Saturday, October 14, 2006
Holidays Officially Over
Yup, i'm going back to KL tonight.

I think this would probably be the most fulfilling holiday for me in Penang. Most of the to-do-list was ticked. I met most of my friends, more than i expected ^_^ I had my little vacation-like in Penang touring with my KL friends as some of the places i haven't been there for almost 5 years. I met new friends from cheras, pahang and even as far as sabah.

Birthday parties and farewell is one of the things that i manage to attend. Finally! Most of the time, i would be in kl in my small little room while friends celebrates in penang =(

I even managed to attend important family events that normally i will miss because i'm in KL. That will be DivaLisa registration and engagement dinner party. Will blog bout it later when i'm in kl.

I pwned Penang food! hHAHahAHa...definately! Ice kacang, fried oysters, pohpiah, seafoods, lok loks etc etc etc

The Banquet, Devils Wear Prada, Little Man, You, Me and Dupree, and Rob-b-Hood; I've watched them all. Dejavu.I think i did left out a few more movies in my list. I used to be a movie junkie when i'm in penang, visiting the cinema at least once a week. But it's almost impossible to do that in kl...

Btw, i thought i mentioned that i already bought the tickets for Rob-b-hood but how come many of you still ask me to watch in kl? KEKEKKE Really damn nice, should watch. Plus, so many leng chai's inside the movie like daniel wu, andrew, conroy and baby matthew..hehe.. Baby matthew is the cutest being i've ever seen except from of course, my baby, Jaz.

So obediently i will now go back to my little cell in KL. People will again see me online 24/7. For the last semester in my life. Very nice timetable i have, hopefully there won't be much changes. Monday no class, friday until 10am only. Woohoooo!!

Of course, since it's the beginning of the semester, i *again* bertekad untuk ber-do better in my studies. Be a nerd for the first time. This time it might be real.

Entering the last quarter of the year, it will again be fill with much celebrations of life and joy. Next up, Ostrova's 21st birthday and then my turn to be princess of the day, followed by christmas*hopefully in singapura* and DivaLisa wedding. At the same time, i need to be busy with assignments, final year presentations and final final exams. On top of that, i might need to do part time to save enough money to accomplish what i want like dresses for the wedding, my small trip in december and graduation trip with my coursemates.Hectic yes, but i'm still looking forward to all of that.

Bye Bye Penang.

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