Friday, September 29, 2006
Another Tour around Penang
** WARNING!! ALOT OF PHOTOS!! come back in a few minutes after it finish loading =)

Since beginning of the year, i've been bringing friends around penang whenever they visit. I'm so good at memorizing the places to go, i bet i can be a qualified tour guide. So maybe the next time i will charge people..kakaka..personalize tour package. I even joked with seow yee the other day on msn. "Customize package that suit your best interests"

Previous 2 trip was based solely on food and night life. This time around, it's more on temple. Seriously, if i go to another temple, i'll definately faint. 5 temple in a day people. It's 5 freaking temple in a day..hhahaha..Some of it i've never been there for years.

I was woken up abruptly on tuesday around 10am by AhWong which does not know the way to my house..Shit, i thought they gonna arrive after lunch, so i just rushed out of the house in my pj directing them to my house, before letting them wait in the carpark for 30mins because i need to get ready. Hey, i did invite them up to my house, they refuse ok.. haha
First stop after checking-in was to Swatow lane since its like the one-stop food haven! Had the usuals, not really interested in taking all the food photos again. So we'll just skip tat part, shall we? On the way to pick SweetSarah up, we stop by at some temple, which is actually 2 temple.

Then we headed over to the Sleeping Buddha. Which obviously has a huge buddha statue in the sleeping position.

Devotees light small to large lotus shape candles as offerings to the huge buddha. The candles doesnt come cheap ok..It's like RM5 for the smallest size and for fancier design, you pay up to RM15 each! During festivals, once u place it on the table, after around 20 minutes, they will throw away to make space for other candles =.=
And a smaller shrine around the compound. Penang temple very rich..all very goldish k..!

Then we crossed the road over the newly revamped Myanmar Temple. It's seriously very nice and i think photographer would love the place. Profesionals la..i take lousy shots ler...*blush*

This is one of the newer shrine on a lake/pond/pool. i dont know what you suppose to call it.

I think the aunty is wishing to have a better life, maybe strike 4D. KAkaka

Then one of the friend saw something interesting. Just 20cent. haha

The temple is famous for its 18ft new statue. It's all about breaking records now isn't it? o_O

Next temple is Snake Temple without snake -.-|| That's because it's so fucking commercialized ok! Last time, they have snakes hanging around the trees that give me the creeps when i was walking around. NOW, they cage all the snakes and you had to pay to see the snakes. Idiots! I might as well go to a zoo or any random pet shop if i want to see a snake in an aquarium. Anyway, we din't went in cos we think it's not worth it at all. tiu. Before we left, we saw some dogs fighting over a bitch. violent k..Me and Sarah brought the guys to our favourite seafood restaurant but it was close (>.<) How CAN!! Arghh! Then we just hang out at the beach while thinking of an alternatives.

While Sarah took our photos, ah meng was too busy playing with the sand to even bother. funny! Then i had them jumping for me. Sarah look so cute while the guy looks like chinese vampire!And i spotted this odd colour sampan..hehe..looks so sissy to me.
So we went to this place, Hai Boey, at Gertak Sanggul. Don't really have a choice as i don't know how to go Batu Maung and it's too late to go Batu Kawan. I think they expression says all..Hehe..i love this shot!!Group photo taken by a japanese-lookalike-half-drunk uncle sitting next table.
That's all for Day 1.

Day 2 coming Soon!!
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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Am i even on holiday??
I think i definately pig more when i'm in kl studying T_______T

So busy since the day i got back from KL. First 3 days work, then meet up with a friend for dinner and movie on sunday. Monday went out with TL to visit some friends while on some mission. Not forgetting, i'm also doing another job on top of all the things i'm doing already. can. die.

Tuesday till today, I, again acted as the tour guide for some KL friends. So busy since last wednesday till now, i had not sleep for more than 8 hours in a row!! Warao... Holiday is all about sleeping rite?

I still have my stacks of tvb series to catch up, my prison break to watch, my dvd's to watch. Guess that will have to wait as well.

