Tuesday, July 31, 2007
ManU vs Intermilan



So DAMN NICE!!!! I'm there to watch Manchester lose to InterMilan 2-3. First half already so many goals. Plus, there's a flasher running loose at Old Trafford which never happened before. Record breaking attendance 73,730 spectators. THRONGS of people in red. I SAW ROONEY SCORE THE GOAL!!!


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Monday, July 30, 2007
Old Trafford & China Town
Last 2 weeks, I went to Manchester to take a tour around the Great Old Trafford. As expected, all the guys was very excited and all the guys that i know that couldn't be there was very jealous.

They say it's their hometown, motherland, birthplace =.=|||||

I woke up very rudely that morning and left for the meet place without breakfast and was at a very bad state. Total mess and look very horrible!! It's was so cold i was shivering the entire day. Not a good day. However, old trafford is really amazing. I was jumping about excitedly when we first enter the stadium. No disappointment there :)

Somehow, i feel like im still in a dream. A place i used to watch through tele over a cup of teh ais on Saturday nights. NOW! I'm actually stepping into it and sitting there. Hmm, so the tour took us 4 hours, by the tour leader, Joe. The green turf that the play on, no one is allowed to touch it, not even Joe and it's mow every single working day into exactly Xcm.
The players changing room has a jacuzzi, and a massage table. A very commercialized organization. Very high turnover with all the money they make with ticket selling and blood-sucking merchandises. dont ask me why i took photo with Park, i took with everyone ok. Somemore need to queue for Ronaldo's -.-'

Jerseys that the guys will grab off the aisles and kept shouting "Oh!!NEW ONE! SO NICE! expensive but NICE! BUY!!!" while walking to the 18 counters open. like kena posses by MU ghost.

We left the stadium off schedule and head straight into town. MR.BADLUCK seems to like me alot that day. It rained even more and there's a massive jam. Our coach driver took a wrong turning and missed the parking lot. Great, more time wastage.

Cold, tired and extremely famished, we finally got off the coach at 330pm which leaves us another 1 hour to walk around. Walk or Eat? Obviously i choosed the latter considering that i will faint any second. Is the world so small or what? I bumped into my penang friend randomly on the streets of Manchester and he directed me to a good eatery. So 0_o

anyway, i had CHAR SIEW FAN & SIEW YOK & ROAST DUCK & DIM SUM & LO MAI KAI. It's like going to heaven. It's sooo good!! I miss them already T_____T


Ok, that's all for now. Please visit this space tomoro!! I will be putting something up.


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Today's your birthday will be celebrated in a different way. sudah berpunya, sure different lar. haha. Last year, ur birthday was so grand. And coincidently that also mark my 1 year anniversary of meeting MasterLong also. lol.

You're always the one that's willing to layan my nonsense...Our oreo moments.. Ahahahha

My devoted member for persatuan meeting.

my pillow to hug. or rather you hugging me :)

Always there to listen me rant and talk nonsense. I miss our fried oyster moments and HOKKIEN MEE!!!! Lookie, another dearie :)

Happy Birthday To my Dear SPenG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Eve To LSP
From Winter to Spring
From Jang to Speng
From Mojojojo :( to ur powerpuff character name

you know i love u lots dear! Happy birthday! May you have a long long life full with shopping spree thats FOC!!

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Friday, July 27, 2007
I is brilliant
I is so brilliant today.

I deleted all the photos worth of weeks on my camera by accident

I took the photos for the whole day including todays Continental Fairs'

I lost everything because i so smart did not transfer to notebook

I deserve to be punish like a house elf *bangs head on floor*


ps: i go cambridge tomorooo Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Another late night for me. What's new?

Was browsing friendster, and it seems to me that most of my friends are no longer single. No wonder my life getting alil boring as they are already sailing smoothly into of coupledom. Hmm, me and my friends cant be really consider as young anymore, we are after all all over 21 -_-| It's rightful for them to spend more time with the other half as an investment for the 2nd half of their life. wtf. not complaining here though.haha

Had lunch today with a few friends and we stumble across this topic. It seems that it's harder and harder to find ur partner when we grow older. Entering into the working world will sux even more as it will suck all the energy out of you to do anything except sleep when you can.

so where to find companionship?

even harder for me la when a kangaroo is more predictable than me >_>

no wonder the other day a friend said my life's drought in that section -.-

Okla, in order not to worry my kawan-kawan baik aka seasonsisters anymore, to stop my mom nagging at me by getting a bf, to prevent people fr thinking that i am Homo, to cure my sometimes boredom.. i shall now go on a dating spree!

marilah sesiapa sahaja...

