Friday, August 18, 2006
Best-ed Dream...
Last night or rather this morning, i had the best-ed dream. Plus, i still can remember it clearly! =)

It's like i'm in my own fairytale story. It involves the sun, the sea, the sand, and all the food i love, with biskut beruang and winnie the pooh as clouds in the sky, adorned with a full rainbow by the side.

Surrounded by all the people i love at the same time is the best feeling ever.... I'm still feeling fuzzy while bloggin bout it. There's must have been like 20-30 people on the beach in my dreams.

Too bad it's only a dream. -.-|||

Back to reality, i still have to finish my assignment. Exam timetable is out, which SUX!!!! This means, i can't send off Will to US and angchoonseong to UK because i can't go back to Penang because the damn exam is so god damn near.

However, luckily the exam last like 1 week only, so we got 1 extra week of holiday, WEEeee!! Cons, all the paper are pack together like sardinens which means i will go into an extremely emo mode >_<

16th of September!! How i wish i can fast forward my time to that date so i wont have to endure the pain of burning the midnite oil and sitting in the exam hall.

Holiday....Wait for me!!!!!!!!
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