Friday, July 28, 2006
RoadTrip #30125
So i went back to Penang again this weekend for 2 purposes:
- attend MadamLadyCow 21st birthday party
- attend my sister, DivaLisa food tasting dinner.

Both also got "eat eat eat" as isi tersirat. haha. My day started with just again 2 hours of nap then off to KelanaJaya to meet william. This is the first time i took the lrt so early, as in during rush hour. Caught me by surprise that there's sooooo many people there as early as 8am. OMG! I dont want to be in that crowd when i work, i will be damn stress if i had to fight for a spot with those people daily =.= After 40 minutes inside the lrt and 15minutes waiting by the road, i finally saw my driver and a nice surprise. HAHA. His cute housemate decide to tag along to penang with us!* rubbing hands with gleee* Thought of pigging throughout the 400km journey but end up chit chatting and buat lawak. haha... Guess what car is Mr.Driver driving? After 250km, i started to get bored as it's kinda hot and the sun is simply glaring. The car had a sunroof, so it's kinda warm also la. My sunnies looks loopy here..hehe i still like With the super driving skill and super smart car, we arrive safely in just less than 4 hours. Hungry Hungry!! Mr. Driver turns Mr. Butterworth took us to this famous koey teow th'ng place near Raja Uda. The place was kinda crowded la, i can't read the chinese words of the shop but i know there's a 7 in the strings of character.haha. I'm Banana republikan. We ordered the koey teow th'ng that cost only RM2.30!! KL-ians, cheap leh..... but in penang, tat's considered expensive d.. I had the dry/kon lou one. Quite nice We also had this vege dish, only 2 bucks.. I dono what it taste like cos i'm carnivore so i dont eat leaf.
and this Chicken in soya sauce....only 2.50. HAHAHAHA not bad, but the ipoh lou wong one nicer. This is Mr.Housemate enjoying his first lunch in this trip.

You do the maths la, how cheap for us to have a decent and fulfilling meal in Penang.


After a while, we went over to Penang by ferry. All photos are with Mr.Housemate. We headed over to Nagore Rd for the indian laksa. Very famous one, always got into newspaper, tvb programmes, this that. Can speak multi-languages also.
Nice? very small portion. Just abit special lo, that's all. I still prefer the one opposite Peng Hwa.

Since Swatow Lane is so nearby, we went over to have the Ice Kacang to beat the heat. slurp slurp


This is only the first day. I will CERTAINLY! DEFINITELY! ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! gain weight. i'm so damned.. wtf -.-|||
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
World Peace comes in Hot Packages now.
I just watch Miss Universe with my housemates. Ms Japan is just so damn effing HOT!! I wished she would have won the title instead of that 18 yr old puerto rican girl. Ms Japan is someone that looks like she just step out from Tokyo Drift the movie yet posses the grace of a beauty queen. She looks like she can kiss your arse if you mess with her. Ms Japan Rox!! Ms Japan is sizzzlling hot!! I like her LOTS!!!! Here is HER together with Ms KOREA, my homies..haha... Miss Korea not bad also...very typical korean looking gal, subtle, gentle, and soft. I dono why in this photo there's a mole on Ms Japan's face.

