Wednesday, March 14, 2007
My Chinese Valentine's Day
On the 15th day of CNY, i met up with my childhood friend, Mabel. Haven't seen her for ages!! I think since we graduated from high school. I would she's the only friend i knew since i was 5 and still kept in contact. Amazing!

After dinner at Yataimura, 2 bananas that haven't seen the mandarin-orange-throwing festival after being chinese for 22 years, we decided to head down to Gurney Drive where we thought the festival would be held. Logically, because its facing the sea, and it's the sea/lake that you throw those oranges to.

HOWEVER, the gahmen had brilliantly organized the event smack right in the middle of the town. On a street, where no lake or watever natural pool of water can be found, minus the drain. So there, right infront of KuanYin Temple, they build a shack that has a net for the roof and 4 huge blue container thats filled with water.

You then throw the oranges into either side of the shack labelled, Love, Career, Health n smtg else. Throw the recycle orange that you bought into the side that you wished for. While trying to get as near to the shack as possible, Mabel and I nearly got hit by a stray orange that came from the opposite side of the shack, the fella tried too hard i guess -__-

Seeing those tourists gleefully throwing the oranges into the pool thinking it's our culture, is really kinda sad. It gives them the wrong impression of how Chap Goh Meh really means. I guess another chinese culture dying.

Other than the shack they built, nothing much was there. They had this little girl playing violin but she kept on twirling and spinning on stage that got me and Mabel laughing non-stop. And afterawhile, they had the Chingay performance. That was also the first time i've seen the huge flag live. Really amazing performance. There's one time the pole fell on that fella nose, but he carried on the show! Can you just imagine the weight of the whole thing? smack on your face? ouch!!
Before we left, we saw this chinese deity parade. Very common sight in Penang but not sure about other places. I think it's the Tua Pek Kong that night.

Next, KL trip post!!

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