Sunday, December 10, 2006
Arsenal vs Chelsea
Wahhhhhhhh!! Just got back from camping terus crash the bed till it's time to go yam-char again with the fellas.

My opinion is...boring game up until Arsenal score the first game. And also very funny one with all the pushing and Drogba puffing his chest and make Lehman fall..KAKAKAKA....gila sial...

In matter of hours, i'll be travelling 400KM again. Aih...gonna make the trip few times this month. It's the thing that awaits at the end of the journey that motivates me to travel so much this month. I hope it's worth it! The first part is already dammmmmnnn REWARDING!

I already miss the food! Chulia St Wan Than Mee is still the best lo, although sudah become more expensive.
and Kenny-Ng, here's the Chee Cheong Fun! Although it's not the best one, but it's still authentic penang chee cheong fun... =)

I'm so going to next year Suplex again, if time and situation allows. I had such a lovely time there, lazeeee around only!

Suplex!!! HOOOooooooo!!

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