*preferably dying, old, rich man with no children or families at all.. WAhahah


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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Eve Can Cook!! - Ku Lou Yok ( Sweet & Sour Pork)
Preparation + cooking time is 1 hour.

Surprise that i know how to cook anything other than instant noodle? hahah.. Ku Lou Yok is my personal favourite and after looking up the recipe on google, i decided to test in on my flatmates last nite.

Tapioca/Corn Flour
Soya Sauce
Mushrooms (optional)

First, dice the pork into cube shape and marinate with salt, garlic, alil ginger and soya sauce for 15-30minutes.

Meantime, you can start to chop up your onion and mushroom to prepare the gravy.

Heat up your pan. Coat ONLY the meat with corn flour and deep fry until it looks edible, brown and crispy. Drain the oil and set aside.

Heat up a saucepan with minimal oil. Saute the onions and add in the remains from the meat seasoning and plenty of ketchup. Add in the tomatoes and mushrooms and let it boil for awhile. Add salt and pepper to taste.. Lastly, you can choose to add the fried meat into the gravy or just pour over the gravy. Self preference.

The final thing to add into the saucepan is cornstarch to thicken the gravy before serve. Serve it with piping hot rice.

I got very satisfied flatmates last night. kkakakakkaka

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Avada Kevadra!
10 years of chasing after the the boy who lived, i finally can put it to rest.

I finished the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say, this final installment is much much better than the 2 previous one. Although, it's not as thick(thank god, my arms!) it does well enough to close all the loops that we had been left hanging. Couldn't actually this part of my life, the anticipation of the release of the next book would end as well. What would i look forward to next? I'm such a nerd =.="

The way JK Rowling spins out the story line is very intriguing as usual. It kept me thumbing pages after pages, trying to digest everything as fast as i can; without realizing the time and stomach growling. Despite my best efforts and warnings to friends, an idiot msn me the ending.

double u - tee - eff

Imagine my fury......

Although i would have expect the ending to be that, but i still want to find it out myself. I DID NOT read through 500pages of words so that you can freaking spoil the ending for me! I decided to boycott you for at least 1 month :|


0 time felt wasted

Simply an enchanting way to end the emotional bond I have for the characters of the book. Truly worth reading. All 7 of it again!!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Week 6 already ?
I'm already halfway through my summer course here in UK without much realization. Well, i do realize it. Just look at the stack of assignments waving at me to befriend them which leads me back to the usual sleeping time at 2-3am T_____T

Bak kata pepatah "Lazy people like eve always blog, trying to avoid assignments"

Hmm, i still haven't blog bout Manchester. Not very keen to blog bout it as i look awful in every photo. Really awful, that i vow to take better photo next round. Luckily i will have my chance to rectify the mistake very soon as i'll be watching the match between MU vs Inter. Dying of jeolousy already boys? Hahahahahahhha

Since i cooked the western style curry dish, it seems like the rest of the chefts in my flats followed wise. I've had potato with pork/chicken with vegetable for 3 days in a row already. Tomorrow i shall cook Ku Lou Yok! Let's hope that I don have to eat sweet and sour stuff for another 3 days..bladi ble bla..

It's blardy flooding everywhere in UK but no worries to the ppl back home. It's not flooding where i am because i stay in such a hilly place. It's like hiking #3 in Youth Park everyday. Thanks for the concern over msn ya! I'm getting good calves muscle now! Kick ppl can die i think..

Today is such a lovely day in Sheffield. I'm loving the sun. I guessed the depressing weather we suffered for the past week had made me more "guai lou-ish" I'm soaking it all up today by walking around with SeowYee after class. Shoe shopping! I bet BrotherPoh will go mad in this store. All his favourite brand here. So will JasonYong with so many limited edition shoes. Such funky design. I dare u wear the black and white zig zag one! Mind you, not cheap like those stuff in sg.wang.

I like the rainbow pattern heel. 30pd though..hmm..no money.

I bought these instead. Not bad right (pls agree with me). I need one good flat since the green polkadot one that DivaLisa kept saying it's fugly finally deceased. Quite sad, it served me well during it's lifetime ..hmm..

Peace Garden, the fountain up and running again - at it's full glory.. So crowded .. Yan San Yan Hou - with happy people, having lunches on grass, reading HARRY POTTER on grasses

Free water park for kids... there's this kid couple who was rolling around on the floor =.="

Me and SeowYee..trying to pull a Fisheye

On the way home, i bought these stamps for CousinTing. Can you see what stamps they are? :)

Meant to be a short entry, turn out to be so winding long -__- Anyway, have a lovely day and i shall leave you with my current window view.

