Sunday, August 06, 2006
Murni Again!!
On Friday, i went 1utama with several people to watch Dragon Tiger Gate. I had some early warnings from DivaLisa and TingdaCousin not to watch, but majority of the people wanted to watch it so.....

It has a lousy storyline, terrible acting but GREAT fighting scene and GREAT hair and makeup artist. haha. More review please hop over to
Jason's blog. HE self appointed himself as a movie critic. After movie, hungry we headed over to Murni..yes, again. HAHA. When i blogged about Murni the last time, i had several recommendations. So i gave it a try.

The Famous Claypot Mouse Fan!! My coursemate's brother drove all the way from Muar, Johor just to had it, a few times. For me and the several people, it's only soso...can try if u want lo...

Next up, the Murtabak Special. I tried this several times ady. I wouldn't have had it again if it's not up to my standard. Wahah..So try try... Inside the murtabak got burger, meat, eggs and all the yummylicious stuff (translates fattening stuff) -.-"

Then, there's the Pink Panther, which i think is a blended concoction of watermelon, strawberry, honey dew, lai chee, etc...BRAIN FREEZE. Word of advice: Share it!! I drank it till the side of my tongue hurts...*stick tongue outs*

This is what SarahRoomie ordered. The Mango Special!! I like!!

Here's the several people that went that day:


Happy Happy again!!

ps: ah beh, you ah??! No FIGHT WITH ME! MUAHAHAHAH
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