Thursday, August 31, 2006
Pada Tanggal 31 Bulan Ogos Tahun 2006
*WARNING: Very broken BM ahead*

Beta telah pergi berpersatuan dengan kawan lama saya yang juga berasal dari kampung halamanku, Reubs. Dia telah ajak beta untuk menyambut harijadi Malaysia bersama-sama dengan teman-temannya dari MMU. Oleh kerana beta telah tidak bertemu dengan reubs selama 9bulan++, beta telah bersetuju.

Temannya, "9 wong yeh" telah menganggapkan dirinya sebagai Jay chow dalam filem Initial D telah "menerbangkan" kita ke Hartamas. Sebuah pengalaman ngeri. Tempatnya amat meriah. Beta nampak ramai mat salleh yang cantik-cantik belaka dan kacak macam jessey mcCartney. Seronok beta mencuci mata =)

Banyak telah berlaku sepanjang malam. Salah satunya adalah seorang gadis bodoh yang ingat dia amat teror meminum arak tetapi dia tumpas akhirnya sambil memuntah darah. Padahalnya, darah tersebut hanya adalah "red wine". Cis bedebah dia, kerana dia tumpas di depan beta dan terus memuntah darah tanpa berhenti.

Mohon maaf kerana beta telah meninggalkan kamera didalam kereta. Disebabkan itu, tiada foto akan dimuat-atas.??

Kejadian selanjutnya adalah sulit dan untuk yang ingin memuaskan kecurigaannya, sila meng-MSN-kan beta.

Baiklah, sampai sini sahaja sebelum beta memalukan diri sendiri dengan melampau sekali.

Beta akan meninggalkan anda dengan sebuah lagi patriotik yang amat popular. Sedap musiknya. Sila tekan main. Selamat Hari Merdeka!


Demi negara yang tercinta
Di curahkan bakti penuh setia
Demi raja yang disanjung tinggi
Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi

Kepada pemimpin kepada rakyat
Khidmat diberi penuh taat
Sama bekerja sama berusaha
Setia berkhidmat untuk semua

Rela berkorban apa saja
Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga
Kami berikrar penuh setia
Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara

ps: yes i know im using BETA. i like.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
*DivaLisa wasn't happy at all bout my last post. She makes me unhappy by telling me so. Gahh!! Why u have to disapprove everything i do? * Btw, i thought i asked you to stop reading my blog!! Shoo!!

Enough of emo post ok? Lets move on to a happy post... =)

So last friday, it was the first time i actually boil some herbal tea. I made 2 big pots of chrysanthemum tea. So god damnn proud of me-self now =D
I know i know..even a primary school kid would be able to achieve what i did, but this IS the first time i boil anything for anyone and i did an amazing job, according to my "customers" . Happy Happy. I even happily exclaimed it to my cousin online

Me: *Nudge Nudge*
her: Hie
Me: Guess what!? I boiled some kek hwa today!! Wahahhah

I, thank god that i did not burn my hands or spill the whole thing over me while im at it. I sms-ed those i know staying around condo and invited them over for a drink. Hey, i did not force them to drink -_- they drink at their own will...
Drink they did and Thumbs up for me!! A pure noob in the kitchen ok..wahhahhaa The thing is, i only had a cup for myself because i was so busy filling up bottles and distributing it out to my friends. *pats self on back*

I did a good thing that day. Which makes me feel like cooking for everyone the very next day. I did made the effort to wake up early enough and went down to the market. But then, traitor friends suddenly decides to ditch me and sarah alone in setapak and went back to their hometown. No point cooking ady right, cos i planned on cooking pasta and i only know how to cook pasta in big portions. MEh!!
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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Ohh, Come On...!!
First thing first, Chelsea Sux!! They only win because Shevchenko is so abso-fucking-lutely damn good looking!! Such a lousy game!!! ppttuuuuiiii!!

MSN is blogger worst enemy...cant finish this blog..although i know i finish ranting in like what, 10 minutes??

