Saturday, June 30, 2007
Damp Day!!
Yea! It's been raining for the whole day again i hope there wont be another freak flood happening somewhere in Sheffield.

what sux even more than that is Christina Aguilera is having her first Asia concert in Singapore today. like WHAT!! Why must my favourite singer come and have a concert when i wont be around?? Why...............

Worse, i can't go to Jacky Cheung's concert AND GWEN STEFANI'S concerts as well... :( :( :(


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Leedmill Club
The first clubbing event i went to in UK! It was actually free because it was organized by the senior resident here at the place i stay. SO since it's free, we chinese have this natural instinct of grabbing the chance!

Honestly, it was the dodgiest club i've ever been to in my life except for ALOHA (no, i haven't forgotten bout that). The entrance makes it look like some club from the red district area and they actually play country songs. i'm like Hmmm.......i dont have my boots on, so i dont think i can dance to that !

Anyhoo, it doesnt matter where you are just who you are with right? I was kinda boring at first, just sitting there and drinking but soon after, i only know how to spell F.U.N.

Cheers darling!!

Hwee, SYee, Me & Weai

Mr. Wong dresses to the nine so much take photo!!! So smart! Really a very different look from the daily slippers =.=

Just having fun

Hweeeeee cook for meeee......i want curry on monday, salad potatoes on tuesday. Please take note!

Sexy Sue! *siren ringing* I look so plain n dull next to her :(

Everyone doing the ' nerdy dance' lead none other than our very own Shin!!

We went home early because we had a class the next morning. Everyone managed to get up, make their own breakfast, packed lunch and attended the class without dozing off. GREAT JOB everyone~!

P.S. I like reading other blogs rather than updating my one.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Car Boot Sales and around Sheffield
Since me is free and bored now, i shallll upload some photos i took at the Carboot Sale that i went to on the First Sunday i was here and some random photos around town.

So after walking for more than 6 hours, we got home past 12am and the next day we need to gather at 7am for the Car Boot Sale. All gather gather and walk together like penguins in the very cold morning to the sunday market.

REACH!! Here, the river is everywhere.. i think to the local they called it huge drain. Hahaha like the one near Midvalley.

Many many cheap stuff here. Most is 2nd hand but if you look hard enough, you will find a gem among the stones.

The huge burgers that they sell there. It's the only food stall there so it has a bee line to it. However, i still prefer Ramly burger anytime cos the burger is huge and quite empty inside except a slab of meat 0_- Somemore 1.5pd but i'm not hungry till dinner time after eating it. So it's quite worth it.

On the way back home from the market, sit and chat between the train station and university. Enjoying the morning sun. Really appreciate sun!! I now understand why the ang moh go crazy when they see sun shine. Most of the time, we'll be wrapped from top to toe because it's too cold and drizzling. Umbrellas and coat everywhere we bring with us. So at the chance of seeing some sun and it's a PLUS if it's dry, you'll see people swamping the gardens and just out and be happy in the sun.

Sheffield United stadium which is less than 5 minute walks from my place. Too bad it got kick out from the big boys game or else i might have a chance to see it play against Liverpool or ManUtd :) Oh ya, i bought the long coat for only 1pd. Damn cheap right?! Luckily i did not buy anything from WinterTime back in Malaysia. hahaha

Peace Garden at night. People like to run through the fountain. But not like those dumb people in the photos la. We wait till the fountain is ankle high only run through risking it shooting waters up suddenly. It's all about timing people..emhmmm...

Infront of the Winter Garden, next to Peace Garden. Sheffields' got alot of balls as decorative stuff around town. The huge steel balls has water flowing down at all time. very pretty sights, the disco light thingie are.

Not the Quicksilver we all know of. It's an amusement center*cough*casino*cough*. Btw, i haven't spot shops like MNG, Roxy and Quicksilver here at all. weird huh...

Netto!!! Your friendly, neighbourhood supermarket. This is where i did most of my grocerries shopping apart from Castle Market, 99p, and poundland. Must bring your own carrier bag because they don't give you plastic bags, they sell you for 3p each! Appreciate the bags that jusco or tesco gives out in Malaysia people >_>

Lastly, one of the punnet of strawberries i bought from Castle Market overlooking my room window. 2 punnet @ 1 pound. All the strawberries are besar besar belaka and some it's overgrown and erm, looks like got cancer already. hahaha..Don't dare to eat also.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
A Moment of Silence
Let's all have a moment of silence for the victims to the freak storm that Sheffield had yesterday.

It rained for more than 24 hours and the wind is like so damn crazy. I still do not know it was this serious up till today when our lecturer told us bout it.

All incoming and outgoing trains was stop and the tram and buses are all put on hold. About 900 people was stranded at the stations.

