Friday, December 15, 2006
SP: Payperpost

Ok, so most of you people must have known by now, that I do post up sponsored post from The wave of blogging for payperpost suddenly hit the blogosphere by storm so it’s quite impossible for me not to notice the number of bloggers blogging for it.

So, one fine day, I decided to try it out after observing how it works for quite awhile. By now, I’ve only tried posting up 2 entries and I’ve going to be paid $10 soon. Just by typing away on the keyboard. No sweat people!!

Student = poor

Student = Me

Me = poor

Equations show that I need the extra pocket money. What’s more with the upcoming festive season? Christmas present, New Year celebration and most importantly


DivaLisa wedding dinner!!

Anyway, for those who are interested, can ask me more bout it or just type my email as your referral if you were to sign up la. kwakwakwa. thanks!!


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