Back to my topic...

We are not living in the stone age anymore alright people, or at least i am not. Maybe some of you still are.. Hie There!!

So recently some human has been lecturing me on the choices of vocab when i converse with them. So i use the word fuck alot. Yea, duhh so does 10 million other homosapiens living in this planet ok.

*edit* i type a whole lot of things HERE but decide to delete it all *sobs* in order not to hurt some manusia's feeling. tiu, i thought this blog is suppose to be about me. sometimes, it's not a good that friends visit my blog.

Let me enlighten u my weightage in your so call vulgarities:
fuck off = buzz off
fucker = idiot
fuck/tiu = shit

In short, dont take it too seriously when i cuss ok? Dont be so sensitive bout it cos its really no big deal to me! I'm sorry if you don't like it but i curse subconciously...

Fucking stop judging me because of my choices of words ok! Saying fuck doesnt make me a bad person. I don't know where i'm going anymore with this blog.

If you dont like me for who i am, just fuck off la, i dont really care anymore aight?? I will never be and wont pretend i am those prim and proper girl that think saying SHIT is the greatest sin on earth just to fit in ok... You want those kind of gal, go to some conventry in some mountains or some kindy. Don't befriend me.

I think you get the message.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
When Manchester United Kick Chaltron Ass..
I nearly died in the lift ala Final Destination style -_-

Like seriously!! I was getting ready for bed when Mr.628 and Ostrova, my housemate, decided it would be fUn to drag me out to the mamak to watch MU vs Chaltron match, at 3am knowing i need to be up at my PAJAMAS!! Okla, i admit most of the time i go mamak in my pj's anyway..hehe..So they succeed in draggin me out in bedhead, sleepy and all.


Comes the lift..and the door that opens slower than a turtle carrying a rabbit on it. We got it, and the guys start to joke that this would be Final Destination 4. I'm like wtf ok, we're in this queerky lift during the 7th lunar month, don't talk nonsense to me can??!!?

When we reach 5th floor, the lift was jerked upwards abruptly and got stuck. GREAT!! We are stuck in the lift, during the middle of the fucking night, in the eerie 7th lunar the lift that my ex housemate(with 3rd eye) reportly saw things -.-||||||||

Making thing worse, the guys starts talking crap like what if the cable was cut loose. I mean, we can actually feel we are hanging..inside a box..and what if we really go all the way down the lift shaft. D Y = DIE!!

We pressed the alarm for quite awhile before some grumpy guard answer our plea and we waited for quite a while before the guard "rescue" us. During the wait, our phones has SOS ONLY signals, and we started discussing who to call...if it's our last call being made in this world..

We had like only 1/3 of the lift space to crawl out because we were stuck in between 5th and 6th floor. DAmn sad right!! middle of night had to do such things wtf...Still shaken, we proceed to our fav mamak to watch MU in action.
Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney are out of the next three matches, meaning that Manchester United will be playing Charlton without two of their best players on the pitch. DAmn the first goal was superb! Seriously, getting pass 2 players..perfect scoring!! 3-0 sekali!!

On the way home, we avoided the jinx elevator.. till now..i still avoid that particular lift if i can.. T_T


I'm so addicted to Hard Gay after Boss Stewie introduced him to me. Don't know who he is??
Go, search, load, watch and get addicted.


Will blog more okAY!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Life is Short! Do Whatever you want!
Yea rite....whoever that said that in the first place should be shot in the head a million times!!

That person would be that right?

I know life is short...but we can't really do whatever we want without thinking about the consequences that will follow.


How i wish i can do whatever i would be so fucking easy for me then.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
The First of Many Goodbyes
So it's the season again. It's the monsoon season, for malaysia and also for me.. cos this is the time where all my friends starts to go back to their euro, pound and dollar spending life leaving me RM.
Yesterday william return to his kerbau, ny. I can't send him cos im in kl, by right slaving away at my books. Miss your off-target jokes and aunty look already. Surely will miss the best driver in the world, the trips we took back to pg and to kl..oh ya, ur cute lil smart more midnite outings for me..booo!

