays (i'm about 170cm) hahahaha...

I think i look kinda stupid that morning, because i slept like less than 4 hours, thanks to Football match the night before that. ARghhhh....

Went window shopping with roomie after the movie, but bought nothing. Proceed to but bought nothing also. The things there "bo ngam"/not suitable me AT ALL!! If i wear those teeny-weeny made for hobbits dress, i'll be like (thinks Incredible Hulk) *cracking sounds*

Now when you see those lalamuis on the street, you can't actually put all the blame on them for wearing like kawaii girls. They have no choice on what to wear. If you notice, all those shops are selling items that is 85% similar. Those girls/boys, have no choice but shop there therefore they have no choice but buy what is available = lalamuis.

I conclude the culprits behind the evolving lala-ness culture in our society is the shopowner that suddenly decide that copying the style of harajuku's are Kawaaaiiiii-desss-neehhh.... *vomits*

Even in Japan, those harajuku people only dresses like that on SUNDAY and on that area la...follow blindly only...-_-"

For me, i will never achieve the "cuuutteee" look. Why? simple. I'm not born to be cute. Period. Posing with one eye shut, tongue protruding out sideways, with a peace sign around eye region makes me looks fucking retarded/spastic/idiotic. No, i am not going to post a sample of my spastic photo in my blog. All photos must be nice nice when i look back when i'm 68 years old, i wont see a retarded face here, only prettiees onesss

I better stick to boring-bigsmileforthecamera-pose. =D ps: surprisingly i had a good hair day, but a Hello-panda eye day o_O

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Father's Day Trip Home
So what if it had been 2 weeks? HEhe...sorry! I just found time to edit the bunch of photos i took last 2 weekend. Well, i didn't really do a good job, i just tried to squeeze in as much photos as i can. Did a ugly job..just see la..*shrugs*

Well, trips back to Penang wont be complete without F.O.O.D.

We went all the way to Sg.Puyuh for the famous "lil' chicks" It's not really chicks, it's spring chicken. It's meant to be small in sizes, we are not being cruel by eating the youngs of the chicken, i mean, we ARE going to eat it anyway when it become chicken, so...??
We ordered alot of stuff that day, the octopus, the fresh-can-drink-all-the-soup-fish, the crispy-can-die popiah, plus alot, i forgot d..hehe. Ohya, we tried the tuak as well. Not to most of the people liking, but i like~~! hahaha. The boys like not very approving that i can drink better than 'em. Hehehe... Dont jeles ok!! At night, i had dinner with me family at a posh restaurant for Father's Day. After dinner, all rush to different places d, i went Gurney(where-else in penang can go??) for Jianzzz Birthday! Then proceed to sega's to watch the czech republic vs ghana(voodoo) match.

What more can i ask for to end my weekend in Pleasant Penang??

alcohol + football + big screeeeeeennn projecter +++ Kawan-Kawan baik
yang sudah balik dari serata dunia *smile smile smile*
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Monday, June 26, 2006
Update!! This is how italy trained

I really canot take it!!! Although now super sleepy, i must rant on this before i can do so peacefully!!

How can a penalty be given at the 95.8seconds??? When the additional time is only 3 minutes?? Plus, the penalty is NOT EVEN A PENALTY. Stupid fucktard referee who is blind in both eyes! or the eyes being blinded by the $$$ in front of him already. Totti trip himself! It's not even a tackle for fuck sake~~ How can a penalty be awarded so unjustly and unfairly! ARghhhh~!! If the match is between some mafia country, i strongly believe the referee would have been wipe out from the planet earth, say, tomorrow? dumbass! Go back and watch the replay and feel remorse by your own act!

Stupid italians teams only consists of poster boys and theatherical people. Go home and eat your meatballs spaghetti lar...

Aussie rule tonite, they played a well game which earn them more respect from the world! Great passing, you guys are so underrated~ See you socceroos in South Africa!

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
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Friday, June 23, 2006
Good Driver = Awful Actor
Today i went KLCC with Sarah to catch:For F.R.E.E thanks to my sister for giving me some gift voucher(i think she give me because penang dont have TGV, ahhaha)

So sorry la, no time to edit the photos from Penang yet. A very peaceful day for me, no classes on fridays. Didn't read the newspaper today and didn't worry bout football for the whole day as well...hahhhaa Achievement d...

