Monday, January 15, 2007
A Millionaire's First Love
I just finished watching 'A Millionaire's First Love. It's a korean movie recommended by one of my coursemate who said it was FUNNY! Initially plan to watch while eating lunch, just a lil bit. But ended up watching the whole tear-jearking movie -___-
It's a ripoff story from A Walk to Remember. The one by Mandy Moore. If you like that movie, you'll probably like this one as well.

This movie somewhat reminds me of Meteor Garden also. Maybe it's the lead actor, which is soo dashing. The girl is also very sweet looking, typically cute innocent korean gal look. The synopsis is that this spoiled, rich, good for nothing brat was send off to a rural place to study as ordered by his deceased grandfather if he wants to get his inheritance.
No surprise that, he act all arrogant and try to use his money to get his way. But money doesn't work well with these village people. The scenery is really nice and i like the whole colour of the movie. Really soft and all... The soundeffect and visual editing also helps alot. Like the transistion of one scene to the next.

Anyway, just watched if you like Walk to Remember. Really similar, yet i still cry my eyes out*blows nose*

The soundtrack is really nice. However, i don't know how to upload songs to my blog. Anyone can teach me?? Thanks!


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