Thursday, December 28, 2006
Wrapping Up Year 2006
Can you believe it? In just a few more days, it will be a whole new year. AGAIN. Time flies. Definately. I still remember my new year celebration 2004 was very somber as all celebrations for the new year was cancelled due to the Tsunami incident. Another bad news is that on that night itself, i got a call saying a friend passed on :(

Reading my old friendster blog, i realize my english has deteriorate. Now my blog is like all capalang language but back then i UsEd tO TyPe LiKe ThIs oN My bLOg and thinks its so kewl -.-||

Last year i wrote
Time really flies. It seems like yesterday when i was clickin beer bottles with pling in sega. it still seems like yesterday for alot of things in my life cant believe tat a year has gone by..and i din really achieve much at all..shit!!!

A year older...but issit a year wiser? hahah

For this year i will berusaha to be a better me, if fates allow find a good lookin & *generous* other half try to get some A's in my result, save some money and buy a digital camera! Go! GO! berusaha!! hahahah
Seems to me nothing much has change. Even the way i say things, "time flies". Sorry, I'm not very creative when it comes to words. hehe. Out of the 5 resolution i made,
  • I successfully bought my camera!!
  • I hope i've been a better person >_< children's shelter. I also offered to give free hugs but feedback is that i will kena tangkap by polisi =.=
  • I did not get A's for my studies but at least i passed the 2 gruesome papers much feared by everyone taking my course, seniors included =p
  • Save Money? Come again???? - enough said-
  • Good Looking and Generous other half, i did found, Yup yup, handful of them everynight in my dreams. Too bad ler.
So what would it be this year? In addition to the earlier post i made bout what have i changed/achieved this year:

First Half
I officially started blogging at blogspot. Went back Penang for 3 loong loooooong months. Which i spend ranting and rambling almost daily here. Tasted my first Chocolate Fondue with dearies. Went indonesia after so long. I think most exciting and scary of all was that, one of my entry was copied and forwarded all over Penang and i suspect even malaysia. It's was fucking scary. You can ask Edzil how scared i was then. My hair was permed into curly fries and i finally striked out Kerachut on my list of places to go. The rest was pretty mundane i guess, eat shit sleep stuff

Second Half
I can say that the second half of 2006 is pretty much occupied with assignments, tons of friends birthday parties, and WorldCup. WorldCup alone has taken 2/12 of my year as i was very into it, following almost every match. First time ever i was a fan of football and i was ever since. I also had a wonderful time in KL mostly because WilliamT was here with his smartcar and mad driving. There's also a water cut for 3day at my place in kl. TORTURING 3 DAYS! As i said, the second half is filled with birthdays and also goodbyes(which i hate the most). SweetSarah, LadyCows, Spyder's, Ostro's and Mine.

Hey, i think this post is getting lengthy.

So did i had a good year? Looking back, i guess i did!

Resolutions for 2007 :

I'll live my life as if it's the last day of my life. Life is to fragile to fool with, so i will fool around when i still have. It's seriously too short to NOT DO what you want. May I go places I've never been too, meet more interesting people, and do things I've always wanted to do but chicken out.

I hope YOU have a great year ahead!!
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I can't believe that someone actually would feel that.
Today after I ask a friend to check out a hot chick sitting behind him, he told me that he feel i'm a lesbian.


Never in a million years!! I have nothing against lesbian but i would never be one. NOT my cup of tea. NEVER!

but can you feel out a lesbian? Like you can smell out a Colistrian out of a bunch of Girls?

but still WTF??!!?!!?!

I mean, not having a boyfriend for a long time doesn't mean i've switch okay?! Summer say she'll never ever believe i will be a lesbian because i so gilakan lelaki. -_-|| I'll take that as a compliment in this case babe.

Running off now to catch a guy to smooch in public...Cheers!


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
So Hows Your Christmas?
*edit* Connection so slow like turtle!! News say it need 3 weeks to repair the connection! Soon you will see casualties of the earthquake from Malaysia. Those heavy gamers and internet junkie like me throwing ourselves out of the window T______________T

Hi, It's been a while since i blog. Me miss blogging. Or else i wouldn't have blog even for that 1 liner in the middle of the night. But then again, since when i blog during the day =P

So hows your christmas? Was it christmassy like how it was suppose to be? Family and friends having dinner, with a long spread of good home cooked food, some wine/champagne plus some christmas carol playing on the loop for the whole nite. Best if there's mistletoe and people actually follow the mistletoe rules ( I would want tony leung under it, wish reeaaal hard)

I would love to have a christmas like that, one day, some day before i die. But i spend mine this year clubbing the night away, just the rest of the 30 days in a year.

