Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Another Midnite Post
Holler peeps! Few days didn't post anything so unlike me. So at least must post some nonsense or something relevant to my life since this blog records snippets of my life =)

Again, when exam comes, i ran into the toilet and when i'm out i become SUPER EVE! That's because my body battery runs on double energizer. I can go with just less than 6hours of sleep in more than 50 hours. Even that is not 6 hours straight. I'm like taking cat nap in between. An hour here, 2 there. HAHAHAH !! No wonder i get those huge eye bags.

So i have 2 more papers. 1 super tough one because the lecturer is very serious in what he do. Aigh...another one bites the dust i guess.

I sat for my paper,
I guess that's a goner,
Watever macam,
Holiday here i come.

I don't even think that rhymes at all!! HAHA It's alright, i like it.

Anyway, i found out that quite contrary to common belief, guys have bigger mouth than girls and do tongue wagging more ok -.-|| So don't say girls gossip anymore!!!

Here's a snippet of what i've been doing.

Will blog bout it later. *yawns*

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