Tuesday, March 27, 2007
SP: Unsigned

Ahh…so we often sing along to those well known singers and already established bands. But where did they come from? How did they start being the singers that we know so well? Some may say it’s luck or like Rihanna say it’s hard work that paid off. Among us bloggers, we too have our own budding singer, the CY!

Sometimes we also need websites like Unsigned to help these aspiring artistes. This is where all the independent singer will upload their songs and hope that one day they’ll no longer be unsigned!

Hop over to support them. They need all the exposure they need right ? Especially the Blues Bands community that is getting smaller due to the huge pop and hip-hop scene nowadays~


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Saturday, March 24, 2007
> Today i saw a cat that's blind one side .. or that's what i think it is...or else, it's winking at me..haha..kinda weird.. looking at the one eye cat.

> My mom told me that a crazy/abnormal guy wandering my neighbourhood is actually my brother's childhood friend. I'm like OMG~ I guess that's how life turns out sometimes. One day you seem to know them so well, play with them and all, the next, they turn to be this cuckoo fella in your neighbourhood. Hmm..

> I went hiking today. It has been about 2 years since i've step into penang youth park. It looks really different already. Will take some photos the next time i go. It's so nice to being surrounded by nature again. Instead of listening to hip-hop, trance or pop, there's music from the crickets, birds and some uncles whistling beautiful melody. Really amazing the whistling, it's some old song, dono the title. The furthest i went is Peak 3, and my friends continue up to Peak 5.

I haven't seen the trail for Peak 5 for the past 5 years. I tak larat nak conquer it nowadays. Maklumlah, i already old..hehe.. But i shall hike to the peak one of these days!!! Don't believe i can't cos i've hike to Kerachut before in slippers.Hohoh

> Some photos taken few weekends ago...something i would like to do daily. Buat lawak with friends while sipping beers. Bliss~~


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Sunday, March 18, 2007
The weekend that was
Helo, quick update from me before the week starts again!

So friday after work, i went clubbing with my new colleague. First time going out with them and it's my element already. Hohoho..Luckily I did not do any embarrasing stuff or else, i do not know how to face them.

It was, surprisingly, a very pleasant time with them!! I expect myself to be inside my shell throughout the whole night but hmm...maybe because i bumped into a few friends and i started to warm up abit.. or because there's adequate supply of alcoholic drink on the table that night? I don't know which is which, but it's all good!!

Saturday and sunday was the most meaningful thing!! I found the love of my life already! and Finalllyy!! Why did i have to waste so much time searching when you were just there! Should have start to know you better right from the start!!

i love you!!!!!!

My dearest!!



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Friday, March 16, 2007
No sleep tonite!
Literally!! Result out tomorrow wei!! How to sleep???

Unless i drink myself to sleep...which is exactly what i plan to do, just to drown the stupid butterflies in my stomach. My eyes have been twitching on the right side since yesterday, don't know where's it's a good or bad sign. I need all the luck in the whole now!! God damn it!!!

"This is where we fight. This is where they die"

Last night, i watch 300 conveniently name 300 Pahlawan Berani Mati by our malahsia subtitle team -__- Gory, bloody and sexy!! It's like watching italian footballer dressed in only drapes for 2 hours. King Leonidas did a really amazing job!! He's the Phantom in Phantom of the opera! To think that he has a to-die-for body, and can sing so well. OMG! Perfect wei!! I like how the king is cheeky at answering the Persians questions. So Farnnee...

So damn yeng and kewl ok the movie!! Although damn violent but i still kept my eyes open*most of the time*

I think it's a law that all Spartans must dress seductively and maintain their 6-10packs until they die. You see the old council people still having great bodies and moms wearing skimply, like wtf. But i like, then 300 8-10 packs mens with face like greek gods work their abs and show their machoism!! Wooo.....really nice although some part was kinda stupid like..How come the blood vapourize into the air because the war zone looks free from blood stain? and How did the storyteller know bout the ending of the war although he left early? And how can Leonidas ask questions like "What's your profession??" hahahah....

I still love Braveheart the most, but this one can beat any movie like troy or king arthur anytime!!!! Oo, did i mentioned that all the soldiers are sizzling hot can die??!!!!?!?!

300 is so best everyone should watch! Enuf said.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
My Chinese Valentine's Day
On the 15th day of CNY, i met up with my childhood friend, Mabel. Haven't seen her for ages!! I think since we graduated from high school. I would she's the only friend i knew since i was 5 and still kept in contact. Amazing!

After dinner at Yataimura, 2 bananas that haven't seen the mandarin-orange-throwing festival after being chinese for 22 years, we decided to head down to Gurney Drive where we thought the festival would be held. Logically, because its facing the sea, and it's the sea/lake that you throw those oranges to.