Hope you had a blast there again, go snowboarding and show me some improved skill no more bruises ok? or rather go to some dorm parties and try to get lucky la...wahahahahahhaaha


I'm seriously such a sucker for sex and the city.

Cant seem to get enough of it. Why do they had to stop at season 6!?!?! *pulls hair and mengamuk*

Wish i can have a life like carrie... I once took a quiz that says i'm like here..wahhaa

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Water Crisis & Why I'm Not a JPA Scholar
Today my shoulder and back is aching like hell. Yesterday, me and ostro had to get water by lining up behind throngs of dehydrated human to get water. Then had to carry it up the stairs, up to 21st floor and allllll the way to the last unit along the corridor. Arghh...It's like im lifting 500KG of dumbbell. My arms now is like jello..-.-||
After dinner, i still see people getting water....under the ironic and sad..
The sound of water gushing through the taps are like music angels from heaven are playing!! Finally, approximately 8pm, we had water for the first time in 4 straight days!! WAhahaha...

Today was very sien... because i finally start my revision...which i still think it's too late already.
Then suddenly i see my lumix cam cam....
Wahahha...camwhore for awhile...
Someone please help me pass my exam!! T_____________T

Quote from Sexy Back " I'll let you whip me if i misbehavee"... I'm so gonna die this time....

Expect more random blog in the up coming few weeks ady....wahhahahah....

Exam + Stress = Madness + Emo

Recently a "friend" kept telling me that i'm very old and need to start looking for bf..

Hello, i haven't even celebrate my 21st birthday ok? I also don't feel like growing old alone but No point kept reminding me that i dont have a bf, that i need to be a bimbo in order for guys to like me. You want me to add in some drool to that or not? It is an offence that i know more things that you, the ignorant pedalaman people huh?

Sue me la!!!

Since u so smart, teach me to find a bf? I dont want someone like yours can..? HAHAHAHAHA.... You think it's as easy as clicking Search in Google ar? >O<

I dont need a bf to feed me wan ok...i still can live...canot die...not like you...

So shut ur pipe hole la...bitch...

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Monday, August 21, 2006
There's a notice at the bulletin board saying that if we had any inquiries bout the water cut, we may call SYABAS. Well, the number is always busy when i call. So much for calling yourself SYABAS when you are so god damn lousy ok!!

3 fucking days...3 days living life as if i'm a skunk.

How many days you want me to go without water? I'm here to live ok, i'm not joining any survival reality show, i dont get any grand prize worth millions or any modelling contract ok??

In what way did the water cut affects me and my housemates lives
1. We had limited water to brush our teeths and wash our faces..maybe just a splash of water
2. Need to spend more to buy water.
3. Even the empty 5liter water bottle cost RM3. Stupid!! It's just empty bottles ok!!
4. We dont boil anymore water cos we need it to flush the toilet
5. We drink less so that we dont go toilet so often.

So Torturing ok!! What are u shitheads doing?? Lazying around in your aircon room? I dont have air con ok, i need to bath! I'm in the desert not north pole!! Idiots!!!!!!
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Strauss, Chopin, Bach...
On Sunday, the Malaysia Philarhormic Orchestra had their open day and gave free concerts to the public. They started distributing the tickets 2 hours before each show, so me and roomie went for the 2pm show. It's the Reel Music and the concert played musics like Superman March, Jurrasic Park and LOTR, basically soundtracks la..
We are so lucky we got the Box seats. How cool is that?? wahhaa..i's like those vip u know...but according to Sarah, the further you sit from the orchestra the better the music sounds -_-" So it's not actually a great spot. It's was like full house ok...luckily no noisy annoying kids to ruin the whole thing for us.
Here's the orchestra, saying Malaysia orchestra but i think consist of over 75% foreigners. Actually we are not allowed to take any photos of recording when we are in the hall so if you work for MPO...pls close one eye ya..Don't report me..The interior is too amazing! And it has like the one pipe organ in the whole of malaysia. If you dont know what a pipe organ sounds like, it's like the theme song of any goth movie, like Adam's Family. Or the thing the octopus plays in Pirates of the Carribbean 2. So coollll
We were so impressed by the performance, we got the tickets for the next show which is Classical Pops. AND we got the back seats. YAY!! For classical, they played the likes of Strauss, Beethoven, Mozarts and Verdi.
It had been so long since i went to a full blown orchestra. I remember the very last time i attended one was in Penang with my dad. So long ago. Makes me feel remorseful that i did not appreciate my piano lessons T__T If i had practice hard enough, i would have been on stage with these child prodigies ...*wailsssssss*

