Monday, April 30, 2007
Student suffers in silences
This is what i get when i express my displeasure with one of my TARC friends on MSN tonight.

i really dislike our college management
<=Terry Ng=> said:
i feel so...
<=Terry Ng=> says:
the biz office stuff very rude..
<=Terry Ng=> says:
i mean some...
<=Terry Ng=> says:
<=Terry Ng=> says:
but no choice~ as a student, cannot do anythings...

Everyone are in the same boat, but because of the upbringing that thou shalt respects elders, we do not speak up, do not dare to fight for the right, our rights..the type that we paid for.

It's always like that..from the time i was studying in advanced diploma, filling up the evaluation forms, and when the lecturer saw one my coursemate ticking "POOR" for one of the column, he act defensive towards himself and demand my coursemate to do another evaluation form. Can we still call that fair evaluation from a students view, or a lecturer's will ?

Recently a person was denied entry for the resit paper because the coursemate forgots to pay the resit fee on behalf of her. After the coursemate settled and confirm everything, they waited for the day for resit to come, but 2 weeks before the DAY, the coursemate told this person he actually forgots to pay the fee for this person.

As you might have guessed, that person who was denied to resit for the paper is me. I tried to appeal and called the college office several times, and i get is being bounced from 1 department to the next. Few days have gone, the DAY is drawing closer and hopes has been given up. All i need is a examination slip and all the office can do is print. But they refused. Do you know how much i would have lost(not counting emotionally and mentally) if i couldn't sit for this paper?

From last monday till today late afternoon, that's how long they took to attend to my appeal. This saturday is my resit day. And the program supervisor called me to just convey a message saying that this particular person from examination board will like to see me personally on Thursday before she can give me the verdict on Friday. I request for that person's number but as usual, i was told " There's no use for you to speak to her, she wants to see you"

Does it make any difference that i speak to her when i'm physically there or when i'm just 400km away? She still can hear me alright and give me the answer. What if i'm in Sabah instead? Do i need to go all the way to KL and then i might even be denied entry to examination hall.

When i explain it was too last minute for me to apply for leave and rush down to KL, the supervisor told me " Well, that's up to you then, your job or your exam is more important to you" Fine..So i have to go KL because this person like to see me very much! They always have their way.

I know i might even fail during this resit but at least i try. Now i am being stripped the right of even trying. This is coming from a education institution that have the philosphy stating that
The College FIRMLY BELIEVES that education to whomsoever it is given, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or class, will bring benefits to the people and country.
This is not the first time TAR have hiccups in time management. I dare say every year, when we have transitions for students from others states pursueing higher education in KL, we are always in a huge rush. Last year, results was release 1 week before the new intake starts. That leaves new student 1 week to relocate i.e. looking for rooms in a totally new place, settling down.
For advanced students that have resits, normally we will get to know if we get to continue our studies in UK in less than 1 month. How can that be? Last year there's some misunderstanding between the college and the uni. Resulting in some student not being able to proceed with their studies and suffering the cost of airfares and such. Most students choose TAR because it's affordable and they canot afford to suffer any losses..You canot imagine how thrifty these students can be just for the means of continueing their studies. Go next year! was the only thing they can think off..

I'll be leaving tomorrow and will update my blog once i get my verdict. Green light or red light.

I rest my case..

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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Tequila is my downfall...
Friday night was the first time in my life that i KO-ed on alco -__-||

It was so bad that i woke up in the night before clothes the next day, and i couldn't remember how in the world my friends know which floor and unit i stayed. Amazing huh!

We had tequila..and more than half the bottle is gone not even 1 hour we were there. And there's only 5 of us. I had mine mixed with orange, so i thought i was drinking orange juice and that's all. I did not see the effect coming at all at the end....Urghhhh... On top of that, i had beers and whisky because i met some other friends as well in the club.....Mixing and matching is a big i know...

Woke up the next day with the worst hangover and a huge bruise on my leg which i think is because i fell on the floor after trippin over a chair T_T Now canot wear shorts for a while ady lor.....

Damn kantoi lor....and last night went bbq with those fellas again....we played Pyramid and we finished 2 white wine, 1 red wine, 1 tequila, 1 vodka and 1L whisky......all before 1am...OMG! But surprisingly no one kantoi last night at all....hahaha.... I avoided alco totally last night...Canot repeat the same mistake again...Now see alco can feel abit meluat d....Aih...

