Thursday, December 07, 2006
Goodbye Polluted Air for 4 days!
I'm just trying out to see if i will be able to score some extra pocket money with the previous post. Sorry la, but i'm a poor, struggling student, so opportunity comes along my way that combines my passion for blogging plus money, why not? First time writing something for money and i got it all jumble up.

Look on the bright side people, it will make me blog more~!! =)

YES! I'm going back to penang in another 1 hour. To the annual Suplex(not for me, 1st time attending) that would be held in Pantai Kerachut*where else* It's just for 2 days 1 night, so during that time, i would be totally disconnected with the world, as there wont be any wireless connection*duuhh* and from what i remember, DIGI is practically Dead over there -_______-
So goodbye kl, hello penang!! Food, Family and Friends!
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