Do check out their website for more information on future performances. It's nice to go to these concerts once in a while =)
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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Jogoya! Maison!!
Today, some water pipe burst in Gombak that causes me being stinky/chou nu ren whole day -.-|| They promised that the water will be back by lunch, me and roomie waited till supper, not even a trickle of pee-like drops can be seen. We dont even dare to go to the market this morning, we had to use our drinking water to brush our teeth...Spastic pba People!!!!!

We finally form a bathing squad and walked over to a friend's place to bath. DAMN SAD!!!!! I now smells of sweet strawberry...Weee!! =)

Last Saturday, DivaLisa was in KL for pc fair. So i went over to her hotel SUITE to visit her. I was hot and flustered by the time i reach her hotel, somemore she called me when i'm crossing road.

DivaLisa:"Eh, you crossing the road issit? Wearing red top, with white shoes right?"
Me: Yala...Where are you? Come down la!!*looking left & right while crossing road*
DivaLisa: *sinister laugh* You can't see meee! I'm in my suite looking down at you. Faster come up!! Bye.

So i had to bring my ass up to her room, on the way getting lost in the grand hotel. Her suite is so big, its like i can't finish walking.. Before i can catch my breathe, she pester me to go lunch ady. Her motive is to show off her lansi right... =.="

She decided to bring me to Jogoya, the super expensive japanese restaurant in Starhill*Do a happy jiggle* wahaha!! Finally, i get to go there. I tell you, although it's like 100 per person, it's damn worth it ok!

Didn't take alot of photos, cos i'm busy eating, they have a 2hr-per-customer policy. Plus, the ppl there looks very i'm shy to take photo..dont wanna loook like a jakun ok... They have like escargot, lobster and all those ecentric food la.. Here's some of the food.
U see the paper wrapped thingie, super delicious..called Sukiyaki..and u notice the oyster or not?? I had like the best tiramisu EVA!! They have assorted deep fried stuff, which i love..and they love me too!!
And i notice almost every table has this funky looking drink, so i got myself one too..Turns out it's the BEST coconut juice. Even DivaLisa that dont drink coconut, drank all of mine >_<
The place is huge..and it's full..KL is really filled with people with money printing machine.. They have like different section for different food.. I took only 1 photo of the ninja-lookalike-staff coooking. hehe....
I've been to HEAVEN AnD bAcK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Fast forward to midnite, i went to Maison for the first time. Wanted to go loft but was not allowed in because 2 guys are not wearing collared dress code wan ok... T___T

They had Joey G spinning that music, not really my type..and the crowd isn't really happening. All just stand around like dont know what to do. They have bed-like-sofas.. for people to make out??? Plus, it's very dark inside... hehe..i dono.. i just love the laser light and the glass balcony.. Ooooo, when we enter the place they had to stamp us right. They still uses the blue ink old skol...Nowadays, ppl use the invisible ink already..So that underage kids wont pecah tembelang the next day..hahahaha
Towards the end of the night, a fight broke out. The victim i think, had a very bloody face. scary la..why come out to have fun want to fight pulak??? You are so good at fighting then go WWF la..diu.. I think they used the stool to hit his head or something, can't really see clearly cos the guys already surround us like a fort...*muaks*
Very the potong stim ok...having fun halfway, then fight fight, the whole crowd lari lintang pukang scared raid or we hover over to loft. I like it there better... Actually i like it alot! i wanna go there some other time, i think..if i got the chance... ;P
This time around, instead of going mamak, we went for the dim sum at jln ipoh..i like i like...


