Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Shits Really DO HAPPEN!!
Other than the fact that my grannie passed away on tuesday, one of my lifelong dream had to be delayed unexpectedly, I had to face a 1.5 hours jam just from Queensbay to Tesco!!!!!

All because of the stupid freaking bomb prank call!!

I curse you to hell, you maggot-infested-idiot!!!!!!

The jam was so so terrible on my side of the road towards town and its 10X more horrible on the other side of the road simply because there's no other route. So all those poor people had to be stuck under the hot sun for more than 3hours, not to mention the heat from the engines and rising temper of the victims. LIKE ME!

Because of you dumbass, ambulance that are suppose to be rushing somewhere to save some life has to be stuck in the traffic as there's NO SPACE for it to move, the sound of it's siren blare helplessly.

All because of you, i had to miss my 7pm movie date with Speng and go for the later one at 930pm.

And because i got home late, i had to park my car outside the compound, and i met a asshole! This man just pull over his car suddenly ask kept asking if i work for a certain bank. I said No and crossed the road.

HE got out from his car, headlights and engine still running and ran across the road.

I was scared he would know where i live so i just stay put!! Damn, i dono what to do except answer his stupid question (which is still the same) and eventually he asked for my name and number. like wtf~~ So i followed the drill and gave him a fake number and name.

Since his damn car is blocking the traffic, he had no choice but to move it. I took the opportunity and ran for my life.... Literally. I press the lift to 2 floors beneath mine and walked up the stairs, just incase!

Just you thought my day is over, but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

As i sat down infront of my pc ready to blog, my brother called and say he's stuck in the lift!

So while waiting for some fella to rescue him, i had to sit infront of the lift, giving him water through a straw and talking to him for 1 hour!!!!!!! Which will make me a panda tomoro morning because its 130am now and i need to get up for work at 630.



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