Friday, September 22, 2006
I did both wilson brother's in a week
Literally, i watch both of their movie within a week span. kakakakaka

Monday is for Luke with My Super Ex-Girlfriend which falls way below my expectation. Still funny though but not memorable enough. No pun lines that i can remember..except the shark scene. That's about it. Luke is always playing the part like the nerdy paper pusher role, which he does great. Uma Thurman is like crazy k..

Last night, i went to watch You, Me and Dupree that Owen is in. That was waaayyyy better man. Like totally! I caught the midnight show with jasonyong since i haven't been to penang cinema for at least the past 2 months. Damn tired after work but i still go cos...i like :P

Owen or Luke ??

Owen's movie win! but i like Luke Wilson more...kakakakaka but then again, no one ask my opinion. i syok sendiri can?

Anyway, i dont know what my brother did to my penang pc. It is so fucking useless now. I can't even on my life line aka MSN. tiu..damn stress ok, to have something like that happen to a seriously internet addict.

Gonna reformat it on monday. DONT CARE D! Must make it work or else i'll die for the rest of my time in penang.
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