Monday, May 28, 2007
Look Ma!! I graduated!!
Despite all the procrastination during assignment time, all the slacking during exam time, i finally get to attend my convocation on schedule *beams*

26th May 2007 marks my convocation thus officially ending my student life in Malaysia. I'll like to thank alot of people for making this happen. First and foremost, of course to the Lee Family for even consider me as a wise investment despite all the warning sign blaring since years ago -__-

I'll also like to thank my friends in KL, Penang, and those around the globe that have been providing me entertainment throughout the 2 years stint i've been there. Because of you, i still have my sanity. For that i thank you :)

Moving on to THE DAY, i woke up considerably early and arrived at Setapak early too. Good ! Finally me family can be on time for something hohoho.. We was asked to cramp under the canopy before we enter the hall.

That's before we know how to wear the hood properly. All droppy and we think we look damn smart! That's AlanForgetful, my coursemate! We'll be flying together..hurray!

Next, we spend like 2 hours inside the hall, sitting and staring at Hogwarts-like-character passing out scrolls. Before we knew it, we were rushing out of the hall and camwhore kau kau..

That's joosing ! She's going to fly in 2 days time!! Woot! Excited for her!! Safe journey and see you alright!!

LovelySinYee, i would like to thank you for letting me stay over at your place during the resit paper time. It was one of the fun-nest time i had with you, struggling not to sleep, fighting the war against WKH and kept repeating the mantra " We don't want to be the super senior that canot graduate!!!" That's the spirit girl. I will miss you dearly as you are really a god's gift to everyone that knows you :)

Almost everyone. Couldn't manage to find Chua dan gang :(

Thanks also to those who came to the convo. I was truly happy and touched to see you people appear as i know the weather was torturing everyone. I was sweating like a suckling pig the whole damn day and look like someone who ran out from a wizard comunity ..hehehe

Milkyway, the one i've known since form 2 thanks to erhmm :P Terima Kasih kerana sokongan anda! He gave the the orange bouquet of roses.

Thanks to my dearies, Speng, Pling and Pwah who made effort to send a messenger all the way here to deliver their well wishes and greetings to me. In the form of a huge bouquet of lilies of course!! My favourite flowers!! Love you guys to bits!! Muaks!! Not forgetting the existence of the messenger on that day too. Thanks alot for coming hehehe

The biggest and most outstanding bouquet i was holding for the whole day was from Lee Family. Sunflowers!! My favourite flowers too! It will brightens up any gloomy day and wipes away any frown! Although my arm hurts till monday for holding it the whole day, i really love it.
The girls of my course. The one i am closest to throughout the years. Also thanks to Mr628 for the yellow flower!! Small yet sweet gesture from you :)


I REALLY DID IT!!!!!!! I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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