Anyway Christmas Eve night started with me being realllly pissed off.

" You better keep your mouth shut when you see them, or else i scared you will scold the hell out of them" - Summer

We headed over to Glo as most places was full and only the Des can get us a table in Glo. Muaks Muaks. Momo(the new club) has line long enough to go around Georgetown. I also found my dear brother sober and dancing outside the club with a huge Santa crown on his head. lolx

Honestly, the countdown in the club kinda suck. The atmosphere and ambience was simply not there at all. Worst, almost everyone in the club was just standing and staring at other people. I can clearly see because of the good spot Des got us(muaks again) I mean, come one la, if you really want to stand and stare go somewhere else, not a club where most people are there so dance ok?AND then the countdown started out of no where, the people there aren't even hype up for it. The song they played for the countdown was FINAL Countdown. How creative*yawn* AND instead of some merry, jolly Christmas Song, they played

' Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away'

I'm like "wtf" immediately!

Anyway, you can have the utmost time of your life anywhere if you were with the right group of people. Luckily, I was =)

We sapu manyak liquor that night, the most i can recall when clubbin with this group of people.Hmm, not bad ya. BECAUSE OF THAT, most of the photos you'll see me trying to spread some love >_> Ooo, i so remember being tipsy and talking nonstop on the way to mamak. I bumped into Sarah when i was on the way out to get Kelvin. She say I was looking at the sky most of the time when i was talking to her and gripping at the chair -_-|| Really got that bad meeeeeh?? LADYCOW, not that bad right???!!!

See i sayang you so much, must side me ya!!!!!111 ...

What's the best part of Christmas??

I find this photo the cutest!!!!! Because both of us had the same pose! Without knowing till the next day!! wArao! Camwhores kau kau =PPresents exchanging!! HOOOO!!!

Sober and all, we headed over to Raffee mamak were me and speng bumped into our secondary schools juniors and seniors. Me and teongli got the biggest presents of all.
The Most Useful Present ever!! My box contains all sort of junk food, rhymes nicely with my name hehe(internal joke) and then Teongli got all instant noodles, supplies during exam season. Hebat!
Most Priceless Pressie is no other than the love pillow that Summer handmade & handstitched for us. When i saw it, i was like OMIGOD~ I wouldn't have that much of patience to do such stuff. Thanks ALOT~~ L-O-V-E IT so much!! Perfecto is the stitches. You surely inherited your mom skils in being a Stepford Wife d. Now every night i sleep with it, my air liur meleleh on to it. That's how much i love it. HEHeheehehe
Got home at 5+am and i mati on my bed till 1030am to go balik KL, on the way, stopby Ipoh for the chicken rice. So MANY PPL!! Wait also >30mins =_=

We saw manyak photos with celebrities visiting that shop like Nicholas Tse, Eason, Landy, Fish Leong, LMF, Penny Tai dan manyak lagi. So if we eat what they eat, does that make us same status like them? Woohoo, I'm a star!!! = DHere's all the stuff i got this christmas. Even DivaLisa got me something =)

Thank you again for the wonderful 3 days i had in Penang. So worth the many sleepless night rushing assignments to go back.The curi masuk other people cinema time. The kebaya-making. The Queensbay trip with Milkyway. The Man Utd kick butt match. The Christmas Eve. The Presents and most importantly, your presence and thoughts. Like what Des said, you people made me realize the value of friendships are not weight by how expensive things are, but the effort and thoughts put in it. =)

12 Days of Christmas, 8 days left.

3 Days left to a whole new year. What lies ahead of me?

For now it would definately be the ASSIGNMENTS if i have the time, i will put up another post before 31st Dec...... then 400km Journey back home for DivaLisa's Wedding! Finally!!

The Wedding is here!!


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SP: PPP Love

PPP Love. I’m supposed to blog about why I love PPP.

Isn't it obvious enough? Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I get to blog which is something I love to you even though sometimes the topics aren’t that relevant but still I try to choose those that are relevant to me so that I can talk more bout it.

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In a nutshell, I get paid just by blogging. Isn’t that cool? Plus, the process and requirement are not lengthy and complicated. EVEN a computer illiterate girl like me can handle it, what more can I say bout most of you people out there?The purpose of this is for blog marketing

So join ppp now and we can go shopping together. Meantime still sg wang, soon KLCC babeh =P If you could do me a favour, just add in my email as REFERER. Million Thanks.