I get to so called rest for tomorrow, but i guess i need to run around town doing errands for DivaLisa or my mom. I reserved my saturday for Spyd3r 21st birthday bash ady!! Woot!! Can't wait cAn't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now..i guess i need to walk over to my room before i crash infront of my pc due to fatigue. HAHAHAH

Plenty of photos will be upload ..say next week, when i'm so free till i will complain and whine about my sieness.. =)
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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Popping the Poppy Garden Cherry
So last saturday after my last paper, me and roomie went to have the bestest pan-mee in chow kit. Really love it! After that, we went home to cat nap for like 15-30 minutes before getting ready to go Sunway for a mini farewell dinner with our coursemate. End of exam MUST celebrate.

So after abit of waiting, finally all arrived and we started feasting! Yum~! We went to this place nearer to Domino's. Not Yuen because we went there the other time, so decided to try the new place, besides, we had some vouchers so it's cheaper. kakaka..
The food selection are good. The crowd was great. Everything went well. We toasted and that's the start of our holiday. WEeeeeeeee! See you guys in 3 more weeks ya!

I rushed back to Setapak to drop off roomie and a few others before picking up TL and DesKoh to my second round of the night. HAHAHA. The highlight of the day!!

It was so freaking jam to get to Jalan Ampang. DAMN! Normally it just takes me 15 minutes to get there but that night i took me a whooping 45 minutes or so -.-||

The city never sleeps.

So we decided to go Poppy after much sms exchanging. It was my first time there and i find it reallllllly nice. Seriously. I will go back there again, i really like the place, the interior, the music and the crowd. All dressed up so nicely, lower chances for me to spot a lala that could taint my mood :D The place is so popular that you have to make reservation 3 days earlier if you want to get a table, or so we were told. Sai mm Sai Ah..

I know la, insignificant small ubi kentang from tiny penang island, that doesn't frequent clubs but no need to snub us also. That is because i know my friend from kedah can get a table anytime he go. huh! Next time i follow him, then i will get vip treatment *cross fingers and toes* blek!

Anyway, it was a great night of aerobic class. And oh, i bump into several friends, namely, fujiwara and jasonyong. So happy to get to see you guys ok! World so smallll....

Before i forgot, i saw another fight. YES! Another one god damnit =.= Freaking sien ok, why everytime i go clubbing MUST fight???!!? wtf. But luckily this one is opposite the road, doesn't involve the club i'm in, but it's still a freaking fight right?

No clubbing complete without camwhoring! So here's the photo. I don't have my corel here in penang so i can't collage the photos nicely. I just download picasa from the net :( i plan some captions to use canot d lor!! Takkan go buy the cd from midlands just to conteng the photos meh..
And here's the one with the pemabuk..really tak guna..aHakss!! Sampah masyarakat, sitting on the curb while waiting for the traffic to clear..aihss...

Oh by the way, i realized thatthe colours of my photos in this blog are abit off. I know why ady *smacks head* I set my monitor to be darker so that it wont be glaring, so each time i load the photos on to my pc, i thought the photos are dark, so i lighten them and make is so god damn fugly!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many photos had i ruin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006
I did both wilson brother's in a week
Literally, i watch both of their movie within a week span. kakakakaka

Monday is for Luke with My Super Ex-Girlfriend which falls way below my expectation. Still funny though but not memorable enough. No pun lines that i can remember..except the shark scene. That's about it. Luke is always playing the part like the nerdy paper pusher role, which he does great. Uma Thurman is like crazy k..

Last night, i went to watch You, Me and Dupree that Owen is in. That was waaayyyy better man. Like totally! I caught the midnight show with jasonyong since i haven't been to penang cinema for at least the past 2 months. Damn tired after work but i still go cos...i like :P

Owen or Luke ??

Owen's movie win! but i like Luke Wilson more...kakakakaka but then again, no one ask my opinion. i syok sendiri can?

Anyway, i dont know what my brother did to my penang pc. It is so fucking useless now. I can't even on my life line aka MSN. tiu..damn stress ok, to have something like that happen to a seriously internet addict.