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Monday, July 23, 2007
To WilliamT

If you are reading this, you doubted wrongly. It reached my hand alright and is now in my drawer :) It took more than 2 weeks for a postcard bought by Malaysian from Canada, sent from Japan to reach UK. I see you end of this year alright! It has been almost 1 year i haven't seen you.

On another note, Harry Potter is SO GOOD! I just couldn't stop reading it.

Assignments T_________T

Almost cried near Chapter 5 when something sad happened T__________T

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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Bak Chang
Is exactly how we all look like in Manchester. Summer my foot la. Damn damn cold!! Visiting Old trafford was very exciting to me though. Their turnover are over billions of pounds. So commercialized although it's just a football club.

Now my aim in life is to finish my assignments asap so that i can ACCIO! my Harry Potter to my arms and lock myself up for a few days. kekeke..

Photos later... Just want to emphasize the coldness i am in today.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I got the BOOK! Wahhahahah

After walking under the rain and withstanding the cold(11c tonight), i AM one of the FIRST in the World to get the book!!!!

I stood in line for almost 2 hours just to get the book together with Shean, Chua and Joosing. Start queuing from 1115PM i guessed and finally got the book sometime pass 1am. Ahh, the excitement when you get nearer and nearer to the counter. At the stroke of midnight, you can hear people screaming and cheering as it's officially launched!

Some Deatheaters performance.

As expected alot of ppl dress up like potter and dumbledore and wizards.

Ok! Here's the book! Shean was so so kind to lend me the book first!! Thanks lot!!!!!!

I still have Manchester to go to at 8am tomoro..T_________T i wanna sell off my coach ticket now!!!!!!

BYE! Going to start reading now!!!

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Friday, July 20, 2007
Summer Beach Party
Today is 20.07.2007 = 20072007 I shall post something backlog and one of the best time i had in my life.

Few weeks ago, my uni student union organized a welcoming party for us TAR student. The theme for the night was Summer Beach Party. So we are supposed to wear like how we would dressed to beach. Unfortunately, it was kinda impossible as it was COLD! Over here, you wear sweater, coats or jumper out.. To clubs or pub or the nearest supermarket.

Anyway, it was a very happy occasion as almost 90% of my course mate went and we had free garlands to wear. As usual, i brought my camera out but i forgot to slot the sd card in. Pandai kan? T__________T useless! Whole nite have to carry the heavy camera around.

It's was quite boring at first. Just sitting and waiting around for the performances to start. Just some performances by seniors and students. Jumping and strutting around on stage with bikini and corsets. hehehe.. Lazy to post those photo.

SweetSarah, Exroomie

From the interval onwards, i had the best time in sheffield to date. Seriously pure fun! Don't really know what got to us, but everyone was laughing and dancing for the rest of the night. It started when we knew Weai brought her camera. Photo with resident of Flat 57 and me 17. Quite sad i couldn't move in together with them.

My first vodka + redbull :)

And then thanks to Seow Yee (no more cleaner) for introducing these great group of friends to us. Drink so much bud that night. Celebration for someone who got First Class. Wohhoo..!

I try to remember ppl's name ok *long breath* Kevin, Soon, Eugene KahYang, Sarah, Weai, SeowYee, Neow, Hwee2, Me and Shean. Yay! I remember all. Obviously, since i hang out with them now. hahaha
YChong in his drag costume -.-
Shean and Kevin that looks like japanese brothers. But they don't even come from the same place. hahaha

Without them, i think the night wont be even half as fun as it had been. With this, thanks LadyCleaner, opps Seow YEE!! Muaks Muaks!

Tomoro going Manchester!! Please dont rain =__=

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
The new room sux.
Just ended my 4 days TVB - Dicey Business drama marathon. Warao! Can't believe i actually finished 35 episodes within 4 days.

I'm the bestttt....

Life's been dull here. Thanks to the blardy rainy weather. Been raining for days!!! like 24hours continuously. So sleeppy, but canot sleep because i need to finish up all my assignments asap so that i can go on trips full hearted!! Anyway, i know i will still go without any care but it's just an excuse for me to start doing it.