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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Post A Secret
Do you honestly believe that i'm drunk when the drinks starts pouring and my speech starts slurring?

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Saturday, December 23, 2006
My Only Wish This Year
-->To remain as happy as i am today for the rest of next year.

My All Time Favourite Christmas song ever:

Everyone thought my wish is:

But i just wish everyone would have a

Although deep down i know that

However, i myself don't know who is the "you". Confusing aint it. It's ok. I'm confused myself.

Dear Non-existing-Fat-man-in-huge-furry-redsuit/Santa, I've been good this year. Can I have one wish this year?

Have yourself a Merry Lil' Blessed Christmas!
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SP: PayPerPost Own Blog

Hey! To all the PayPerPost member or to those that interested out there! The payperpost now has their own blog. On their blog, there’s like random news, updates of the opportunities available to us, videos on RockStartup, even tips on how to post our opportunities. Plus, we can post our views and comments on that blog and be heard by the moderators.

They also have like a groupie thingie on who reads the blog on the sidebar, and I see photos there. My guess is that, if you join the reader group, your blog might be featured on that blog. Well, to me its not a bad thing, as most probably that will increase the traffic to my blog anyway =)

So just check it out if you want to know more as it’s like message board/community board to us = D


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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Just when i need to release my frust...
i can turn to my blog at anytime!!

Well, just about anytime provided i have internet access =)

What am i doing up at 5.48am on a friday? Firstly, i've been doing my assignment for few days in a row. Wedneday, i tried to finish my assignment which you might have guessed i couldn't although i slave throughout the whole night until 7+am in the morning

After taking a nap, i woke up at 11am(surprisingly) to continue with my assignment, ignoring the fact that msHweee2 and sarah is waiting for me to go midvalley. Staring blankly at the screen full of numbers, excel sheets and words for the next hour made me realize i need a break.

Off to midvalley i get things done for DivaLisa's wedding and some last minute stuff. hungry, i finally get to eat my supper, breakfast, lunch + tea at 4pm after shouting at hweee and sarah. They rather zoom in from 1 shop to another then let me eat... =.=||

Oooh....then continue shopping again until we met up with masterlong. Got home at 10plusss and i've stay put infront of the monitor until now. Amazinnggg.

Remember i've only slept for 3 hours the day before.

54 hours

5 hours of sleep

I'm Officially from Krypton!!!!

AND I've
never beeeenn so homesick before in my 1.5 years stint in kl~!!!!! Infact, i've never been homesick before. EVA

2pm!!! I'll get to board the familiar bus and go HOME!! WAraooooo....ME WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!! and get away from all the stupid number, books and never ending assigments!! I want to break free !!!

Me <3 Xmas!!!!

I've been to midvalley like 3 times within 7 days. HAHAHAHA. Last year during xmas week, i was there 5 days out of 7 =.= why?

Anyway, thanks to SARAH and SinYee for accompany me there for THE DRESS hunt =) and also thanks to Summer and for keeping me awake and not pengsan on my desk

Photos overload, for those that dont have not seen the Sweetest Christmas decoration in Midvalley. Me Love it! Too bad i don't get to watch the show. Hmm...

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Monday, December 18, 2006
Love/Hate Relationships
Fatty, Unhealthy Fooods

Feel free to continue on with the list.


fuck msn today. once log in, my whole window hang, then i have to ctrl+ alt+ del ... Somemore canot format my pc at this saat saat genting when i need to hand in the stupid msn on friday, few hours before i board the bus back to penang to see my dearies..wohoo!

I dono, i look forward for this xmas trip. Dono why la, maybe there have been many late night/hearttoheart talk with Summer, so i eager to see her NEW HIP CHIQ LOOK =P

Been stuck at home for the past 2 days slaving away at 1 single thing only. Income statement, ratios, this and that. Hey, i can balance no sheet ok!! shit ler..die die also must hand in then frEEEE of assignment!! At least for the moment before the FINAL FINAL!! warao.. can die dot com.

Eh eh....i was suppose to post the above few words only, how come rant so long??? U see, that's what happen when i have loads of work on hand.

I got diverted easily!! Aihh....

and today, inspite of overloaded with work, not so surprisingly i agreed to go KLCC with Ben and beiyao. It's nice having lunch and catching up! I think i did alot of talking just now, wahhahaha...Excuuuseee me, but i need to release all the cork up energy in me !! =P

Okla...continue my work....Maybe will post something with nice photos, if i'm in the mood the mood means, emo..means non productive academically but very productive socially...kekekekee....