HOWEVER, the gahmen had brilliantly organized the event smack right in the middle of the town. On a street, where no lake or watever natural pool of water can be found, minus the drain. So there, right infront of KuanYin Temple, they build a shack that has a net for the roof and 4 huge blue container thats filled with water.

You then throw the oranges into either side of the shack labelled, Love, Career, Health n smtg else. Throw the recycle orange that you bought into the side that you wished for. While trying to get as near to the shack as possible, Mabel and I nearly got hit by a stray orange that came from the opposite side of the shack, the fella tried too hard i guess -__-

Seeing those tourists gleefully throwing the oranges into the pool thinking it's our culture, is really kinda sad. It gives them the wrong impression of how Chap Goh Meh really means. I guess another chinese culture dying.

Other than the shack they built, nothing much was there. They had this little girl playing violin but she kept on twirling and spinning on stage that got me and Mabel laughing non-stop. And afterawhile, they had the Chingay performance. That was also the first time i've seen the huge flag live. Really amazing performance. There's one time the pole fell on that fella nose, but he carried on the show! Can you just imagine the weight of the whole thing? smack on your face? ouch!!
Before we left, we saw this chinese deity parade. Very common sight in Penang but not sure about other places. I think it's the Tua Pek Kong that night.

Next, KL trip post!!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Tag Tag and MemeMeme
So i was tagged awhile ago by wilzc, cy and joosing. I dont usually like to do meme because it's like non related to my blog but since i want to update but no idea on what to update, i'll fulfill the responsible these people thrown on me.

I'll do the one by wilzc first.

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1. I sleep with my face facing my pillow. I find it the most comfortable for me to sleep and many wonder how i breathe. I wonder myself too. Unknowing ppl sometimes thought that i was dead on my bed because i don't move alot when i sleep.

2. The possibility of me having a dream and remembering it after i woke up everytime i sleep is about 70%

3. I forgot to ate once...for the whole freaking day..without suffering from gastric...

4. I have a dog that wipes her paws after she finished poo poo or pee. And wipes her faces after she eats. My dog is even cleaner than i am. freak.

5. My mom is korean/taiwaness. I speak zero korean and reads zero chinese. Talk about ironic.

6. I'm very obsessed with my eyebrows. Although i do not know how to groom them, but i kept tweezing them -_-

So now you know 6 things bout me, let me tell you the reason i blog.

Five Reasons Why I Blog

1. In a way, it serve as a platform to keep in touch with my friends that’s oversea or when I was in KL, my friends will still know whats up with me especially my dearies but they seldom read my blog also except for erm, a few la. This also means we will not run of topics to talk about simply because we are never out of each others life.

2. I don’t need to repeat and repeat the same thing to few friends about something, so I will just say “ read my blog “

3. I’m an extremely forgetful person. I can talk to you on a certain thing, I turn around and spoke to someone else for a minute and I could have forgotten what I talked to you about. Short term memory loss I have. So I need my blog to remind me on things I did, places I go or eventful day.

4. I’m allowed to stop people from eating their food, takes photos of everyone, of almost anything. All because I blog. How wonderful!!

5. I get to attend bloggers meet, knowing amazing people from all walks of life, having great friendships and learning from these people, so why would I ever want to stop blogging?


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Armenian Street Open House
Last 2 saturday, there's this open house thing at Armenian Street. It's also the same saturday which my friends miss the first half of ManU vs Fulham because i insisted on going to this open house. The result we got con by our good friend that Van der Sar scored the blardy goal.

Anyway, getting back to the main story. We got con earlier on too -_-|| There's this scary looking uncle directing people into parking, so we park there thinking it's very near. He charge us 3bucks and yet it's 2 blocks away. Lazy to walk ady ma..

It was so crowded when we got there. So "lau juak" as we hokkien say. They have different streets with themes selling their very own delicacies, like Hainan Street, selling Hainan Chicken Rice. Although we were starving but we din buy any food because i told them the food sux. From previous experience there la, but i guess i was wrong when Sarah told me it's delicious. Sorry cheeboo.

We headed straight to the famous KhooKongsi. Usually, there's an entrance fee of RM5 per entry, just to see the clan house. After the restoration, it's like seriously amazing to look at. The craft and the art. If i'm not wrong, they hired an old man from china to paint the roof and he literally lives up there..I think it's khoo kongsi la.. To those that don't know where is Khoo Kongsi, it's at Cannon Square. A small lane from Armenian Street.

The narrow tunnel, lead us to some prewar houses. These houses usually have the one with the clan surname living in it. Like the protector of the clan, no?? That night, these prewar houses become quaint little space to exhibit dying arts in Penang itself.

They have things that I myself don't even know exist. Like cleaning out the ear wax with just a bulb and needle.

Or making beautiful flowers out of wax.