Anyhooo, i feel lucky that i've met a bunch of "active" collegues instead of a nerdy bunch...hohoho....Going bowling then hiking with them later today...lalalala....

Balance in life ppl!! :)


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Thursday, April 26, 2007
It's the King's Birthday!!
and i had to work...It's 11pm and i'm still in the goddamn office...First time blogging from here though..
Underpaid and overworked thats what me and my team are. We are even compulsory to come and work on labour day with just 1X pay...and not the usual 3X...Even the garbage collector gets triple pay for goodness sake. tiu ....
Damn frust... i kinda hate my job right now.. ..
I dont have a life...dont have entertaiment...dont have anything except inhumane volume of work.


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Monday, April 23, 2007
I'm so speechless hope at all...not one glimmer of light in my life anymore. Even if tony leung appear infront of me, i also wont notice it anymore...
i so feel like smashing something, killing someone right now!! Sleepless nights ahead...i can see it coming..Worrying for nothing for few month....ALL FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i feel like sleeping the anger and sorrow away but need to work……tat’s life!!


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Take My Quiz!!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
It's Thursday Already......!!
Hey People...It's thursday already without me even realizing it!! Wooohooo! Weekend is near...but from the looks of it, it's kinda bleak for me :( Was suppose to go Langkawi but it seems that i might need to work!! My...When i got the news, i felt like crying because i'm so looking forward for the weekend getaway after working almost 6days a week for many weeks!!

Anyway, if i DO go, promise i will take loads of photo ya! I know my blog lack of photos recently but sorry ppl, really no time to go out. Unless you guys wanna see how my office looks like but i see everyday till wanna meluat, don really want to see it when i view my blog...hahaha...

Here's a video that i find so so so funny, i upload it to youtube so that i can share with you!! Seriously Damn funnnnnny!! I laugh till my lungs are begging for air!!

And remember the entry i blog bout pachebal rant? Here's another video from the same guy, dedicating a song to American Idol Losers. Btw, why is that sanjaya still in the competition?????

Till then, love yA!


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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Boring life = no blog
I really don't know what to blog about...which means my life is kinda boring recently. Nothing much except for the occasional movie treat for me. Urgh...i even tried going shopping yesterday with couz and bought nothing. Really nothing for me to buy, so i spend money on alcohol instead -__-" Not really spend lar, since i get a free bottle of heineken from sega last night...hohohoh...

Maybe i can tell you again how streamyx service sux but i blog bout it so many times that i sendiri also abit meluat already. I think i sure under the blackblacklisted list lor, since i called them on a weekly basis now. What to do, their service sux! I often suffer from disconnection because of their faulty port so i had to call them up to restart a new session for me.

So this is a snippet of the conversation i had with the technical support people.

TM: So i will restart the session for you now miss.

Me: What if i disconnect again today? Can you please escalate this problem so that i don't have to call this number so often?

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i'll escalate the problem.

Me: What if it happens tomorrow?

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i'll escalate the problem.

Me: Does that mean if it happens tomorrow, you wont escalate the problem??

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i'll escalate the problem.


Basically, thats how kayu the staff are, reading from scripts, like wtf, just put a recording message there easier la!! I can vomit blood ok??!! Somemore i kena the disconnection like average 3-4 times per week... They canot do anything bout it if i did not suffer from it twice a day. wtf..

Btw, Shooter is such a nice movie! Damn yeng and that memphis guy is so funny as well. I thought he damn tak guna at first, but at the end turns out he's quite useful..hehe

Anyone think this mark wahlberg looks abit like James Denton aka Plumber in Desperate Housewives??? I think he somewhat looks quite the same especially the eyebrow part. Hmmm...

That's all from me. Gonna be a crazy week at work..


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Friday, April 13, 2007
Wouldn't it be nice...
if i can still nap in the afternoon when i like...without worrying of being caught by the boss or not finishing my work.

or go to the beach with my baby jaz during some afternoon, instead of spending it being stuck in the jam on the way home.

i wish i can go home earlier everyday from work so that i can have more time for my own, rather than being labelled as workalholic and stay in the office more than 12hrs per day. I really do reminisces my time back in KL.

Speaking to my colleague on thing we had done in our life, places we have been to, experience we had, i really did not regret every single moment i spent. Considering i am among the youngest in the office, i dare to say i've done and seen more things than half of the people there. Thank god i have a set of parents that is so understanding, that does not set curfew on me and siblings, allowing us to experience life to the fullest.