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SP: Home Karaoke Machine Guide

You know, in Penang, when it comes to karaoke, everyone will say redbox redbox..alllthough personally, I would NOT go there if given another option. Cos we have be on the waiting list to get a room most of time, have to sabar and stand the sometimes rude service that we were given. What’s more with the haunted room?? It’s all about the experience of singing karaoke.

So why don’t you bring the whole experience back home? Into your comfort zone, where you can sing whenever you want, drink whatever you want with no extra cost and not being scared shit bout having another extra “person” in the room with you.

It’s now possible with Home Karaoke Machine Guide!! Click Click Click away to a better karaoke experience at ur own home... heheheeheehheh

okeey..i sound damn salesppl here..soly....


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Saturday, December 16, 2006
I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!I want to go singapore for xmas!

I WANT TO GO SINGAPORE SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO sakit everytime someone mention to me that they going singapore this coming season.Fuck it la wei...............i'm happy that those people gets to go/gone but i wanted to go sooo bad also mar........

looking at other people's blogging bout xmas in singapore......ouuchhh!!!

next time i wont get my hopes high ady, i even brought my passport to kl with me already and save up some money to go singapore. Even refraining from shopping so that i can go mad in singapore sale.....u bois la...ppk me again...!!! =(((((((((((

ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaks down and cry*

"sure got chance to go, dont worry"
"there's always next year"

That's what they tell me. But i don't even know where i'll be next year this time. Maybe i die liau leh.....then i'll never know how it's like...diu lor....

singapore is not singapore without xmas...*hiks hiks hiks* not special anymore....


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Friday, December 15, 2006
It's Christmas already??!!
I couldn't believe that a year had already zoomed pass my 20/20 eyes so fast. It seems like yesterday that i celebrated my first Christmas out with my friends. Going to gurney on motorcycle. and walking 30min wearing heels to Gurney, stand there for 5 mins, and walk another 30mins to get back home.

Jeez, things teenager would do!! HAHAHAH

Thinking back, I don't know what i had achieved this year. I've gone from silky straight hair to curly, wavy, unruly hair.

From dumb blonde to bombshell brunette! (my hair colour btw)

From accesories-less, to countless earrings, bags and necklaces =)

From having such an angry blog, to this mild/moderate blog.

From being a penang girl that don't travel even to Butterworth, to covering more than 2400km in less than 1 month and 800km per month.

From never been anywhere posh-ier than Sushi King, to indulging in Jogoya!!

From being going out almost every single day, to being a permanent resident on MSN.

From being a casino virgin, to a being a veteren =.=|| *donate banyak to uncle lim d*

From being a football dummy, to knowing what an offside is.

From never failing a subject before, to knowing how failing feels like. IT SUCK! BIG TIME!!!!

From being no where historical before, to conquering one of the World Heritage/7th wonder of the world and Malacca.

From being 3 siblings in the family, to having a brother-in-law =)

Many more..that i couldn't recall right now...

My.... i've changed alot throughout this year. But i'm still very emo sometimes.. Emotional unstable homosapien, ups and downs, just like how life is made to be.

Going through last year Christmas was so memorable it's unforgettable.

Seems like yesterday, when 3 young naive penangites drove down to kl in a "7-seater" in search of adventure, excitement and fun. Singing offkey to "My Humps" was the highlight plus impromptu trip to Genting and freezing everyone's ass off.

First time, getting lost in Kepong was fun with you crazy people in the car. Losing the car keys in club and celebrating finding it on the floor later on. Me, cracking the screen of my phone when i feel on it. Me, blurting out nonsense while being sober all the way to Murni.

Experiencing Christmas somewhere other than Penang was remarkable. Made possible by the dearies!! Friends come and go, but the best are here to stay.

It would be hard to beat the time we had last year, but i believe it can be made possible.

Things will change, life will change, people will change, friends will change too.

But the memories we had will never change forever. So be sure to enjoy every moment of your life.

Merry Christmas!!

to, acs & Jasonyong:
Miss you people lots here! have a white xmas(smtg we canot have), enjoy urself in nyc, lisbon and XX place. hehehe Ohya, remember my postcards!!!
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SP: Payperpost

Ok, so most of you people must have known by now, that I do post up sponsored post from The wave of blogging for payperpost suddenly hit the blogosphere by storm so it’s quite impossible for me not to notice the number of bloggers blogging for it.

So, one fine day, I decided to try it out after observing how it works for quite awhile. By now, I’ve only tried posting up 2 entries and I’ve going to be paid $10 soon. Just by typing away on the keyboard. No sweat people!!