Ok, i think enough of wax.. For girls that was there, we can enjoy the culture surrounding us, but i think guys mostly would be bored. But don't worry. Preserving our heritage is also the responsible of the younger generation hence, Leng Lui!!

Pretty leh, she's selling these cute stuff made of flour. They even made hair clips from flour, but i scared later ants will crawl up my head. Haha...But it's still very deftly made.

Followed by this young girl doing some weaving using the old tools. Never seen this machine before also and this lass younger than me by dono how much know how to weave so god damn well. Good! Impreeessive lu...

This aunty very profesional. Doing accupunture..First time i saw with my own eyes!

Really concentrating wan ok..

Same goes with this guy carving. I don't know if anyone still hang these wooden plate on their door, except for temples la.

I did one of these craving during Form 3 for the art class. Which i hated so much, cos i was so scared i will carve my flesh out instead. So! my dad, mom and sister had to finish it for me ..hehe..i really hate art class cos i have negative talent in drawing. Serious shit.

Ohh..so you also can get your fortune told for only RM10! Wei, that's like so cheap ok, i think those stall in shopping complex also charge Rm50 at least. Anyway, since this guy got invited he should be quite reputable right? I wanted to get mine told but there's alot of people looking and waiting and its so hot, so forget it.
He uses this tortoise/turtle shell to shake out the coins and then read pokers. The usual stuff. Would have gotten a good shot if that botak uncle wouldn't have block my view -_-

Finally!!! Khoo Kongsi !!!

We had to brave ourselves through the sea of humans just to see this amazing structure. Then, take a few photos, buat lawak abit, and then had to go back the same way, as there's no other way out. See how close these houses are facing each other.

Same goes with other clan house buried deep inside the busy streets that we uses daily.

All in all, a very happy event, because get to see children dance, lion dance, dragon dance, tiger dance, bamboo dance

and also baba & nyonya dancing!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Welcome to my little blog.

I bet more than half of you guys saw my link from kennysia.com. =)

I'm overwhelm by the amount of traffic being directed here. A friend that appears to be more excited than me kept track of the counter and she told me that i had over 1000hits within a few hours. This morning i checked, i had over 2000 hits since last evening. That's like so out of the world to me. *hyperventilates*hyperventilates*hyperventilates*

I was surprise that i actually won the challenge as i just manage to scrape in everything in a few hours time. Thanks to the collection of photos i had in my hard drive. hohoho. I din't know bout it until people start sms-ing me bout it.

Here, i'll like to thank those that send their congratulatory sms-es, even those that message me in friendster, friends that i haven't seen for year. Gawd! Also to my family and friends that put up with my weird ritual of stopping them from eating their food so that i can get take a photo of it first.

Of course, thanks to Kennysia for giving me this 5 minutes of fame.

I hope you like it here and come visit me often =)

Hey, I need some help from you guys out there!!

Anyone can suggest to me places where i can go with nice buffet dinner, that can accommodate about 30 pax and in KL ?? I feel like trying Shangri-la's buffet but can anyone tell me their experience there? Any other place will be nice, even restaurants.

Preferably, i need to know before end of next week! So i will leave this post sticky! Thanks alot in advance!!!!


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Penang Blogger's Meet
I know i haven't been updating my blog recently BUT i got a good reason. When i was free, my modem gave up on me. When my modem was revived from the dead, i had to work from 8am-9pm++ for a few days already. So by the time i'm home, i'll be dead on my bed.

So surprisingly, i did went to the blogger's meet at starbucks last sunday. I was surprise myself as i dont usually wakes up that early(10am) on a holiday =) But i realized my license had expired for over a month*gasp* To think that i drove all the way to kl and back and all over the place, passing road blocks somemore *double gasp*

I was pretty late cos i need to wait for Joosing to fetch me after her church service. Too bad when we got there, there already took the group photos. Pretty fast this time. Anyhow, i'll put up those little photos i took and a few i stole from the flickr group ones =)

Was cool finally getting to meet those blog i stalk daily like...

With TEH 5xmom

With CY

and then followed by the usual random group photos.
I also took photo with a few others i canot remember, thousand apologies! I remember i took with Jolene, but i dont have the photos yet. Boss, also i did not took any photos with. BTW, support him by joining nuffnang, fellow friends!!

All these thanks to the over enthusiastic bloggers who are all super trigger happy!!


On other note...

Here's something that will make you guys go jealous like hell. The one girl that can make all guys melt!! The model with the face of an angel and the perfect figure!!

And i got her personal autograph!! Woohoooooooooo!! so happy!!

This one is for my brother.....

Jeles leh........ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

p.s. It's not forged wan ok! Confirmasi!

Have a nice Chap Goh Meh!!! This year, i'm gonna throw the whole crate of mandarin oranges to the sea ady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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