So many things i can blog about yet so little time for me to do so. It has been a while since i've blog at this unearthly hour but i'm just home fr drinking with wanster and i had a great time going out with him and well, since i'm still awake, might as well jot down my thoughts.

However, i still wish i have more time to do other things so that i can blog all bout it. A memory stored forever. A memory that can be shared. How nice right :)

Things in life are so unexpected~~!~~~~~


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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Coliseum Cafe
Long time ago, when i was in KL last month, i went to this really unique place for dinner with C.Long and Sarah. I’ve read bout this place in the newspaper a couple of time.

This place is so old that it used to be frequented by the generals in the british occupation days. Even the waiters there are as old as the place. I would say the youngest one is also already 50 smtg. And it's even under the Heritage something, erm, like to preserve the place from being demolished.

The owner decided to kept the interior design, the furniture, even the tablecloth and utensils which looks like few hundreds years old ady. Even the white shirt the waiter is wearing has infiniti ink streaks on the front pocket. Damn funny sight.

The food is really nice...the beer is also cheap..hehe..No wonder even before our main course was served, half the place is packed already. The service is really fast...surprisingly lor...and the food is nice. I love mine because i ordered some specials, which has stuffed fish, ham, cheese, chicken meat and etc etc and deep fried !!! Yummylicious!! Here we have the old school style bread and butter.

The thing is, i saw alot of people ordered the sizzling hot plate steak or something. Everyone had a bib on when they had the steak, so cute lor.. then you sit and watch as the elderly waiter make the plate sizzles infront of you profesionally.

I like this photo that Sarah took of me and CLong...

Then after eating and talking, we took photos...

And we want a photo of 3 of us together, foolishly, we asked the oldest person there, which i bet to be around 60/70++ uncle. The way he hold my camera was like swaying from left to right nonstop, and the 3 of us had to follow his direction.

The Result!! It was so blur yet the uncle kept arguing with us that it's very clear -____- Everyone was like laughing in the restaurant watching our antics. At the end, we gave in to him and agreed that YES! It's a Good shot~~ :)

Yes, so they even have this very nolstagic looking bar. I really like it there..although it had the musky old smell.. Notice the coat hanger... so League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen looking yar...

It's a place that everyone have to visit.. Afterall, it's part of our heritage :)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Shits Really DO HAPPEN!!
Other than the fact that my grannie passed away on tuesday, one of my lifelong dream had to be delayed unexpectedly, I had to face a 1.5 hours jam just from Queensbay to Tesco!!!!!

All because of the stupid freaking bomb prank call!!

I curse you to hell, you maggot-infested-idiot!!!!!!

The jam was so so terrible on my side of the road towards town and its 10X more horrible on the other side of the road simply because there's no other route. So all those poor people had to be stuck under the hot sun for more than 3hours, not to mention the heat from the engines and rising temper of the victims. LIKE ME!

Because of you dumbass, ambulance that are suppose to be rushing somewhere to save some life has to be stuck in the traffic as there's NO SPACE for it to move, the sound of it's siren blare helplessly.

All because of you, i had to miss my 7pm movie date with Speng and go for the later one at 930pm.

And because i got home late, i had to park my car outside the compound, and i met a asshole! This man just pull over his car suddenly ask kept asking if i work for a certain bank. I said No and crossed the road.

HE got out from his car, headlights and engine still running and ran across the road.

I was scared he would know where i live so i just stay put!! Damn, i dono what to do except answer his stupid question (which is still the same) and eventually he asked for my name and number. like wtf~~ So i followed the drill and gave him a fake number and name.

Since his damn car is blocking the traffic, he had no choice but to move it. I took the opportunity and ran for my life.... Literally. I press the lift to 2 floors beneath mine and walked up the stairs, just incase!

Just you thought my day is over, but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

As i sat down infront of my pc ready to blog, my brother called and say he's stuck in the lift!

So while waiting for some fella to rescue him, i had to sit infront of the lift, giving him water through a straw and talking to him for 1 hour!!!!!!! Which will make me a panda tomoro morning because its 130am now and i need to get up for work at 630.



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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
What a difference a day make?
The ringing of the phone shattered the silence of the night.

Less than 24 hours after that, heaven she went. Someone close yet far away since i'm young. Too bad i did not really get to know her well. No matter what, the sun will still rise and set.

Goodbye grandma. Rest in Peace

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