Saturday, October 28, 2006
My Baby can now Travel With me!!
Thanks to J!mmy!!

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Today damn sien... It shouldn't be boring at all. So salah ok...

Rave @ merdeka or David Tao's concert. Damn it!! The 2 events that i anticipated for the whole year is here and i'm stuck home blogging. ARghhhhhh

To make things worse, this is the Halloween Weekend. Should be hanging out somewhere and see people dress up as freaks. I think for the past years, i usually go Sega at Gurney.

Damn emoooooooooo..........

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Friday, October 27, 2006
Island Cafe @ ss2
Firstly, i would like to say that...


Ps acs: not i want to arghh, but william make me emo wan ok!

*Regains composure*

Yar, so that day i went SS2 with Christal after the movie "Ngo Fu". I only know what movie we were watching when i'm half way there. Doesn't really matters cos i'm bored and it's free..woot!

After movie, we sms-es some ex-schoolmates in KL. Apparently, most of the girls are homesick, all di Penang -.-|| So we call the boys la. Only Cheeboo are able to join us for supper. Since he stay so near ss2, we went there to makan la.

Wanted to go Murni for their cheesy nan but lupa it's Hari Raya Eve, it's tutup. So we randomly choose one la, since all so hungry d.. Island Cafe is the lucky place. It's no difference with other "chinese cafe" with in-house singer with guitar, together with the colourfulcandie drinks in their menu.

This is the thing that Christal ordered. The food nothing special la..same wan.. Drinks also nothing special.

Christal showing off her sparring skills. Annoyed with me taking photos d. kekeke

This is Cheeboo food. I think its hawaii fried rice or something. Forgot d, since it has been many many days already.

and forever cute and innocent Boo...

My food, very crumbly. not very worth it. HAHA.

And thats me. After watchin a show which i spend most of the time hiding behind my scarf cos i fear looking at the violent scenes. That explains the messed up hair -.-||

Sorry for the not very appetizing looking food and blurry photos. Maklumlah, i've been home too long, din go out too long so dono how to take photos d...somemore dono how to comb my hair properly before going to public places...hehe

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Thursday, October 26, 2006
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Monday, October 23, 2006
Marvellous Monday
Did you had a good monday? No more monday blues dudee!! For the whole semester, i wont be having any classes on monday. *jumps up and down in glee*

That also means, i can sometimes make weekend trip with my friends. Woww! But then again, i would have to find the kaki to go with me. hmmm...abit hard T___T i guess i'll spend most of the mondays at home. sleeping late.

I've been stranded at home for 4 days straight yo! Staying home for this long plus it's like a public holiday where everyone is free. I hadn't been out for dinner everyday too. Which can be considered as quite an amazing feat for me. I even denied Ostrova's invitation to go limteh last night. And surprisingly, it's SweetSarah that suggest we go out today, last night. So not me lar...

Something must be very wrong with me. Since when i've turn into this homey type of person. I can spend the whole day flipping through magazine, eat my Special K, watching series, surfing the net, blog-hopping and entertaining people on Msn... I honestly feel happy and contented just doing all those, rather than going out, dragging my feet at the shopping complex or dislocating my arm carrying all shopping bags. I guess i just <3 home =")" style="color: rgb(51, 0, 153);"> headache just staying indoor for a day.

Anyway, I'll like to introduce the show Realiti to you guys. It's probably the best locally produce drama series i've watched on tv since Kopitiam. Such a pity it only has 10 episode to it and it's already up to episode 8 yesterday. It's not lame or full of bad acting like what normal local tv would have offered us. It's on 8tv every sunday 10pm to those that are interested. or you can even watch in on youtube which suits me just well =)

Whats more when the producer throw in few chun people in the package to good plots. Like Ashraf sinclair. Never notice he's that cute before this. hehehe.... He has a very strong face structure. Me Likey!!

Alritey, i'll be working on the photos for my next blog entry and leave you guys with a good video i found. MUST WATCH!! This is what had become to our society and it is also what drives people now to superficial beauty.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Desmond's 21st
I'll save most of the story of the night for desmond himself to tell you that. Hop over the man's blog now!!

This entry will be more on photos so Photos Overload people!! hehehe =) Finally my blog filled with photos again.

We went to Bukit Genting for dinner first. The view was of course breath-taking! That's the reason we went all the way there. HEheeh

So before dinner, we took a group photo first...after much ordering from the Dr.Manipal aka Foobak.