This is RoomieSarah, who is as gila bola as me now. Gila till want to take photo with Beckham.
Pretty right? Maybe i should rename her as SweetSarah. Nicer, teeheee

We had 20 minutes to spare before the movie starts, so we walk around and spotted the Coolest Match Schedule for worldcup. I wish i had one at home. After world cup, somemore can sell. hahaha
The movie, i can conclude as

Chicks + Cars = Chun!!

Very lame story line...EVEN LAME-ER script. EVER! I think the movie would be better off without having any of 'em talking. Surprisingly, some of the yapunis speaks understandable Engrish. hahaa

I practically drooooll over all their rides, the mazda rx, the mustang, WOW!! Don't even know when i can *touch* it...haizzzz No good looking guys to drool at also except for the only cute guy who appeared for like 10 seconds?? The lead actor looks like 30 when he's suppose to play the part of a 17 ! Argh. Bad casting. Damn cute righhhhttt !!!!!!!!!

Just a very enjoyable movie, no brainer. GREAT driving skills, i wish i'm in one of the drifting cars. Practically, this is the Hollywood version of Initial D. Even the taufu car, gto. -_-|| Can they be more creative? Even the abusive, strict dad is the same. Plsss la...

Tomoro or in 6 hours time, me and SweetSarah is going to Times Square to catch some premiere sponsored by Smashp0p.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
2 weeks of ball kicking....
and i'm already kinda drained....

Since World Cup started, i haven't being living a normal life. I pass clubbing to sit at some mamak to watch football. I excused myself early from a nice dinner to get home in time to watch football. I sleep according to GMT +1.00 time. I read the newspaper from the Sports Section > News.


Last time, mention football infront of me, listen also menyampah. Now, i'm enriched with footie knowledge. I even know what is an offside!! I think that's rather an achievement for the female, aight?? o_O

Brazil finally did their samba moves tonight. Ronaldo proves to the world that even he is overweight, round and bald, he still have some tricks up his sleeves. The bald head guy can still head in a goal after a few disappointing misses. Ok, fat guy still can run and score goals. hahaha. When he dint score, he's just stupid fat ronaldo. When he scored, he is chubby cute Ronaldo. Wahahahahaha

Anywayyy, my loyalty still lies with Argentina~!! gO GO!! and followed by Spain. Both did very well this time around. I'm rooting for them to win the cup this year but a feng shui guy predicted either Brazil or Italy will lift the cup because its the Year of Dog -_-||| *hau siau* world cup also fengshui. Die la.

By the way, i still prefer the other-non-buck tooth-Ronaldo from Portugal. Photo taken from here

Check out the mucles.. Mama mia..... =D

ps: will blog *normally* tomorrow with photos i took when i'm in penang last weekend. (if i have enough sleep)
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Monday, June 19, 2006
Bangau oh Bangau
Today i went Ampang for Yong Tau Foo... on the way home, my friend spotted some 2-legged being on the lamp post along Kesas, we thought it's deco...look closer,

eh...can move wan....not fake deco...

It's not the normal black, noisy gagak,
it's not the normal innocent, dung bombing pigeon,

it's a Bangau!!

How often do you see a bangau in KL ??!! Somemore, it's not only 1, but more than 10 of them. All resting on the lamp post~!!

Extraordinary Sight~!!!

Is the migrating season already here? Does the flock really do stop in kl? for sigh-seeing? Or did they escape from the Zoo Negara?? hahahahahaa
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Sunday, June 18, 2006
3 days in Penang...
And today i left on the ferry. Very predictable weekend, filled with food, football and father (it's father's day)

Did you see the witch doctors that Ghana brought along to the stadium?? Very freakish looking, with a huge bowl thingie on their head, and face painted red. Their win over Czech makes me suspicipous of them, although, no denying they played a very good match that night.

I'm hoping that croatia will at least make 1 goal's past half-time *crossing fingers*
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Walking Zombie...
That's what i am for the past 2 days. CAN. DIE.