And another photo with Asian counterparts. Ms Malaysia kinda short ya..haha

Peace ya'll! World peace!! *hand waving, throwing flying kisses all over*

ps: if you notice, the ms korea is actually ms china. i think, but the sashes confused me. i dont know..*shrugs*
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Monday, July 24, 2006
Too bad i'm not the one going....ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Glorious Food!!
Long time no update on my life, except some rants. So here's some good food i've been stuffing myself on this stressful week. First up! The Pizzahut Cheesy Bite!! Looks very tempting in the advertisement so me and housemates decided to give it a go on tuesday night. We ordered the large combo that comes with soup and garlic bread. The soup on that day was *blah*, the garlic bread made up for that =)OK! The pizza was damn good cos it's sooo cheesy!! It's filled with anykind of cheese you can think of, when you pulled the crust out, u can see mozarella cheese, gooey cheese, yummy CHEESE! I like alot. Sorry did not take too many photos cos, i'm busy eating and i have greasy hand = no touchin my camera. wahaha.. Moving on... I finally get to watch my Johnny Depp in action! yAY! Simply love it, but i still think this instalment is so-so compared to the first one. Still, it's so funny especially when Captain Jack Sparrow go all pondan-ish. After the movie, we went to Murni for dinner/supper as we skip dinner for the movie, as usual late. I had the famous Cheese Nan, Yep, cheese again. haha. I think it's the best cheese nan i had. EVER! Love it to bits. You can choose to dip it into condense milk (makes it even sweeter), dhal or some curry. hehe Can you see cheese oozing out from everywhere?!! Looking at the photos, makes me hungry again 0_O My friend ordered this Sizzling Chicken Chop and it taste real nice as well, maybe you can give it a try the next time you are there =)On Friday itself, i met up with my dear friend, Eric at KLCC. He was here for just a day so we chatted over lunch. It has been so long since i've seen him. Since i've never tried Mdm Kwans before, we went there. Quite pricey i would say but the quality and quantity makes up for it. I had a RM13.90++ nasi lemak >< and a milk shake. I think the most expensive nasi lemak i ever had in my entire eating life. It taste great, seriously i would go back again. According to my diva sister, the nasi beriyani is even better.Last but not least, YESTERDAY, me and a few decided to go Starhill for dinner because one of them read in the newspaper, one of the restaurant are giving away free food. Sound pathetic right, but it's a buffet and i've never been to the new Starhill before. Why not give it a shot right?? So we went there and couldn't find the place. hahaha. But starhill is really a wow to me. How to afford those stuff la? haih..Even the music playing around the gallery is classical and it's played not by a cd but a real live quartet. The stuff there, mahal sial... So high class si wan.. T__T

Nearing to starvation, we decide to scavenges for food and stop looking for the free buffet. SO NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!!

Cheecheongkai/ Petaling St is our next destination after getting sesat trying to find TGIF. You can clearly see that that's the only shop packed with human along chee cheong kai. It's not the portugese grill fish. While waiting for the food, this is SarahtheRoomie all dressed up. Pretty rite? haha. sorry already taken
We had the claybot bee tai bak that the shop is famous for. REally nice! Then we also had some pork mee. The black black thingie is the pork which is ummy and the whole thing actually tasted like wan tan mee...Next comes the delicious MUST try fried wantan. So crunchy and the tasty. I LIKE!Bloggin bout all this food makes the blogger hungry. Gonna look for food d...
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
so THIS is how it's gonna be...
*This gonna be another emo post*

I'm so stress out! Why always dump all the shitz at Me always during the last minute?! You know my group member just dump her part of assignment at me in point forms and expect me to complete it for her so that she can go back to her uluness and see her fugly bf. Fine...i will complete it for me.

Then she went behind my back and tell the rest that what i did wasn't what she really wanted. wtf. If you wanna criticize my work, then HEY! do it yourself la! I don't owe you anything but YOU DO!! Whats more, she edited it without my knowledge clearly knowing that I needed everyone's part to do mine. So we had to present it in like 5 hours time, she come tells me that she slightly edited her part = i had to REDO EVERYTHING I ALREADY SLAVED ON FOR THE WHOLE FUKING DAY!!

and you know what is the worst part??

I cant switch group cos in my course they sorta like have their own clique and i'm stuck with her because we came fr the penang branch =.=" I dont see other people from penang branch behaving in this manner, eg: my roomie.

Talking bout cliques, i had my own clique. A clique i really put alot of heart into it. Because of these people, i actually sacrifies alot. Come to think of it, i'm like leeching on them now as i had very few friends left because i always made them as my priorities, turning away social contacts/meets in hope to make more time for my clique . In return, some of them thinks i'm over demanding, sensitive, hyper active. Fine!