This is a video i found when surfing youtube. If you like to watch dance video, it's Highly RECOMMENDED!!

The creator is so good at using other mtv dance scene and uses Sexy Back song. It's better than the original video. So sexy. So Hawt....Do watch!!
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Friday, August 18, 2006
Best-ed Dream...
Last night or rather this morning, i had the best-ed dream. Plus, i still can remember it clearly! =)

It's like i'm in my own fairytale story. It involves the sun, the sea, the sand, and all the food i love, with biskut beruang and winnie the pooh as clouds in the sky, adorned with a full rainbow by the side.

Surrounded by all the people i love at the same time is the best feeling ever.... I'm still feeling fuzzy while bloggin bout it. There's must have been like 20-30 people on the beach in my dreams.

Too bad it's only a dream. -.-|||

Back to reality, i still have to finish my assignment. Exam timetable is out, which SUX!!!! This means, i can't send off Will to US and angchoonseong to UK because i can't go back to Penang because the damn exam is so god damn near.

However, luckily the exam last like 1 week only, so we got 1 extra week of holiday, WEEeee!! Cons, all the paper are pack together like sardinens which means i will go into an extremely emo mode >_<

16th of September!! How i wish i can fast forward my time to that date so i wont have to endure the pain of burning the midnite oil and sitting in the exam hall.

Holiday....Wait for me!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Main Motive is to GeekLand @ PC Fair...
But i think i'm more interested in the food involves in the trip instead...hahahah.. Friday i woke up at 130pm, cos i slept at 6am(again) and that's also because someone *cough*angchoonseong*cough* promised to go lunch with me but forgot -.-"

So i tidur balik till 3, when Jennifer and Mr.628 come knockin on my door..
I went to the famous pan mee place at Chow Kit. Heard bout it so many times but no chance to try it out till last friday. Dono how to get there though, as it's kinda secluded. sorri. True to the name, the food really does arrive very the kin/fast ..suits me as im so hungry at that time. Jennifer had the soupy one...and I had the dry/kon lou one...which i love!! All the eggs are boiled to perfection i tell you!! Each single one of them!! I like to poke at the yoke and mix it all with my rice/noodle..hehe..i like i like alot!! Then you need to mix it with the super special hot + spicy + red chilli. You see already kinda empty ya...hehe After lunch, we went over to the super jam KLCC for pc fair. I'm kinda shy to take photos of the throngs of people. I saw 1 person dressed up like a french maid there. It's like those cosplay people u know... i'm like 0_O no need to dress up to buy pendrive wan u know?? hehehe....

Dinner, we wanted chillis but waiting list is 40 mins so forget it!! We went Chinoz instead since all of us haven't tried it before. I say, it's good!! Definately will go back someday when my dad start to print money. We ordered these meatballs, but ikea one nicer...
and this rye-toast something with 3 slabs of cheese in between..spells. Y-U-M-M-Y My lamb lasagna...i miss eating lasagna...this is nice..i like cos it's damn thick and juicy and cheesy!! and Mr.628 seafood spaghetti..i think it's really worth it. Since it's happy hour....... DAmn i miss these kind of life la.... Student can afford no life like this JovialJennifer and me. Thanks for bringing me around, babe ;P Nice or not this photo?? That's without tripod, slow shutter, no flash plus abit of alchohol...not bad eh....wahahaha I think i need 2-3 more post to finish up on my weekend my blog is more like food blog... =.=

I dont wan..................................
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A Day at Kajang..
Last Thursday, me and a few friends decided to drive all the way over to Bangi to visit some few friends that are currently imprisoned in ukm. The journey...damn far wei...and the weather damn hot tat day!!

