Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Hello Darlings!
I'm now reporting back from Sheffield~!!! Been quite busy since i arrived here with city tours, night tours and self tour plus the orientation weeks has started. I've been walking everywhere since the day of arrival that my toes still hurts till today. I think i can join any marathon no problem for me. Record time is walking for more than 6 hours on Day 2. I am amaze of my own capability. Must have inherited it from my grandma :)

Taking the bus or tram to get around town is simply too expensive for me. A distance of about 15 minutes walk would have cost me 2pd = RM14. You do the math if i take the bus to uni on a daily basis.

Oh, did i also mentioned that i am extremely strong in my table of 7 and i've improved tremendously on my Math ?? I've been converting each and every price tags i saw over here and honestly, not all the things here are expensive. Compared back home, some are even cheaper here. Which i will blog about next.

Picchhhasssss !!! Departing from Penang Airport to KLIA to meet the rest of Tarcians. I have a HUGE crowd sending me off that night which might have drawn attention from the other people who was there as well tee hee hee My BabyCousinTing counted and a total of 21 people was there -__-

Thanks for being there guys although i know it's kinda rush for some of you and i am so honoured that one of them flew back from scotland just to send me off :P

Here's my lovely parent. I promise i'll be good here. DivaLisa, you reassure them of that again. And i'll call back as much as i can.

Boarding the plane heading off to Dubai. The line is so so so long. After seeing a few airports, i know why KLIA is the best. Because the rest suxs.

It took us more than 6 hours to get to Dubai and the seats were quite small. I pity those caucasions whose physiques are obviously bigger than us. At least the food, the inflight entertaiment and services were good. The guys had some disappointment though with the erm, physical appearance of the stewardess..hahaha...But the girls was happy.

Dubai airport as i mentioned in my tagbox has wifi but it sux because it gaves us all the internet addicts false hope. And there's alot of corpse lying around the entire airport =_=

I don't understand how does people can sleep in that position on the stone cold floor.

After waiting for few hours, off we go to Manchester. Do you know that Dubai is at 34celcious at 4AM ?? Imagine how hot & humid it would have been during the noon?? Anyway, i got the window seat and guess what??

I actually saw Al-Burj from the plane with my own eyes. Although it's tiny, i still saw it before Bleeekk~~ The photos are not that clear because the air in Dubai looks very hot and hazy to me.

Not only that, i saw The Palm which i alway saw from those forwarded mails. I thought it's just a myth and i hardly could believe that those dubai people is really building it. Plus Dubailand land will be ready in a few more years. omg.

Nothing much to do on the plane except drink the free wine, beers and whisky. Plus eat, eat and sleep sleep lo... The wine bottle damn cute ok, about the lenth of a ruler and i wanted to take it with me. But i scared i will kena stop by the custom for having something liquid on me, so i did not :(

Finally after more than 24hours of flying half way across the globe, 7 hours younger than those people in Malaysia, I'm am here.

I really am in UK.

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