Saturday, June 30, 2007
Leedmill Club
The first clubbing event i went to in UK! It was actually free because it was organized by the senior resident here at the place i stay. SO since it's free, we chinese have this natural instinct of grabbing the chance!

Honestly, it was the dodgiest club i've ever been to in my life except for ALOHA (no, i haven't forgotten bout that). The entrance makes it look like some club from the red district area and they actually play country songs. i'm like Hmmm.......i dont have my boots on, so i dont think i can dance to that !

Anyhoo, it doesnt matter where you are just who you are with right? I was kinda boring at first, just sitting there and drinking but soon after, i only know how to spell F.U.N.

Cheers darling!!

Hwee, SYee, Me & Weai

Mr. Wong dresses to the nine so much take photo!!! So smart! Really a very different look from the daily slippers =.=

Just having fun

Hweeeeee cook for meeee......i want curry on monday, salad potatoes on tuesday. Please take note!

Sexy Sue! *siren ringing* I look so plain n dull next to her :(

Everyone doing the ' nerdy dance' lead none other than our very own Shin!!

We went home early because we had a class the next morning. Everyone managed to get up, make their own breakfast, packed lunch and attended the class without dozing off. GREAT JOB everyone~!

P.S. I like reading other blogs rather than updating my one.

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