After dinner, we took photos again!! I think the roof of the place going to come down on us any minute due to the noise and havoc the boys are causing. What's new?? hehe ... I proudly present the classic class photo!!! It's amazing the guys are able to keep composure for that long for this photo. Well done boys!!

Of course after that, comes the usual cover-ur-face-with-my-hand-act ^^ Although i might sound annoy by their antic, but it's who they are. These people are the ones that will always bring me back to my roots whenever i'm with them. I don't feel i have the need to grow up whenever they are around, which is a good thing. hehe I absofuckinglutely love this photo of us. It has been like forever so many of us gathered together!!

Then most of us went off to the club, while the rest went back to jaga anak or dota.

At the club, we had another surprise in store for desmond, after the shot-gun during dinner. The traditional cake mask. See all the "kawans" hands...hehehe

The aftermath. Best! BUT no matter how best it is, i don't want that to happen to me during my birthday!!! That's why this year i specifically state there will be NO CAKE at my party. HAHA. My tactic of avoiding that was figured out by Teongli and Lady Cow ady. Shitsss +_+

Then the night went on to be one of my best clubbing experience ever!

In the club, they have these podium dancers to heat up the atmosphere but i guess it's not really working. hehehe. Notice how the guys in the photo was NOT looking at the girl at all?

I was supposed to take a picture for the 3 standing behind. But once i took my camera up, suddenly a wall of people formed infront of them. -.-||| What can i say? I have camwhores as friends too kekekekeke

Today 22 of october is also of my dearest chimui birthday!! She's the cilipadi in our group, smallest in package but biggest in personality. Too bad i couldn't be back in penang for her birthday but its ok because she couldn't be here for mine too =P So she canot get mad at me vice versa.

After the club close, we went over to have some sup kambing and had a proper singsongcutcake for desmond =) Wasn't that proper also, cos while we were slurring the lyrics, desmond was counting something...Focus!! -.-|||

The King of the Day!! Be what you want to be. You know whatever happens you can always turn to those that has being with you since day 1. Life's goes on, Show them what you are worth and make those people who do not appreciate us regret that they might have miss the best thing that had happen in their life. =)

And once again....for the final time this year......

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Because of you...I spend 2 hours of my life in the cinema with my hands stuck to my face!

Don't go watch The Grudge 2. Waste money ok.. If you know me, let me tell you I did not scream in the cinema. With that sentence alone, i think you have a pretty good idea on the level of scariness or horror-ness of that movie.

I was so reluctant to watch that movie in the first place. But because Woody was so persistent about it and partly because i thought the sight of Edison Chen would at least be a bonus for me. Sad to say, it did not. AT ALL. His acting in that movie seriously sucks. And that japanese school girl also sucks. All she did is smile like she's damn happy to be able to get a role in that movie.

Then there's stupid scenes in that movie that doesn't make sense at all. Like the Sally girl that kept downing the milk then vomits it all out again into the same bottle. i'm like wtf. The guy next to me (which btw, talks loudly throughout the whole movie) commented " She thinks she's water tap ar" hahahaha

The way those people die also damn lawak lar..... Somemore the seats we had is directly under the aircons. Cold, and scary. Lousy movie.

Anyway, they have this really nice deco in KLCC for the upcoming festivals so i thought of taking a photo an showing to my Penang Friends. HAHAHAHAHA . Happy DepaRaya to everyone!!! Can take this chance to worm at home ady.
Oooo...Did anyone notice how's the traffic was today!!!??!

Terrible!! The worse i've encounter EVER! Not even when i'm in indonesia ok. Left right up down also can see cars stuck in jams. Woody told me it's his worse jam EVER too after being in Kl for like 5 years. Damn it! I can see people getting out of their car and just standing there wondering what the hell is happening to kl traffic.

Initially wanted to go PJ for dinner, but the jam force us to detour to.... somewhere we dont know where we are. So Lost!! Nearly got to Ulu Kelang, don't know where the hell that is >_>

The jam at it's worse when we got to Midvalley-Bank Negara area. I don't know whats that road is called. I think we took around 45minutes just to cover that tiny bit of land. Chi sin wan ok!!! REally Chi SIN!!!!

I think something bad really happen on the road. Saw so many car got overhaul at the roadside, luckily our car nothing wrong..kekeke..

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
English Drama Vs Hongkong Drama
Recently i'm so hook on to english drama. Last time i used to watch all Tvb series.

English Drama, you can watch for like yearss e.g. Friends, Sex and the city.

TVB you can finish them in a matter of a day or 2. I'm talking bout marathon ok. Usually it's just 20 episode then finito.

