Thursday, September 21, 2006
From Crazy to Dazy
Free from all the hectic crazy life of exam, now i'm in lazy, hazy and dazy mood almost daily. As all might have guessed, i'm already back in pretty penang..

This time around not so willing to come back so soon because i missed a trip to malacca and singapore. wtf.

Sorry not being updating soon. Sorry to myself*slap self* But then again, that means i've been out and about and enjoying myself too much to have time to blog bout it. AND AND AND it also means i have loads of things to blog about once i've settle down. yay..!!

It's will be harder for me to blog because

-now that i'm home, i can't sleep at unearthly hours just to blog, there's my mom to nag.
-I can't online or use the pc as i wish because there's a guy i call brother fighting with me to play stupid CM.
-I can't online that much because there's my friend name wah lai toi that is so beckoning.
-I have actual friends that i can see, touch and talk to without the sound *teng teng TENG* everytime they say something.
-I have a furry fluffy carpet like dog to manja with.
-I'm on holiday...


ps: anyway, life's not that perfect. I'm already working in pisa now..bahhhh! but just for 3 days, no wait...left 2 more days and i'm RmXXX richer! Hows that? HAHAHAHA
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