Too many disappointed i had suffered. Too many times i've made myself sad because of something that i thought really matters to everyone but i guess i was wrong. Too many times i tell myself not too care but i cant which means you people are already embalm in me.

True, no one forces me to alieanate myself from others. But instead of hearing grateful words, i only have salt being rubbed into the wounds.

Recent days, i found out something that really make me see through some of you. I do not want to waste anymore time in my life cherishing something that does not cherish me back. Knowing how i am in kl, yet doing nothing, sometimes even scorn at me or give me the cold shoulders. Confronting you people makes things even worse as past experience has proven. Fine. Sitting, and waiting and gone. You people will not think of me when you dont need me. I'm not a buoy nor am i an accessories to accessorize you geeks.

From this moment, i will not bother you people anymore. I will not waste a single cent sending sms that will see no reply. I will not call you people and end up angering myself without a conclusion. I will not msg you people and receiving a reply of WHAT YOU WANT??

That's it. 5 years and all wasted. I gave you people your life back. When can i have mine back on track?
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Monday, July 17, 2006
What's the Story, Morning Glory?
[edit] This, i feel is a pointless post.

This is the 3rd time i retype this damn post. My keyboard(wireless) died on me the first time and then my pc kept on restarting by itself..*stabs the culprit in the face, whatever it is*

So everyone should know by now that there's a war going on in the middle east. We all should start stocking our larder, just incase we kena food shortages, or any price hike again. Stock up on dvd/tvb series too so that we can stay home more and save money. hahaha

ARghh....i had to retype this so many times i forgot the purpose of this blog d....sudah offcourse. damn it...

My life recently has been filled with so much college work i lost track of everything. I have presentation for 3 days in a row starting tomorrow. I had to hand in 1 assignment like every week till the end of the semester. There are sooo much to read just to catch up on the lecture. I don have enough time to do all sien...

Can't blame not enought time also la, i doodle around so much also la...hahah...i have a very short attention span therefore i tend not to concentrate on something for long.

You know what i lack of in my freaking boring life?
A knight in a shiny armor... to sweep me away from my misery and loneliness... Since it's the modern time now, i shall be swept away in a shiny bmw, hahaha. Then this blog will be shut down because i can rant and ramble all i want to MY guy *dreaming*

This life is getting so damn sad ok. I remember when the first Pirates movie was out, i got so much invitation to watch it, i had to watch it 4 times in the cinema. This time around, i practically had to sms and msn and ask and *beg* people to just go watch with me. wtf. Comparing then and now, my life is just getting more and more yawning. I got so sad and pathetic or not!! Most people i know now either going to watch with gf/bf/dar/ling/[insert] or potential/future partner. I dont fit into the picture anymore. Just let me be a lamp post enough la. Dont wanna be human anymore

De amour department in my life has been so blah, even my chimui felt sorry for me...She gave me a pink crystal apple*kisskiss* in hope that it will at least help me spark with some guy! =.= The problem is ...there is no guy in my life right now that i want to spark anything with. Muahahaa... No one seems to be good enough for me. How now brown cow??
Do i really need to resort to a piece of round crystal in hope to find the speck of sunshine in my life?

I dont think so....Sometimes i feel they get in my way of living my life. Sometimes i feel they will anchor me down, so heavily i cant break free, i feel like suffocating. I wonder why single lady are called old maid or spinster while unmarried guy has a more glamour tag to it such as bachelor or stag(sounds so keng hor!??) No fair ok?? I'm the new age kinda girl...i do not live and breathe man. I guess i'm no little woman.
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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Yesterday, Today. Tomorrow

hat trick
n. Sports
  1. Three goals scored by one player in one game, as in football.
I went futsal with my housemate, Ostrova and friends somewhere opposite my place. Wanted to pull out last minute but i bumped into him in the lift, shitz, no turning back. So, vroom vroom, Cheesy drove us there and met with my teammates. Felt sorry for them for having me, i'm so kaki bangku wan ok?!?! hehe, i was practically standing there only dono what to do. First time ever playing futsal or football or anything with foot + ball. I'm forgiven, God Bless Me.
So where does the above defination fits in? *shy voice* NO, i did not score 3 goals, but rather was kinda like the goal >.< style="font-weight: bold;" face="georgia"> PAIN AH!!!!!
Who wanna kiss it better for me? *offer still stands*

