Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Whats my problem compared to.....

She is a pretty and young Singaporean gal who suffers from cancer. She blogs bout her chemo therapy and how she lives her daily life. Reading through her few months of entry really brings a different light upon me. Most memorable entry from her:
I WANT TO GO OUT. All you healthy people out there. You are so fortunate, to be able to go wherever you want to. So please start being happy and make full use of your time enjoying okie! Don't always complain this and that and waste your life away complaining or waste your body away by doing stupid things like being drunk, bulimic, quarrelsome, chain-smoking, over-exercising, starving, under-sleeping, over-gaming etc

We need fun! Rest! Shopping! Picnics! Swimming! Hotel stays! Chalets! BBQs! Arcades! Bubble milk tea! KTVs! Coffee breaks!

I need to go out and breathe some clear air that smells of rain. I feel so trapped *cries*

So people out there, dont go chase after stupid significant numbers days like today is 6.6.06. This is plain LAMERISM ok!! Go live your life.

I just wanted to make a post on this day as it's my landlord wedding day too. Wishing the Newly Weds, to live happily ever after =)

Being so busy attending classes these days. So many things to do. I dont have the time to upload photos from the motor shows yet*sad violin song playing*

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