I've moved to a new room. I miss my old room so much although the new one is a clone of the old one. Even the location of the bed to the wall color. I was hoping to get a red or purple one but instead i got the dull brown back -.-

The thing i missed the most is my window view. Although i had to climb 4 floor up instead of 1 now, it's still damn worth it. I get to see trains puffing, hills, clouds sailing by, KFC and people walking about. And almost every other evening i get to see rainbows. FULL BOW rainbows and sometimes Double rainbow. Now i only get a bicycle stand and some brick walls facing strangers house. And the occasionally guard kor kor walking around. T______T

Marilah. Let me show the GREAT view of Room 54/2

Sunday was one of the wettest day ever. Rain Rain go away! Come again another day! Anyway, miraculously i managed to drag myself out of bed at 645am, and walked more than 3ominutes to the Car Boot Sale/Sunday market under the rain. Woohoo!

Damn worth it i tell you. I initially wanted to get meself a coat as UK is entering into winter by end of this month according to newspaper. Hmm, couldn't find any that i fancy, clean enough, fits well enough or cheap enough.


VICTORY to ME! The BEST!! I managed to buy a cheaper than dirt Dorothy Perkins mini dress for just 50p.

How much was that you asked again?

50 pence = RM3.50

You read right! I kid you not. Where lah, can get dress so cheap. Some more brand new. Woohoooo.... Bargain Bargain.. me love bargains...

Pichaas! Somemore in my favourite coror..Pink..kekekeke..

Nice leh... A very happy me saying good nite to my lovelies and back to my auntie life of cooking, washing and going to class now :)

ps: I try to blog bout something "cool" soon ok? At least i show i am not that auntie lar =.=

Pss: i also slept for the whole day after i balik from the sunday market. hehehe.. compensate back mar...

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Monday, July 16, 2007
Eve Can Cook!! - Honey Roasted Chicken
Ok! Second dish for this blog. :D

Honey Roasted Chicken. Easy to make, easier to eat! hohoh.. I made this last Sunday and i got special request to make this again for Wednesday dinner. kekeke..Kei Sau fuen Yeng leh(Popular dish)

1 chicken
1 clove of garlic
A lil bit of olive oil or any oil

First, clean the chicken throughly and pluck all remaining feathers on the slimy chicken skins. Next, put your hands through the butt hole and clean the inside of the chicken with cold water. Then rub 2 handful of salt all over the chicken and inside it as if giving it a massage. Same goes with the sugar. After that, smear the honey all over the chicken, except the inside. Not too much, just enough as too much honey will burn the chicken. Cut the garlic into 4 and smear about the chicken again.

Dump everything into a clean bag, seal it up, shake about and put into the fridge for 1 night.

The next day, take out the chicken, put on the grill, pour the remaining mixture on top on the chicken and pop it into the oven for 1 hour at about 190c If it's a bigger chicken, then roast for 1.5 hour or until it looks like cooked.


Yummy leh... The side dishes that me and MeiKin cooked while waiting for the chicken to be done. Eggs with bacon inside and some vege. That's how our dinner looks life..
Try! Try!

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Friday, July 13, 2007
Harry Potter and a late night

I watched it on the premiere of the movie itself here in UK. Many 'first' for me today. But i took very little photos because was busy talking kekeke...

First time taking the tram - It's similar to LRT but has friendly conductor that told us she's going to propose to a Japanese rock star in his concert end of this year. She has bright pink hair and piercing on the eyebrow and lips. Quite freaky right? Anyway, i'm very happy that i finally took the tram. No need to walk ady ^^

Shawn, Jin, Kahyang(blackcoat), Soon and me

First time going to Meadowhall - Used to be the biggest mall in Europe but now no more lu.. Not that impressive to me. Looks like any other mall aka 1u. Anyway, the ground level was flooded during the disaster and many shops still close.

While waiting for tram Meadowhall - Arena

First time to Arena - This is niccee. It's a huge area with stand alone entertainment center such as ice skating rink, a burger king on its on, a bowling arena, many other food outlet and of course CineWorld.

First movie here - Harry Potter!!! I think it's quite a deep movie, too deep for children considering its suppose to be a children movie and all. Not as nice as the book (obviously). The beginning quite boring with many unneccessary scenes thrown here and there. But i like the end, however the part where Sirius died should be make better. Not enough emotion to make me cry. hahaha.. But watching harry potter with a difference. Many people dresses like wizard and witches to the cinema, complete with broomsticks and the hat. Interesting?

At a hilly spot for Sheffield's night view

Anyway, we caught the 9pm movie and got back to city center about 12am. Quite a late night for me yesterday but it was a very very fun day for me. When walking around city center for abit, even manage to catch a glimpse of nearly sunrise. Well, the sun rise about 4am here, yeah so early right. Before that, i even visited a haunted house ..Woo...scary huh, but inside the house damn nice. Exactly like how you will imagine how a bachelor pad to be.