Gonna reformat it on monday. DONT CARE D! Must make it work or else i'll die for the rest of my time in penang.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006
From Crazy to Dazy
Free from all the hectic crazy life of exam, now i'm in lazy, hazy and dazy mood almost daily. As all might have guessed, i'm already back in pretty penang..

This time around not so willing to come back so soon because i missed a trip to malacca and singapore. wtf.

Sorry not being updating soon. Sorry to myself*slap self* But then again, that means i've been out and about and enjoying myself too much to have time to blog bout it. AND AND AND it also means i have loads of things to blog about once i've settle down. yay..!!

It's will be harder for me to blog because

-now that i'm home, i can't sleep at unearthly hours just to blog, there's my mom to nag.
-I can't online or use the pc as i wish because there's a guy i call brother fighting with me to play stupid CM.
-I can't online that much because there's my friend name wah lai toi that is so beckoning.
-I have actual friends that i can see, touch and talk to without the sound *teng teng TENG* everytime they say something.
-I have a furry fluffy carpet like dog to manja with.
-I'm on holiday...


ps: anyway, life's not that perfect. I'm already working in pisa now..bahhhh! but just for 3 days, no wait...left 2 more days and i'm RmXXX richer! Hows that? HAHAHAHA
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Saturday, September 16, 2006
YES ! I'm free from heavy dusty textbook, free from too-colorful-can-blind-paper-cut notes! NO more exam!! At least for the next 3 months!!!



So some time ago, i was abducted out from my crib. My kidnappers brought me over to Puchong to have pan mee. The place was really nice and all, named appropriately too. Noodle House. How creative can you get huh? keke I ordered the Pan Mee with DEEP FRIED CHICKEN.
Turns out it, did not look like the photo in the menu. Tasteless and the "chicken" look and taste more like soggy siow bak to me -.-|| The drinks wasn't any better too. uughh..never going back there ever again~

And then we went to this place called Carnegie in KL and being introduce to my new BFF - best friend forever. The name is Gaarden, Hoegaarden!!

Warao!! To those that read my last post, i din't ask you people to spot what i'm drinking ok... Anyway, you guys are right, no prize for that ya =) It was the nicest beer i taste, better than heineken. It's so smooth and taste sweet and smell flowery. 1 word.


Although the place was abit full of spg and ang moh's but the crowd i went with was so crazy and fun. PLUS, it was ladies night so it's FREE FLOW. and not only we get free beer, we can choose from a variety of shots, some cocktails, champagne, wine..basically it's heaven to me la! I still love the hoegaarden........miss it already......

So what's it gonna be later for me? Am i gonna be thirsty at Thirst Studio, popping and locking at Poppy or prancing around Loft?

Check out next blog to find out luuuuuuu.....hehehehe

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Another Midnite Post
Holler peeps! Few days didn't post anything so unlike me. So at least must post some nonsense or something relevant to my life since this blog records snippets of my life =)

Again, when exam comes, i ran into the toilet and when i'm out i become SUPER EVE! That's because my body battery runs on double energizer. I can go with just less than 6hours of sleep in more than 50 hours. Even that is not 6 hours straight. I'm like taking cat nap in between. An hour here, 2 there. HAHAHAH !! No wonder i get those huge eye bags.

So i have 2 more papers. 1 super tough one because the lecturer is very serious in what he do. Aigh...another one bites the dust i guess.

I sat for my paper,
I guess that's a goner,
Watever macam,
Holiday here i come.

I don't even think that rhymes at all!! HAHA It's alright, i like it.

Anyway, i found out that quite contrary to common belief, guys have bigger mouth than girls and do tongue wagging more ok -.-|| So don't say girls gossip anymore!!!

Here's a snippet of what i've been doing.

Will blog bout it later. *yawns*

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Monday, September 11, 2006
September 11
is today.

Where were you when it happen?

The more relevant questions are, do you still remember the shock and tremor that swept across the world? Have you forgotten about the brave fireman that sacrifies themselves when the tower collapse?