Being me *slowly standing up fr chair with proud look on face* I carry on playing without a whimper or tear. that strong. I dont think foot+ball is for me, cos i fear i will trip over the ball each time it was pass to me, and it's such a ROUGH game by

The third time i was hit was when i was stood up in Midvalley. After futsal, i rushed home, get ready and quickly when to Midval ALONE, and i got stood up. wtf. I did not had breakfast, brunch or lunch yet. I was so hungry i couldnt take it anymore, i had to eat. FYI, i hate to eat out alone, in fact i never did because it make me fell very depressed. Like some old lonely ignored spinster. wtf. too hungry and alone, if faint how? So i went eat alone, faster find a quiet corner to sit where no one can notice me.

After gobbling everything, i had more energy to be pissed off. Looking at all the shops with the sale signboard couldnt even motive me to go in. Arghh! So i went straight home. cb. waste my time and energy. you think my place and midval very near ar?? i choose there cos i tot it's nearer to ^your^ place!!


Happier today, hahah, because i get to go to my favourite mall. YAY~ So i fnally get to meet cK of together with my long time friend, Teng Dee + gf. Sorry, no photos taken today. HE say wanna remain low profile, sorry ppl~ *whispers very softly* truth was, i brought along my camera but forgot bout it the whole while, hahah~my fault la.

Was supposed to take around 20 minutes to reach 1u, but plus abit of sesatness we got there in 40, not bad whattt, for a girl from penang wiht no car in kl, whahaha. Then we spend another 40mins lining up to get lanun mia ticket, but johnny too hot d, all tickets finish before we can get ours o_O

So went window shopping abit before proceeding to William's at Taman Mayang for scrumptuos dinner. Wau, i damn miss that place ok! I had pepperoni cabonara, the servings are so huge they can feed both me and fabio cannavaro ady. Somemore it's so cheesy and creamy. Yummy *slurps*

Getting so fat, soon, i wont be able to see my feet.... -.-||


I hope i will have the time to post something i though of bloggin about for quite a period of time. So if it's not tomorrow, should be up by monday kot, cos now got inspiration to blog after midnight.


Run along now....
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Friday, July 14, 2006
Today is koko krunch's big DAy~!!
This will be your birthday present already, because i'm struck by financial crisis. See, i give you a photo with no pimples!! Happy?? HAhahaha...somemore who ask you to go kuching and not celebrate it here...muahaha

Happy Merry Birthday!!!

ps: you owe me a dinner at chillis now..mauahha..terima kasih!!
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Before the fever and heat subsides..
I must faster talk about the WorldCup Final, if not i'll be outdated in my blog. Then no one will visit it ever again* covers mouth and gasp* Ok, no more short post with just a few photos!!

EARLY sunday morning, my handphone rang *Teriyaki Boys & YapunGirlss Singing* Once i pick up,

mr628: HEY HEY! WAKE UP LIAU!! GO genting watch world cup la!! KIA KIA, We're already at Pasar Seni.
me: *still dreamy* don wan
mr628: *still superexcited* Don care don care, wake up, we meet you at wangsa maju lrt at 930AM. Very fun, we go theme park, go casino, go watch world cup!!!!!!
me: DONT WAN LA! i sleep at 6am ok! now its just 8am, if go also, i will just go there and pig everywhere. No fun having me along.
mr628: *deaf mode*LRT YA!!!!!!BYE!!! *hung up*
me: ..........
*cont pigging*

I still ended up at the lrt station at 1030am. Wahahhaaha...sorry guys!! Luckily the skyway is close for 1 month, or else i would have freak out again. Phobia of riding the cable car. Damn it, i feel like i will fall any second when i'm in that small lil cage. So we went up by bus and wahlauuuu, damn crowded!! Just to check in, we had to wait 3 loooooonngg hours, but we took the time to go walk around and had lunch. Smart us *wiggle eyebrows*

It's was super misty that day and the day after too. So cold!! Luckily i brought along my trusty jacket. I thought of abandoning it at home initially. Just to show u how foggy it was on a sunny day:
After taking photos and going on a few crazy rides, especially the spinning teacup*vomits* , we went up to the room to have a siesta, since all of us had like 3 hours sleep the day before and we knew it will be another long night ahead of us.