We can almost guess who is the murderer or who will pak-thor with who at the middle of the series, but we still watch because the actor is so cute aka Bosco. Abit wasting time ler.

English ones, they have so many twist and turns until i can't watch till i'm lost. Just like when i'm watching Lost.

I'm now so addicted to Prison Break, Desperate Housewives and reality shows like America's Next top Model and Project Runway.

Prison Break is the best!!! Wentworth Miller...*drools*

I'm still too lazy to load all the photos from penang. Wait ler, DeepaRaya hols i'm gonna be home so most probably will get that done =)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
A Change in My Lifestyle?
I guess the aunty-ness of me are starting to show. I'm no more blonde, not even slightest blondish. Back to asian roots, yup! (Which reminds me that i owe DivaLisa tons of money).DIE

Yesterday I went to 1u with Sarah and Hwee2. We were on a mission to find some shirts for Hwee2's >183cm tall boyfriend -.-|| Now i realize that most shirts made for typical malaysian guy are relatively shorter which means, malaysian guys have shorter torso..???

However me and sarah was suppose to go grocerry shopping(not junk food shoppin like DivaLisa) and we did! After hunting for clothes from 2-7pm, we went to jusco and got our stuff. DAMN I TELL YOU! It's so freaking heavy and far!

Scenario: Try carrying 4 1.5L of coke across a football field, like, twice??!!

Walau!! Regret buying those milk, so heavy... We had to walk from the basement of old wing to the highest level in the new wing carrying all that. I think my arms are dislocated after carrying all those stuff.
That's me, resting infront of MPH before proceeding to the carpark. I even spoiled my shoe in the process of doing so. So now, instead of buying topshop or vincci stuff, i buy toilet rolls in 1u. How stylish rightttt??

After that, Hwee drove us to Bangsar to look at those boutique shops. Very nice, it's the first time i actually went into those shops. Everything is sooooo soooo nice. But i can just sit on my hand while watching Hwee trying on tops after tops, jeans after jeans and also OMG those shoes! I tell you, if you have size 5 feets, you should go there.

Felt so Damn discriminated. They tell me they don't have mould to make bigger sizes. wtf. Sad man...!! It's not wrong to be taller than average people in malaysia ok... T_____T Everytime damn hard for me/sister to buy shoes.

Anyway, today probably is the Healthies Day in my 2years stay in KL. Woke up at 7am, attend lecture, go early lunch, come back. Then, Sarah, me and a few went to play ping pong.

Imagine. Ping Pong ok! That's like something i was forced to play during secondary school. I spend more time chasing after that stupid yellow ball than actually hitting it. After like 5 minutes, me and another gal, went to the gym for an hour, leaving the pros at their game.Keekkeeke. Then we went back to playing pingpong for like 15 minutes of so. Improving ady okay!

How smart of us to choose to be healthy on such hazy day. Hehe... Quickly thank me! Cos me and my bunch my silly friend just suck in tons of haze for you people. >_< *cough cough* Tomorrow my landlord will be sending JacktheDog away for 2 months. That's call for celebration dude!! The house will be fur free and no more stuff will be devour by that lil devil. My nike will be safe from it's fangs!!

Here's to the dog that has the WORST sleeping position ever! Jack!

See ya soon!!
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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Holidays Officially Over
Yup, i'm going back to KL tonight.

I think this would probably be the most fulfilling holiday for me in Penang. Most of the to-do-list was ticked. I met most of my friends, more than i expected ^_^ I had my little vacation-like in Penang touring with my KL friends as some of the places i haven't been there for almost 5 years. I met new friends from cheras, pahang and even as far as sabah.

Birthday parties and farewell is one of the things that i manage to attend. Finally! Most of the time, i would be in kl in my small little room while friends celebrates in penang =(

I even managed to attend important family events that normally i will miss because i'm in KL. That will be DivaLisa registration and engagement dinner party. Will blog bout it later when i'm in kl.

I pwned Penang food! hHAHahAHa...definately! Ice kacang, fried oysters, pohpiah, seafoods, lok loks etc etc etc

The Banquet, Devils Wear Prada, Little Man, You, Me and Dupree, and Rob-b-Hood; I've watched them all. Dejavu.I think i did left out a few more movies in my list. I used to be a movie junkie when i'm in penang, visiting the cinema at least once a week. But it's almost impossible to do that in kl...

Btw, i thought i mentioned that i already bought the tickets for Rob-b-hood but how come many of you still ask me to watch in kl? KEKEKKE Really damn nice, should watch. Plus, so many leng chai's inside the movie like daniel wu, andrew, conroy and baby matthew..hehe.. Baby matthew is the cutest being i've ever seen except from of course, my baby, Jaz.