Previous day, watch all the 3 matches as it was shown on normal Tv. *start to curse france non-stop* waste of time, breath, energy and sleep!! No effort at all...So obvious it's all set up. ARGHH~!

So i spent the day preparing my presentation for today during the afternoon and sleep at 5am, woke up 7am to get ready for college. Brain is like freezed. Totally zombified. AND to make things worse, i have the first presentation of the semester! Actually no biggie, as it's for Moral. Yes..we actually had to learn moral in BM(so rusty after not using it for 3 yrs) which teaches us that

" Jika orang itu homoseksual dengan tujuan, dia adalah orang yang bermoral" or having pre-marital sexs is bermoral dengan matlamat. Even stealing with a reason is considered bermoral -_-|||

i look so panda... O_O

Today, we are "required" to wear our course t-shirt to college. Turns out that alot had conveniently forgot to wear instead. like me. *evil laugh trailing off*

A photo showing those that obediently wore the shirt, with one of the lecture who teach the toughest subject ever.
On the other hand....


How come all world match also so KANASAI WAN~!!!!!! (watching the tunisia now) Tunisia Tunisia, Tiu leh laaaaaaaaa.....

All also made match...Watch d also meaningless...players pocket already so packed with moleh, how to run and fight? Sure laid back la.....*head shaking till wanna putus*

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Monday, June 12, 2006
360 degree change for me....
i used to hate football ALOT!!

Yesterday, at 3am, i woke up...... at own watch Portugal Vs Angola....

So kan cheong the match, it was so fun watching together with mah housemates...macam-macam reaction also rolling on the floor LOL

Too bad, the team won by 1-0..which indirectly made me lost....ARGHHHHH...why always kena tiang wan...i expected a goal frenzy!

I think i watched the most football matches in my entire life in these few days time... (0_O)"
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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Days in my Life
So i haven't update ya'll on whats with my life for many many days. On thursday night, i went pasar malam with my housemates for dinner. There's a yummy stall of Pan Mee selling me, but too bad, by the time we reach there, there's no mee to pan anymore. So we walk around or pushed around looking to junk food to fill our hungry stomach. Suddenly there's an overwhelming, unmistakeable, horrible stench that will even make a skunk look good whiffing around us. ARGHHH!!!! Today the "chau tau fuu" uncle decide to sell!!!!!

I've tasted it before, so i'm fine with it. The nearer you go, the less you "rasa" the smell...i guess the logic behind is you are already numb with it. ahhaha -_-"
You many people lining up to get a taste of fermented, overdued, smelly piece of curd. hahhaa...

Friday - being a "vegetable" at home, having The Apprentice marathon with roomie. Watch *yawn* 1st match of world cup.

Saturday- TODAY!!!

Got up kinda early because WilliamT is sooo kind enough to come all the way from subang and drive us to 1u, save us from 1 hour of public transport *kiss kiss*

Went Jack's Place for lunch, ordered the NZ Sirloin Steak which is like a piece of meat splattered with blood...hehe and the rest had Dory Fish..hope they wont go forgetful...hahaha
Quite yummy, definately VERY full with all the food keep on coming in.

What to do after that??

Shoppppppiingggggggg!!!! *happy cartoon songs* An extrremely good way to work off all the fats that we gain during lunch. but can see, no buy cos all also very expensive and this month i need to save up to buy text book (im a good girl). But when i come across the new store, Forever 21, the things inside, it's like it's FREE, cos the fitting room line is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and the line to pay is also so god damn long!! The stuff there oklar, typical british girls looks, preppy and cute, u get what i mean. Well, i got myself some bling bling from the shop...hehe...couldn't resist as the bracelet kept sparkling bright back at me....
Nice?? will be nice when i wear them to clubbing...*dream starts*

Night time was spent watching the BORING England vs men-YAWNing-kan... As expected all mamak is full, the food quality drops, and many many tv suddenly pops up.. But it's ok, it's a man's game, so me and roomie can cuci mata while watching with the rest *evil laugh*
After the disappointing match, we totter back home, all gearing up for the Sweden match. The TT team did a great job, a much better match to watch, definately.

Now i'm watching my FAV team of all playing, ARGENTINA!! Such a great first half, tat's what you called a match, a game!! great one!