We went to the Arena of stars early, bout 12am, to get ourself good seats. Yea! We got ourself quite a front seat and good view to the 5 bigass screen infront of us. I got a free beer too cos i'm a worldcard holder. Double Yay!!

I think the organizer did quite a good well, entertaining the early birds there to prevent us from dozing off. There's plenty of games and performances going on. Cheerleading, people been thrown into the air, skipping ropes troupe which is really good, some dancing group from germany which scores guys attention as they wore scantily*roll eyeballs* and a very very very good acrobatic act from obviously china girls. Their balancing damn good! This is me, camwhoring for awhile cos i'm bored and sleepy and cold and hungry. All at the same time, and i endured it all, for the love of football!! Dont i look like a panda?? I think i must have been a panda in the past life, as i just cant get rid of it. Arghhhh
The final...well, it's the world cup finals!! What else can i say, it was an experience to watch it with such a huge crowd. It's as if i'm really there, because those people are so expressive and loud throughout the whole match.
all gang

Another thing is that, is ZidanetheGod out of this silly bald mind?? I understand he is retiring after this Worldcup but must he tell the whole world that he is actually a master in Tit Tau Kung as well? I believe he can find other job other than being a footballer or a shaolin master
This photo was taken when i was on my way back to the room. Looks like the place where they race in Initial D right ?? Right??

Last but not least......

I just had to post this up!! Dont you just adoooreee they super human bodies!!

ps: This is no porno site's not obscenities. This is what i
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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Sperman Returns
The other day, i went KLCC to watch Superman with SarahTwiddleMonster. Ya, i know i'm very the outdated but what to do? It's not easy for me to watch a movie in KL ya know. I have to walk under the hot sun, to catch the bus/taxi to the lrt station. Then take the lrt to KLCC which is the nearest cinema around my area. The worst thing bout it is, rarely anyone wants to be my movie date because it cost so much to watch a movie here compared to Penang. Even getting it at student price is expensive, Total Average Cost = > RM18

In penang, watching a movie is, getting into the car, go gurney. Total Average Cost = <>

See the differences??

Back to the movie... I think it's 2 hours of flying here and there 30 mins of action. =.=||

Clark Kent doesnt look HUMAN at all..His face is sooo smooth..and looks silky/plasticky! He's like someone that pops out from some anime.. Weird... and OOOHHH!! I so hate the pigtail-fringe that is always there when he transform. So mengspoilkan the whole macho handsome look.

Anyway, i think the nicest thing from the whole movie is the kid. SOOO CUTE CAN DIE!! He's so freaking adorable i want to bring him home as my pet d...hahahahaah Basically, it's more like a comedy than anything to me because me and SarahTwiddleMonster just couldnt stop finding fault with the whole movie and laughing at it. Muahahaha ...

That's all for my review of the money wasting movie...


Today i went all the way to Seremban for a coursemates bday, photo will be up soon. Tomorrow, high chances i'll be going Genting to watch the World Cup Final !!

Germany just won 3rd placing as we all sooooooooooo expected. Woohooo!! I hope ITALIA will lift the 5kg cup this year! FABIO FABIO FABIO!
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
3 months ago, I'm so against Football
Look at me now. What at 360 degree change in me. I now having a high incurable fever, the football fever. Hopefully after next monday, i'll go back to my normal life. These days i'm walking zombie again, sleeping 2 hours per day, going to lectures, attending to my assignments*ahhemm* and watching football at 3am. I can't even blog about normal things because most of my thought are concentrated towards the round thingie that rolls around a pitch, chases after by throngs of mens, quite a bit of handsome-ness inside too. ahahah

3 months back i was ranting on the world cup.

