Wednesday, July 05, 2006
3 months ago, I'm so against Football
Look at me now. What at 360 degree change in me. I now having a high incurable fever, the football fever. Hopefully after next monday, i'll go back to my normal life. These days i'm walking zombie again, sleeping 2 hours per day, going to lectures, attending to my assignments*ahhemm* and watching football at 3am. I can't even blog about normal things because most of my thought are concentrated towards the round thingie that rolls around a pitch, chases after by throngs of mens, quite a bit of handsome-ness inside too. ahahah

3 months back i was ranting on the world cup.

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  • At 2:16 PM, July 06, 2006, Blogger Timber Rabbit

    yeah i know what u mean. but I guess thousands of other malaysians too have been converted for this world cup eversince we have free live coverage.

    I'm not the sort to wave a flag or wear jerseys of my fav team. In fact, I don't have a fav team. I just love the game. I support whoever seems likely to win. I study past results, possible lineups, etc.

    Thank you Astro!

  • At 9:50 PM, July 07, 2006, Blogger Eve

    hie! Welcome here =) I still support Argent and Spain although they are go home.I dont have astro, so..

    Thank you, RTM!

  • At 3:53 AM, July 08, 2006, Anonymous joosing

    hey.....we get the same thing SICK too.....
    SELSEMA....Apa pun ada la.....DIE soon!!! nasib baik WC finishing d....aboh sure sure!!!!

  • At 9:06 AM, July 08, 2006, Anonymous angchoonseong

    i dun have astro and rtm...

    thank you mamak!

    hehe... 4 years to come, we will be watching some giraffe invading the pitch already..hgahaha...

  • At 4:33 AM, July 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous

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