Sunday, September 10, 2006
2 Down, 3 More to Go
Yesterday was one of the most depressing day for me. Again. Some people just like to savour from others' suffering. Like one particular lecturer of mine.

I had to wake up to some bad news from him. Fine, one blow is not enough to ruin my day. I had to come home to another realllly bad news after dinner. Muthafarker. Makes you wonder the power of just a few short sentences.
Very few manage to score enough to pass. Better concentrate on your next paper. Anyway, i'm having dinner at Italiannies at BU.
That just ruin my freaking day. Not only mine, but 99% of those students that sat for his paper earlier that day. Why would he want to dishearten us? At least break the new AFTER we finish our exam. I hate him for that. I hate him for having an ego bigger than a inflated hot air ballon. Because he wants to maintain his 75% failing rate, he had to make the paper damn difficult which few finds it difficult to pass at first attempt.

I was practically mopping around the house whole night, sitting in the dark alone in the living room, surfing the net with 628 notebook, having a pain in my chest(again). I think i'm going to die young due to heart attack since it's in the family anyway.

Anyway, life still goes on. It's not like I don't need to sit for the remaining 3 papers. 1 more week to freedom, sweet sweet holiday. By that time, most of my friends would have flew back to their nerding life somewhere in the world. I guess most of the time, i'll just be sitting at home, channel surfing Astro or online or play with Jaz, my silky.

Speaking bout that, today my koko krunch will be flying from Penang>KL>Dubai>Glasgow>Edinburgh>Study>JIMATDUIT! I can't find a nice nice photo of us taken this time around, so no photos of us la! hahaha..Sorry. Who ask u to stood me up, not coming to kl again?? Okla, wish you all the best, bertaubat, don't skip class anymore, go class more, go clubbin more and report back to me what you see! haha. 6pack programme ok~!! *muaks*
Thanks to SummerPwah, TanTL, ACS, Milkyway and several others that lend me their ears /eyes last nite on MSN for listening to me whine and rant about the down down down day. I love you guys!!

ps: Yes, i realize i have HUGE eyebags. But i don't know how to reduce the, =.=|| Milkyway say i look like rabbit in the 2nd photo. REalllly???!!
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