The above happen yesterday and i was still oblivious the situation is that serious, i still can brave the damn storm to the bank and walked back home. The whole day we were cursing bout the freezing wind and thunderstorm. My whole face and fingers are numb from the wind. It's not even cold anymore, it's just numb. I bet i can't even feel a slap across my face.

It's like battling with the wind and see who will survive, no idea how many umbrellas die-ed yesterday. By the time, i got home, my whole jean is wet, my socks in my sneakers are wet and my notes in my backpack is kinda soaked.

So much for first day of class in Sheffield. Definately Memorable.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007
2nd Day - Norfolk's Park
Today's Solstice Day! Which also means it's the longest day the sun will be up. Doesn;t really make me any difference to me as i've already got used to seeing sunset at 930PM. Ok, let's get to more photos from Sheffield.

Fresh or not so fresh from Manchester Airport. People from my course.

And in order to get to the Sheffield, we need to cross hilly roads where we can see alot of very blur looking sheeps. Really wolly and erm, dirty. haha but the look from the faces are really filled with ???? Btw, it's not called Peak District. Something Penine hills or dono.

Before i left, i remember Ben telling me to try the Ale and he misses it alot. Summer dear, you can show this to time. My souvenier for him. HAHah

On the way to get our SIM card, we saw this St.Mary and stopped there for so long just to take photos. Maklumlah, we all first time in UK, damn jakun and excited to see the green leaves with super fat birds and a cathedral that has a clock tower that actually works.

The first time i was at The Moor, we stayed there past our lunch time and i did not bring any lunch there that i was so hungry i bought myself a jacket potato with cheese dressing. 2 of us shared and still canot finish it. But it feels good eating it because it's windy and cold there.

This is an absolute-MUST-visit place in sheffield. Damn nice can die. Alot of people just lying or sitting on the green grass patch chatting or having lunch while you see doll-like kids running across the fountain under the sun. I love the sun here. It's nicely warm not like Malaysia stinging hot type. Plus the cool breeze, weather like this are perfect. Oooh, we saw a wedding too.

At night we went to Norfolk's Park. It's already 830pm when we start to head out from our flats. Damn bright right. hahaha.. The park is such a nice place and makes me feel like running and running and roll on the grasses. Too bad i canot lay on it because it drizzles and it's wet :(

It have a hugggge green area and lookin at it makes you more stressless. No need yoga and shrink la. So so nice i canot describe. Will go there soon again.

We ran all the way up to the end and there's a huge playground there. The stuff there, it's not for anyone so i'm not sure why they leave it there for the kids to play. As you can see, it's a thingie thats in the shape of A and you'll have to sit on it and hang on for dear life while your cruel friend swing you around. You'll feel like you'll be flung away..something like being lastic away. PLUS the cold cold wind, like wtf.

On the way to some memorial monument, we saw this! a proton SAGA~! Usually there's alot of luxurious cars park on the roadside but nothing compares the excitement when we saw this classic park behind a merc. Hahaha.. So far, waja, kancil, kenari, kelisa and wira has been spotted. Not bad eh, Malaysia Boleh!!

The monument in remembrance (if not mistaken) to some cholera plague sheffield used to had. Really breathtaking night scenery here. It's like on top of a hill so by the time we get there, everyone is like huffing and puffing. hehe..

Lastly, the train station. The whole steel panel has water flowing down all the time and it's really nice.

and a (again) really cool fountain.

Ok, it's really late now and i've limited vocabulary. My blog is getting boring i know so i'll just go to bed now :(

I'm going to York tomorrow morning. Hopefully it wont rain as the weather forecast says it will.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Hello Darlings!
I'm now reporting back from Sheffield~!!! Been quite busy since i arrived here with city tours, night tours and self tour plus the orientation weeks has started. I've been walking everywhere since the day of arrival that my toes still hurts till today. I think i can join any marathon no problem for me. Record time is walking for more than 6 hours on Day 2. I am amaze of my own capability. Must have inherited it from my grandma :)

Taking the bus or tram to get around town is simply too expensive for me. A distance of about 15 minutes walk would have cost me 2pd = RM14. You do the math if i take the bus to uni on a daily basis.

Oh, did i also mentioned that i am extremely strong in my table of 7 and i've improved tremendously on my Math ?? I've been converting each and every price tags i saw over here and honestly, not all the things here are expensive. Compared back home, some are even cheaper here. Which i will blog about next.

Picchhhasssss !!! Departing from Penang Airport to KLIA to meet the rest of Tarcians. I have a HUGE crowd sending me off that night which might have drawn attention from the other people who was there as well tee hee hee My BabyCousinTing counted and a total of 21 people was there -__-

Thanks for being there guys although i know it's kinda rush for some of you and i am so honoured that one of them flew back from scotland just to send me off :P

Here's my lovely parent. I promise i'll be good here. DivaLisa, you reassure them of that again. And i'll call back as much as i can.

Boarding the plane heading off to Dubai. The line is so so so long. After seeing a few airports, i know why KLIA is the best. Because the rest suxs.