It had been raining the whole day. Is this how God shows His sadness over the incident?

Anyway, i have to study for the paper tomorrow so it's a bad thing because sets such a good mood to sleep.HAHA. I'm also abit thrilled today because WoodyWoodpecker sms me...triple HAHAHAHA.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006
2 Down, 3 More to Go
Yesterday was one of the most depressing day for me. Again. Some people just like to savour from others' suffering. Like one particular lecturer of mine.

I had to wake up to some bad news from him. Fine, one blow is not enough to ruin my day. I had to come home to another realllly bad news after dinner. Muthafarker. Makes you wonder the power of just a few short sentences.
Very few manage to score enough to pass. Better concentrate on your next paper. Anyway, i'm having dinner at Italiannies at BU.
That just ruin my freaking day. Not only mine, but 99% of those students that sat for his paper earlier that day. Why would he want to dishearten us? At least break the new AFTER we finish our exam. I hate him for that. I hate him for having an ego bigger than a inflated hot air ballon. Because he wants to maintain his 75% failing rate, he had to make the paper damn difficult which few finds it difficult to pass at first attempt.

I was practically mopping around the house whole night, sitting in the dark alone in the living room, surfing the net with 628 notebook, having a pain in my chest(again). I think i'm going to die young due to heart attack since it's in the family anyway.

Anyway, life still goes on. It's not like I don't need to sit for the remaining 3 papers. 1 more week to freedom, sweet sweet holiday. By that time, most of my friends would have flew back to their nerding life somewhere in the world. I guess most of the time, i'll just be sitting at home, channel surfing Astro or online or play with Jaz, my silky.

Speaking bout that, today my koko krunch will be flying from Penang>KL>Dubai>Glasgow>Edinburgh>Study>JIMATDUIT! I can't find a nice nice photo of us taken this time around, so no photos of us la! hahaha..Sorry. Who ask u to stood me up, not coming to kl again?? Okla, wish you all the best, bertaubat, don't skip class anymore, go class more, go clubbin more and report back to me what you see! haha. 6pack programme ok~!! *muaks*
Thanks to SummerPwah, TanTL, ACS, Milkyway and several others that lend me their ears /eyes last nite on MSN for listening to me whine and rant about the down down down day. I love you guys!!

ps: Yes, i realize i have HUGE eyebags. But i don't know how to reduce the, =.=|| Milkyway say i look like rabbit in the 2nd photo. REalllly???!!
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Saturday, September 09, 2006
My Wish List
    At a random order and does not base on reality

  • EuroTrip!
  • My own
  • Visit Bali
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • New Wallet
  • Handbag, Handbags and more Handbags
  • Waist long hair.
  • Lose at least 5kg.
  • Visit Singapore
  • Nip/Tuck - Full Season
  • Complete Collection of Amy Tan's Novel
  • Manolo Blahnik Stilletos
  • A Tiffanys'
  • Club Med Adventure
  • 100gb External Hard Disk
  • A new mobile phone
  • 19" LCD monitor
  • A tattoo
  • To learn photoshop
  • A guy that I wont get bored with after 10 minutes.
  • Visit Vienna
  • cK Escape
  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushs Set
  • Life-long Free Manicure and Pedicure =)
  • Victoria Secret Lingerie
  • Shu Umera Under eye concealer
  • Roxy Bikinisss
  • A bf that looks like Johnny depp or Daniel wu *drrooolls*
  • Go Taiwan again
  • Live a fairytale life.
  • Buy more dresses
  • See life in a more optimistic way
  • Sponsors for alcohol
  • DSLR
  • A printer
  • Unlimited Sponsor to widen my wardrobe
  • Good food all year round
  • Anything fluffy and pink and cuddly
  • Marry a rich guy.. =P
  • Ipod Nano/Creative also can
  • Learn surfing
  • Improve my English
  • Buy my own car
  • A watch. I just realize all mine are spoilt >_>
  • Chunky acessories.
  • More SLEEP! cure my eye bag
  • To see people i like more.
  • Red bustier
Will stop here for now =) I'm gonna dream of having all those things later ^^

ps: I just realized i'm such a bimbo o_O
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Sudah Tak Boleh Tahan!!
If i read another more paragraph in BM, i'm so gonna puke on my books.