After an hour or so, we reached the
tempat pentadbiran Mr.Ong. This is the castle that he is currently living in.
But as you clearly can see, there's nothing here for him to tadbir except some ants and birds.. maybe some plantation.
That's when my good friends decided to leave me there and die... -.-||

Nah...just kidding..hehe..i know not funny...

Anyway, we went over to Kajang for the famous Kajang Satay..
This place is huge ya...even Will is amazed by the kejayaan of a satay seller.

1 stick of normal satay is RM0.60, whereas i can get similar standard ones at Balik Pulau for RM0.25. wahhaha.. As you can see, the satay is not cheap, so it reveals to us, how to get rich by selling satay. The ketupat and cucumber comes with the satay that you ordered, but i suspect they actually charge us for that as well. *edit* after lookin at the photo only i realize, they really do charge us the ketupat =.= */edit*
The highlight of the day!!!
After getting lost and starving, this is the reward. YAY!!!
Remember to wipe the saliva after you drool ya.
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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Did You Have a Good Weekend?
Well, i did!! I've been so busy going out and about for the past few days i couldnt even find time to blog..

So many photos taken..wahah...i tell you the next time you visit this blog, make sure you read with a full stomach ;P

The only sucky thing that happen is that stupid dog destroyed my pencil case that i used since Form 5. I'm like the first few to start using zippers pencil case, way before the shops start selling it or magazine start teaching you how to DIY one. tiu. Not only that, he had the guts to drag my roomie's dead nike sneakers to MY bed and chew chew chew....fuck!!

The blue one is the new case i old ady, no need to use chio chio case..simply buy one big enough to store my colour pens and highlighters can ady.. haha

This is what happen to Sarah's phone charger. RIP to both our items.
Oh ya, guess who i saw at KLCC today???? OMG! i saw our ex prime minister, tun dr Mahathir...He is kinda old i think but still very healthy looking. Like it or not, he is still a great malaysia icon, i say.

Come back soon for all the yummmy post!!
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Bulan oh Bulan...
Today i feel im going to suffocate to death, literally! I mean with all the haze and stress and god knows what else shitty stuff is there to bother my already shrinkin brain. BaH!!!!

While wasting time reading magazine on my bed, suddenly i had this urge to lift the curtains. I usually had them down as im such a vampire. The sky is clear from the haze. I can clearly see the beautiful horizon with a full moon up. The moon is so bright i think i'm turning into a werewolf soon. If i go turn into a werewolf, i hope i meet Wolverine!! hehe Remember my obsession over him?

Looking at the beautiful moon, i suddenly feel emo again. DAmn!! such a beautiful moment should be view together with someone special. Nvm, i took a photo so that i can share with YOU!
Now now...remember not to point at the moon ya! My mommy say your ear will fall off if you do. hahaah

*From here onwards, those below 18 please direct your cursor over to the top right hand side of your monitor and click click*

I suddenly turn over to my left and saw this....JENG JENG JENG!!! Waahhaha...It's the item that i barter traded with my housemate for burning my pot. Finally it came to good use tonite..

Since me and roomie has been craving for alcho, tonight we shall have a toast to those single and lonely people and attached but in long distance relationship ppl!!!!! My virgin bottle at KL house. nyek nyek.
So tonite, i will teach you people how to drown your sorrow with a little bit of bitter and sweet alco. All you need is plain water or a mixer to reduce the bitterness eg: coke, ribena, green tea. Tonite i choosed orange juice cos it's that's the only thing in my fridge now, the whisky and cups.
Next step is pretty easy. Pour the whisky as much as you like or as much as you can take.

Next add in adequate amount of mixer

And VOILA!! You get yourself a heavenly concoction!!


Ps: while bloggin, suddenly there's fireworks outside, so i took a video of it...even though we canot see shit of it, presumely the students that stays at my place go berserk by it 0_O I guess i'm not the only one bored to death today. kekekek

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