I'm blogging during the half-time, keng leh? hahaha

Will blog tomorrow if my stupid pc can still hang on to it's dear life.

ps: It died on me just now. I just reformat the whole thing during the sweden match. =.=||

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Ever wonder what Mentos + Coke can Do??

Have you ever wonder why you never see a speed trap post on the highway yet you will still receive the ticket after a few months? Wanna see whether you are good enuf to spy on the police??

Can you spot the police? This was taken on 28th May 2006, before Sungai Perak. hehehe...
Wear your glasses if canot
OR magnifying glass HAHAHAH

Now we even being police in reality is not that easy, "Sai Kai Kan Lan"/ life is hard . ahhahaa
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Whats my problem compared to.....

She is a pretty and young Singaporean gal who suffers from cancer. She blogs bout her chemo therapy and how she lives her daily life. Reading through her few months of entry really brings a different light upon me. Most memorable entry from her:
I WANT TO GO OUT. All you healthy people out there. You are so fortunate, to be able to go wherever you want to. So please start being happy and make full use of your time enjoying okie! Don't always complain this and that and waste your life away complaining or waste your body away by doing stupid things like being drunk, bulimic, quarrelsome, chain-smoking, over-exercising, starving, under-sleeping, over-gaming etc

We need fun! Rest! Shopping! Picnics! Swimming! Hotel stays! Chalets! BBQs! Arcades! Bubble milk tea! KTVs! Coffee breaks!

I need to go out and breathe some clear air that smells of rain. I feel so trapped *cries*

So people out there, dont go chase after stupid significant numbers days like today is 6.6.06. This is plain LAMERISM ok!! Go live your life.

I just wanted to make a post on this day as it's my landlord wedding day too. Wishing the Newly Weds, to live happily ever after =)

Being so busy attending classes these days. So many things to do. I dont have the time to upload photos from the motor shows yet*sad violin song playing*

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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Roomies 21st Birthday!
On the eve of my roommates, Sarah's bigday, we decided to go visit Skybridge. But...

So we watch Over the Hedge since it's movie day la. WHAT A WASTE OF 1.5 PRECIOUS Hours IN MY LIFE!!!! This is like the boring-est cartoon i've ever watch in my life. OMG! Please pay me back RM7 and 1.5 hours, you stupid money minded pixar!!

After lepaking around KLCC and my house, we decide to go makan at some place our landlord recommended in ss2 at 10pm. Yes, that's our dinner time. Damn tak normal =_= Apalagi, we reach the place at 1145pm after nearly going towards Ipoh and someother terpencil places when we can get there within 20minutes. We had a bad guide, what can i say.

Hungry as wolf, we almost ordered every single thing on the menu as when we rest our butts on the soft sofas, it's already the last call for the night.

The first order that came was what i ordered
Followed by the "chiew pai choy" or signature dishes...
The siew long pau is so damn delicious wei!! The soup burst in my mouth, so high! At least, this pau really does have soup, unlike others places that i went, all cheat people..chiewww.. and the avogado thingie is damn delicious!! All the food damn nice, and if i had to compare it with kei tak sek, i will prefer this place as it's cheaper and yummier~! and the enviroment is not as hot as kts.

I told you we nearly ordered the whole menu...hahahaha and after gobbling down all the food...

We left the places last, i think the workers must have hated us for making them stay late..sorry lar...Rushed home for Sarah's tiny surprise party

and that's a Wrap for the night!!

*come back soon for my entry on KLIMS =)
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The one with Uncle Bus
I dont know if you guys had heard of the Hongkong uncle bus issue. It's about this uncle who scold a youngster for 5 minutes in a bus and the world ordeal was captured on video by the person that sits opposites them. It had caused a roar over in Hongkong as the video was circulated on the internet(as usual) even appearing on the tv news and newspaper.

Watch the original video *here*

and a remix version which is damn Farrnneeee *here*
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Friday, June 02, 2006
KL International Motor Show

*The perks of being a s t u d e n t Muahahhaa

Loads of photos coming up! Kinda busy these few days peeps =)

Living my life here but part of it are so fucked up that i cant bear to continue on.....
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