Student = poor

Student = Me

Me = poor

Equations show that I need the extra pocket money. What’s more with the upcoming festive season? Christmas present, New Year celebration and most importantly


DivaLisa wedding dinner!!

Anyway, for those who are interested, can ask me more bout it or just type my email as your referral if you were to sign up la. kwakwakwa. thanks!!


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Suplex 2006
This is the camp that i've been yearning to attend for years. Each year, something will come in my way inclusive of this year. I went back all the way and my hope got smashed up in the beginning but thank god all's well end's well =)

Lazy to type the details since butt and spyder already did so. SO, i will just copy paste what they wrote with abit of my own words here and there. LOTS OF PHOTOS PPL!!

This year's suplex is kinda special from previous ones... Like Teong Li said "Ki Ni Suplex Chin Ho Mia"... Instead of taking the blue HIN bus early in the morning at Komtar, we initial D all the way up there. Before leaving civilisation, we stop for breakfast. Poor people like me only drink Milo ais, while rich ppl tarpau mcD.

When we reached there... we kena tamparan yang paling hebat in the history of Suplex~!!! For those who don't know, the annual camp was held at Pantai Kerachut and no where else. But the kakak there said "Sorry la...kerachut sudah ada 100 sudah penuh lo...jadi sorry...tak boleh camp sana" Then everyone was like so down and potong stim maximus!

After a looong discussion and result-less voting, we decided to go teluk duyung aka monkey beach. Since the theme is "Ho MIAH"/easylife, everyone got on the boat and no one hike there.hahahaha We have to stop for a moment to thank our Legendary Eagle for climbing down the ladder one-handed!!! with the other one supporting one heavy carton of tesco mineral waters on his shoulder!!!thanks orang paleolitik!!

After angkat semua barang onto land...over there got many shelter and table but the boatman said "cannot use shelter, cannot use table, cannot camp here and there" meaning they wan us to build a tent in the middle of the sea lo...Pretending to be ignorant, we build the tent IN FRONT OF THE "DILARANG BERKHEMAH" SIGNBOARD!!! Jadi each time we build one place, we kena halau to the again...halau again...

Des: Abo we don build it lo… we make it flat with everthing inside the they dunno we will berkhemah liau lo!!!...
After that (1st joke of the day)
Wei peng: "the boatmen will say "walaupun saya tak berpelajaran tinggi tapi saya tahu ini ialah khemah" HAHAHAHAHAH

So its time for lunch...We have a few who made us Nando’s, KFC, Kenny Rogers, Dave’s Deli (sedap sekali!) while the other few read newspapers and talk kok, while some prefer to get caught by the tide during fishing. hAHAHAHA

After lunch, everyone go and cari makna hidup...Some "hip seong"/trigger happy, some tidur, some "pak toh", and somehow, the rest got sooo fascinated by the creatures that lives on the beach.... Chee Book even made a mini aquarium for them...hebat~

I would like to say that we really took alot of precautions for rains. It's good to know that the boys thought of the girls well-being throughout the camp. Then later in the afternoon, we move to higher group with a better shelter cos of a drizzle. But nothing stop the boys from football!!

Not even a storm, they just sit and gaze at the darkening, menacing clouds hovering over some foreign land.

At night, BBQ time!! Thanks again to Legendary Eagle for inventing fire and killing generations of ant... So we feast, feast and feast... We survive the dark with just 3 flashlights that had to be shared between 15 people. Plus, they are so inventive bout the flashlights, they actually tied it to the beam of the shelter and make portable lamps!
The best place to be is at the end of the production line.

Later at nite, wanna go star gazing lo but more like moon gazing...The moon is so bright, when u sleep under the sky, it's like having a torchlight pointed at ur face. AND IT'S SO FREAKING COLD!!! Sleep on sleeping bag, the bag also wet from the air moisture. OMFG, canot sleep soundly, because the tide came just a meter from sweeping our sandals away.

End up sitting next to the bonfire chatting like zombie, and then got ant attack.. the ant bully us...luckily we got haosiao and grandmaster eingyung to combat and kill generations of ants thru out the camp... We just sit and watch and talk..

The next morning was rather plain...more and more lame and funny jokes.....where we can see abang hao korek a super long strecth all over the beach to hunt for lala or untuk mewujudkan sistem parit for monkey beach....after that, its just cooking breakfast and eat and everyone continue to find the meaning of life by digging up the lives under the sea and sand, taking photos and talking.

It has been a long wait to this camp, it was worth it. Going through all the trouble to go there. Bliss! seriously...couldn't wait for the next one already.

Thank you for having me there this year =)
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