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Are You Frugal or Just Being Cheap?
To all: Below is a rant, so just click the X on the top right handside of the window now thanks.

if you persist to read on, no, it's not about boyfriend (i know some of u sure think pergaduhan among bf

Why must you be so nifty over such a small thing? Why la! I dont understand you people one ok. Seriously. Dono how you brainworks, More bizarre than me.

Why canot listen first before concluding that I'M the one that is not listening? You think you are so god damn fuking right all the time, but i tell you, you are so absofuckinglutely Not! no different with others.just another dickhead. DAMn piss off with you ok? CAn you just listen to me for once and stop smothering me with all your fucking philosophies! I've had enought of it already. ALWAYS. WITHOUT. A. MISS. enough is enough.

I used to like you enough to be a friend for exactly the traits that make me so sick now. Stop talking to me.

So disappoint in the way you think. Especially on someone *I* thought was so close to you. Does this make you cheap or just being fucking frugal?

I'm going my way now. Fuck off....


Fucking stresss!!! SO wanna diu people here but canot because will pecah tembelang! HOW NOW?

How do u rate a friend? The value of a friend? How do u show they meant alot to you? Is

Clubbin worth more than a friend
Going for good expensive food
worth more than a friend
worth more than a friend
Go karoke
worth more than a friend
Buying *another* pair of shoe
worth more than a friend
Go holiday
worth more than a friend
Go for a movie
worth more than a friend
Simple buying something that worth nothing to us
worth more than a friend
(fill in the blanks)
worth more than a friend

i tell me.

I hate irresponsible people. Again, you people is still the same as 10 years ago. It's not a compliment.

Friendship don't magically last for 40 years. You have to invest in them. It's like your savings, you dont find a big bucket of money waiting for you when you wake up the next day.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Spaghetti vs Sauerkrat
This will be a photoblog, or plog -_-" Photos from fifa and soccernet website. GO ITALIA!!
Clashes of the Titans!

Two front man from each team going head to head for the RM399.90 ball. So rich d, they can afford to buy 10 balls each la...

Fyi, the one in blue is Totti Suck and white is Ballack the Kayu Balak.

A lot of super skill presented in this match, like the above, or when lehman punch out the ball, and did a superman spin with italian striker. Or there's another time, when they fight for the ball at the sideline, the BEST!
For the above and below photo, i think it's very obvious on who actually won the match. According to some legend, whoever that win this match will go on and lift the World cup as they rate France and Portugal as dark horses. I say, GO PORTUGAL!!! Love the Reds, Be the Reds (opps, i tot tat's korea tagline?? n v m )

Kayu now can go home and do facial, since he loves his face so much, kena hit at the shoulder but he cover his face first. His nerve system is directly connected to his face one... hahahah He also think he weights 15kg because a slight push or touch makes him fall and roll and roll and roll on the pitch ady.. =_=||
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Saturday, July 01, 2006
England is *finally* out~!
England can go back to england with their trophy wives and gf's already.

This must have hurt like hell for ricardo...ouch.... and here's come a red card and the end for england
Disappointed me soooo much, after 90 mins, i totally and fully supported Portugal! i Want England to get trashed so bad! They are so god damn overrated-can-die! Go eat shit and die la...especially that stupid lampa...match after match also play like shit, cock-eye fella. YALA, i know he is super the good midfielder for Chealsea, but maybe england not paying him as much as what he is earning from the club, that explain the under performance. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT THAT BLARDY BASTARD EVER EVEN IF HE EVER STRIKE A GOAL WHICH I DONT SEE HE WILL IN ANY WORLD CUP *ever* AGAIN!!
Although I risk of dying at the mamak moments ago by supporting Portugal, i still clap when england missed penalty, neh neh neh!! Now i can safely say:

England Sucks!!!!

*runs away*
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