It took us more than 6 hours to get to Dubai and the seats were quite small. I pity those caucasions whose physiques are obviously bigger than us. At least the food, the inflight entertaiment and services were good. The guys had some disappointment though with the erm, physical appearance of the stewardess..hahaha...But the girls was happy.

Dubai airport as i mentioned in my tagbox has wifi but it sux because it gaves us all the internet addicts false hope. And there's alot of corpse lying around the entire airport =_=

I don't understand how does people can sleep in that position on the stone cold floor.

After waiting for few hours, off we go to Manchester. Do you know that Dubai is at 34celcious at 4AM ?? Imagine how hot & humid it would have been during the noon?? Anyway, i got the window seat and guess what??

I actually saw Al-Burj from the plane with my own eyes. Although it's tiny, i still saw it before Bleeekk~~ The photos are not that clear because the air in Dubai looks very hot and hazy to me.

Not only that, i saw The Palm which i alway saw from those forwarded mails. I thought it's just a myth and i hardly could believe that those dubai people is really building it. Plus Dubailand land will be ready in a few more years. omg.

Nothing much to do on the plane except drink the free wine, beers and whisky. Plus eat, eat and sleep sleep lo... The wine bottle damn cute ok, about the lenth of a ruler and i wanted to take it with me. But i scared i will kena stop by the custom for having something liquid on me, so i did not :(

Finally after more than 24hours of flying half way across the globe, 7 hours younger than those people in Malaysia, I'm am here.

I really am in UK.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Packing Packing Packing
That's about what i've been doing since last week. Like the miang guy say, PROCRASTINATOR!

This is difficult time for me, because i can't bring too much stuff over to Sheffield. So i need to carefully think and decide which bag to bring, which shoes to bring, which belt to bring and most importantly which one will serve me in a more practical way.

Goodbye all my lovely clothes. I'm sorry i couldn't bring each and everyone of you to enjoy the summer breezes with me.

I choose instant noodles over my mngs' :(

Plenty more to pack and i have less than 24hours now!!!!


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Dinner at Kirishima
It seems like a norm that we do farewell for people at Kirishima..Okla, considering this time it's actually my choice. I also don't really like to call it my farewell, because it's not like I'm not coming forever. It's just a while.

I've been getting this questions alot.

"What would like to eat before you go?" - Urm...i dont really know how to answer because i've been eating alot recently and it's sounds like i'm gonna die very soon and have to eat everything that's sets infront of me. So, don't ask me this ok.

Well, this is what i LOVE to eat! Japanese food all the way. Dono why but i will forever be hungry for japanese food.

It's has been more that 6 months that the 4 of us gather at 1 place at the same time. Either it's studies, exam, or work or the other half. Hmm..What has become of us, so so busy but still so into each other ya? We the best! HIP HIP Hooray to our friendships. May soon cliché but Friendship Forever my lovelies!

Food Galore! I'm back to my old self...Indulge in these photos ok!! First on the menu is Rainbow Sushi Rolls which has smoked salmon, prawns, salmon and cuttlefish.

And the Kirishima Specials - Unagi rolls which is delicious. Btw, Kirishima is famous for it's unagi/eel dishes. It's so fresh and the skin are uh crispy!

Urm...this is some specials we ordered. It's very thinly sliced wagju beef. Not tough at all, very tender kinda meat. Suitable for senior citizens also. The portions quite tiny as you can see. For some, they can finish it with a sweep of their deadly chopsticks!

The famous unagju. It's like a bento but nicer than that of course since we pay a different price. I think the guys will like this alot cos it has alot of rice therefore it's filling. And i think the unagi is a huge portion as well.

MY FAVOURITE of ALL!! Katsudon~ Everywhere i go, i order this. They even forbid me from ordering it that night >_< Guess what does the Teppanyaki Beef comes with ??

ALOT of SIDE Dishes. It even comes with Handphones (-__-)||

And the last dish of the blog is Cold Soba with Tempuras.

After that, they watched me eat my katsudon without much progress wan..and later on force feed me with icy cool spoons of green tea icecreams. We buat kacau at the restaurant until it closes and then proceed to the lobby to buat more kacau. Speng misses me too much, even before i want to fly off. So we decided to eloped. Leaving Desmond behind. Hahaha

and then we pretend to be squids. Memories from past 2 christmas. She fail the mission leaving me alone buat bodoh.

The usual Clubbing/Mahjong/industrial zone slave/Redbox gang. Now everything also kurang me 1 kaki liau lor... Mr Butt aka Ynnek

And Mr Loo with his visitng gf from KL.

The Blogger that owns THE BLOG.

The one who drives PEH88 and calls me BABEEEEEEEEEE all the time...

Most importantly my seasons dear :)

Thanks for the wonderful night. We try to top that when i get back ok!

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