So obediently i will now go back to my little cell in KL. People will again see me online 24/7. For the last semester in my life. Very nice timetable i have, hopefully there won't be much changes. Monday no class, friday until 10am only. Woohoooo!!

Of course, since it's the beginning of the semester, i *again* bertekad untuk ber-do better in my studies. Be a nerd for the first time. This time it might be real.

Entering the last quarter of the year, it will again be fill with much celebrations of life and joy. Next up, Ostrova's 21st birthday and then my turn to be princess of the day, followed by christmas*hopefully in singapura* and DivaLisa wedding. At the same time, i need to be busy with assignments, final year presentations and final final exams. On top of that, i might need to do part time to save enough money to accomplish what i want like dresses for the wedding, my small trip in december and graduation trip with my coursemates.Hectic yes, but i'm still looking forward to all of that.

Bye Bye Penang.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
The end of life.

My primary HD in my penang pc die-ed on my last night. That's where i kept my photos and songs ever since i know how to icq with people. Can. You. Just. Imagine. How. Long. Is. That??

knncb..all gone. Not only that, i guess i'll be held responsible for all losses by my sister and brother cos i'm the one that always meddle around with the pc. I mean other than online and normal stuff. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!

I tried to salvage whatever i could the whole farking day but to no avail *shakes head in disbelieve* DIE Liau la this time...... T_________T

Not my fault la......i'm also victim.... Luckily i transfered most photos taken recently to cd or distribute to rakan sebaya already. OMG! I couldn't image what will happen if i lost all Desmond's birthday photos and Ah Wong's penang trip... I'll be devastated on top of what i'm feeling right now.

Sorry won't be any update soon..Too sad to blog bout happy things. I'll go mourn for my hard disk now.

Oh, by the way, do you know how hard i tried to watch that Rob-b-Hood movie?? I line up for god knows how many times already but always full house!! Penang people please watch other movies can? Let me watch before i go back kl la! 2 damn weeks ok... o_O I tried to buy tickets to watch that movie for 2 damn weeks.

Even today when LadyCow buy the tickets for tomorrow movie, we still had to sit on the 2nd row =.=|||

I guess i'll leave the story bout the haunted karaoke room for next time. The ones that already know bout it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Friday, October 06, 2006
Kirishima @ Cititel
Moshi Moshi...Happy Lantern Festival!!! Today also marks DivaLisa's final day in singledom. She's bound to the ground forever! HAHAHA

I love japanese food. I can eat japanese food everyday!

It just so happen that my best buddies share my love for japanese foods as well, how wonderful can it get huh? So on 27th September, a day before jasonyong fly, we finally decide to go kirishima after much much arguements, outburst of cursing from summer and procrastination.

We each had a main dish and we shared some appetiser. Like the must have super fresh sashimi~~ I like salmon, not smoked salmons because it taste ashy.. like the name SMOKE Salmon..HAHA This one got 6XS ok..super power!

Then we had this fish which is kinda hard and looks like kiamhu or salted fish. Nothing much to shout about except for it's price 0_O
This is the Rainbow sushi, they made the top part colourful like rainbow yet tasty.YumYum!

Not to forget the Unagi Sushi, i feel tat it's nice although i don't really fancy sesame seed on/in my food.
Here's my favourite jap food of all, simple yet so godlike tasty!! I like rice that taste sweet and i can mix everything together and eat. Merely thinking of it makes me hungry. I always order it everywhere i go. It's like i want to try out every katsudon there is, and compare abit. Abit crazy huh...nvm

Next up, LadyCow's order i find abit weird. Too soupy for my liking. HAHA it's nice they scoop nice, hot, white steamy rice into a cup of green tea.

Honestly i feel the dinner started off weird. Maybe we have not get together too long. Maybe we have not spoken to each other for too long. Frequencies had been fiddled with over that 1 year period we have not met up. Hmm...Sad yet true. People tend to drift apart when you don't hang out together much. No topic, nothing to start conversation.

However, thanks to Horsey, it got us all back track. Like a lighted match that met the wick of a dynamite. Poof!! And there we go until the waitress had to tell us they are closing soon. HHAHAHA On the way out, as usual, we had to take photos with the each other. That's when we realize they have a mirror as wall deco. Ngek Ngek.. This one summer was cut into 2..poor dear.