Hi people, i'm going to sit for my first paper in less than 8hours, and here i am, Blogging!! damn it. It's 4am now. I wonder how panda i will be tomorrow. No surprise there since most of the people i know have been calling me princess panda since, like, forever -_-"

Some even say, you sleep at 8am or 8pm also canot cure your panda face already. It's your trademark >_>

Anyway, i'll take it as a compliment because i think panda is cute.



Do you know that taking 2 packets of caffeine at once can make you go so high? Like me right now? Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Alright people, enough of annonyance from me. Going hysterical right now with all the moral terms. Try remember teori teleologikal and teori deontologikal AND differentiate them with plenty plenty of sub teori under each of them. wtf.

will be back soon with more decent blogging, but then again, when did i ever start to blog decently?? ngek ngek

PS: MR WY, here's your update... =.=
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Good Morning! or in my case Good nite!
Give the willllddddesst guess what time i sleep again? Gueesss la!!

Sunrise!! How often do you get to see sunrise huh? See, me so nice to capture it to show you people...!! Did i just brighten up your day or not??? pls say yes!!
I know i'm acting bimbotic -__- That's because i've stay up since yesterday noon till now (yes, bloggin before tidur) mainly S.T.U.D.Y.I.N.G. and alil bit of msn ...maybe alot...hehe. Blardy old d study what fucking moral if we got no blaiiins to think for ourself what is wrong and right. Whatmore if the syllabus is so damn screw up already, i.e. suicide bombers adalah bermoral kerana mereka telah menyelamatkan bombers yang lain dan mengorbankan dirinya sendiri == .==

Anyhoo, i guess everyone should know by now, if u dont, now u will!! That crocodile hunter guy is finally dead. Yes, finally! Not because i hate him or anything, that's because most human that reads chinese newspaper assumed that he was dead last year, dibaham crocodile kononya. Apparently the newspaper published he's dead once last year. Turns out he is still very much alive and can still do a Micheal Jackson with his kids. Cuckoo fella. So i guess he had a second chance to appreciate life but he just had to throw it to some stingray. Huh...i would have think he would die in the jaws of those crocs....

I noticed that almost everyone on my msn list has put a lil turtle infront of their nick. So-called to honour the passing of Steve Irwin. Puhhleease la people, a turtle and a crocodile hunter? You see any connection in that? It's just some silly joke some very bored people played to see how cute it will be if the whole msn list suddenly have a lil turtle......childish luuuuuu..... At least put a dead rose/flower la...still what everyone did during tsunami incident.

alrite...have a nice day peeps!!!

ps: i too put tat silly turtle infront of my nick...muahahahhaa...dont wanna feel left out : P
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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Filler post..
Exam in 5 more days. My biological clock is topsy-turvy again. It will be over faster then i think and then i will regret why i did not put in more effort, yet again.

I think life is short to be mess about. So many people saying one thing and doing another and giving no thought to the other person. Everyone is out for themselves and it is a sad thing. What ever happened to treating people the way you wish to be treated? What ever happened to being nice just to be nice? What a mess we as humans are in.
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Friday, September 01, 2006
i hate those ppl who are chong sek heng yau. I know all everyone will drop whatever they have in their hands to be with the one they love or in the case im refering to, the one he cant fucking ever get.

But pls dont make it so damn fucking obvious can or not, you wanker. I hate it!!!! Who do u think we are? Floats?? For you to hang around only when she is busy with her bf? We had done what we should be doing as a friend to you. But you loser, think we are invisible when she's around. wtf is this. I dont stand any kind of this treatment from anyone alright.

Well, FUCK YOU~! Dont's complain of the icy treatment you get from me, cos u aint no friend to me any-fucking-more. You bring this upon urself. You are the worst loser i've ever met.
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