Then we had another one, which we all cramp into a frame, because no one wants to share the fate of summer. HEHEHE...See all the space around -.-||

That's all for tonight. Had a loooooooooonnnnggg day today. Luckily the guys went Dota or else, i probably am not home by now. hehe..first time i was grateful they went killing spree instead of hanging out together =)
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Part II: Penang Tour
So this would be the 2nd and final part to this.

We went to the Batu Ferringhi in the morning and was immediately surrounded by those beach boys that follow you whereever you go. They have horseback riding, parasailing, banana boat and parasailing but all at super overcharge prices. And even when we repeatly said NO and shake out heads like mad, they relentlessly follow us around like annonying fly that wont go away.Ended up, we had to walk far far far away before we escape from those people --"

The waves are surprisingly high that morning. Initially just playing sands and wetting our feets, turn to full-blown beach party. It all started when one got hit by a huge wave because he's too slow to run up shore. Then they started to drag one another into the sea. Boys... o_O

There must be something wrong with bloggers because i can't seem to upload some photos directly from my pc. Anyway, we went over to Sarah's place to clean up then lunch before going to the staple places for tour like Fort Cornwallis and etc. Before that, we stop to have some deep fried stuff along Jetty. THE BEST i tell you in penang!! Especially the thnee kuih which is my favourite!!
Sarah was incharge of bringing them for dinner because i had dinner with Jasonyong and the girls. I met up with after that, when i saw them walking on the street Lol. When to upper penang road before calling a night. Those guys very kuai ler.. Prefer temples and dota to clubs and hot chicks. HAHAHAHA
The next morning, the guys pick me up from my house before heading to Kek Lok Si, another penang landmark. I don't really like that places because it screams $$$$$$ all over. Want to go to new section, must pay. Want to see new statues need to pay again. All for what? For the monks to hire maid and drive luxurious cars like mercedes? Ohh Puhleezeee la.. We don't get to see good people anymore there except these good heart guys from KL.HAHA

Even their urns to stick joss sticks are different. EVEN their joss sticks are not the red red type *roll eyes*
After all the climbing of stairs, sure hungry right!! We stop to have lok lok and some coconut before bidding bonjuor to the fellas =)

Remember to bring me to cheras best western food ya!!!
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Sunday, October 01, 2006
3 Important Events of the Week
I shall take a break from the Penang trip post to blog about what is happening closer to my heart first =)

Wednesday was a dinner with Jasonyong at Kirishima. It's the farewell dinner for him. He always gets fancy fancy dinner ler -.-" Last year was at Ingolf. warao. Burn pocket, but mostly what jason ask, it's a nod from the girls =P

Back to the land of leprechaun you go for another year before i see your faces that have the most chinese eyes ever. HAHAHA Be good ya! Don't be notty there. Yar, when you go switzerland, remember to go climb the hills and sing like Sound of Music. HAHAHAHA

Last night, saturday, was probably the bestest time i had this year in penang! It's like chinese new year, almost everyone turns up for desmond birthday. It was a celebration for des's bday and partly a farewell for foobaks whose going back to manipal the very next day. Most of the guys are going back to kl the very next day anyway.

It was definately the most high-spirited dinner i had this year. So scared the whole place will come down on us because of all the noise and shifting we did. hehe..

Desmond, finally got your golden key. Although it's legal but i hope you don't donate money to Uncle Lim ya =O I wish you happy birthday again and many many blessed years ahead of you (and cake masks too) I hope you wont balas dendam on my bday because clearly i DID NOT dunk your head into that cake. I just took photos of it. KAKAKKAAKAK i look so fat in the above photo but tat's the only considerable nice shot we had last night T_____T But it's ok, u still look like a million dollar!!

Foobak! Remember to learn how to make nice roti canai for us ok! Maybe next time you can open a clinic cum mamak stall. hAHA...I don't think you read me but i still wish you the very best in your studies! Don't send me photos of cadaver anymore!!! Send me nice nice photos of Gao :D

I will make individual post on kirishima and des bday soon!! As soon as i have the time for it!!

Ps: I wanna thank everyone who has visited this blog even for 1 second. I just realized that my counter had more than 10K hits. To the 10 000th person, i love you!! I love each and everyone of you for spending your time and visiting my tiny space on the world wide web

And i watched Devils Wear Prada. It's highly recommended people! I just love the clothes in there. Seriously ALL girls will love that movie. It's so real. Added note: DivaLisa is the devil that wears prada except that maybe now she isn't wearing any prada because she's sleeping in the room. Hehe. She is sooo meryl streep in that movie. I'm joining the devil in dream land now.

That's all.
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