I really love it here but the fact that i can't be here for a longer period is a bitch. SO i will enjoy every single moment here while i can. No mistake just experience. No wrong just learning process.

It's wrong to think that you can't learn anything by going oversea for only a mere 3 months. Alot of eye opener like the cats here are so fat and can beat up our dogs anytime. The education culture here which i will blog bout in a bit more. The varieties of people here.

Soaking up the life here kao kao.

PS: To clear any confusion, i DO STUDY here. In fact, my blog has not been updated for last week is due to the fact that i have to finish up an assignment. Now i need to start on the next one before i can go any where.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
I don't miss my home. I miss the people inside my home.

Hie Dad!! I know you now read my blog too :)

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home

I miss you girls dearies! I miss you guys! I miss the many moments we had.


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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Blackpool = Las Vegas in US, Macau in Hongkong, Genting in Malaysia.

7/7/07 - I was at UK very own Sin City!!

As i promised, i had edit this section. Loads of photos!!

Pleasure Beach theme park. With many Europe's Only and Europe First rides. Here, the very scary looking 12 storey high roller coaster.

Mind you, the weather was effing cold that day and because i woke up late, i dressed WRONGLY for the day. I was practically freezing and shivering the whole day with the thin cardigan i had. The wind was like so strong and COLD! It was 13c that day with BRIGHT SUN.

The old school tram unlike those in Sheffield. There's also alot of horses with carriage around. Consequently there's alot of horse shit on the road too. And wait till when there's a fresh dung and the wind blows your way.

Basically Blackpool is happening on 1 long promenade by the sea divided by North, South and Center Pier. It's more than 30minute to walk from one end to another. As i say, it's the Sin City, so we saw alot of casinos, lap dance club, strip club, normal clubs and pubs that operates 24/7. Hohoho.. Dead Serious.

And there's many many party of people in packs on birthday tours, hen tour and bachelors night tour - all that i only read before in books and never witness before. Culture shock maybe i will say, because you can see guy dock in the Borat-Neon-Underwear walking around with his jocks, or the bride to be deck out in SM police lady costume with the full colony of girls behind, dress to kill.

Of course with such a wild crowd around, there's some rather wild erm, equipment to spice up their life right? Fancy some hard dick that you can lick openly? hohoh

Cute ones.

Small ones

Cheap manhood for sale
They even sell alot of tits that you can wear or eat. But apart from naughty candy, toys and whips, they do have a famous local candy called Blackpool Rock. It's basically the candy cane ornament for christmas tree. The below personalised one has names in the middle. Even naughty lines, like sexbomb and such.

Or football clubs name.

Moving on, we continue our journey towards the Blackpool Tower. Something that looks like Eiffel Tower. I had it under my finger :P

We had the famous fish n chips of Blackpool. My advice, choose the shop with the most customer. Trust your instinct!! Take out is cheaper than eating in, so we ate our lunch on the centre pier behind a fun fair. OMG! you canot imagine how high up we were from the sea. SO SCARY OK! looking down and you see the HUGE HUGE waves beneath - high enough to do bungee jumping.

There, i met Benji that reminds me alot of Jaz! He's so adorable ok! I miss Jaz T_____T

And a yorkshire terrier who like to lick lick lick :D :D

The purpose this photo is up, it to show you how cute Benji is with his little tongue out to kiss Alan.
Our lunch was so cold after like 5 minutes out of the oil because of the freaking wind. The packed rice that the boys brought along is so cold as if you just took it out from the FREEZER..0_o Anyway, after lunch, quick quick take many many photos. Johnson, every photo also fail -_________- go diet..hehe
To show you how far i walked. See the roller coaster? Far right..so tiny..and the beach here are very very wide. Need to run before you can reach the sea. And the water is warm..hmmmm

The seaside. and the fat albatross which are aplenty here. Throw a stone, i bet you'll hit one.

Henry, the albatross is so funny ok. He kept trying to fly against the wind, but its too strong so its seems like Henry is floating on the air. Up down, Up down he floats and looking at us, the strange human taking photos of him. Sometimes, Henry is so still on the air, as if posing for us :)

Another gorgeous dog, George the Retriever!!!! He has one of the most beautiful skull for a retriever i've seen. Apart from those show dogs. Btw, he's a guide dog which makes him so much more loveable :)

WHY malaysia canot have such dogs and freedom!! So unfair :( :( Imagine the life Jaz could have here. So damn different ok. George likes to lick lick too. He slurps across me as if i'm an ice cream =.=

Spot Superman.

The many many donkey-doo on the beach. Meet Magic and Harry. All dozing i think. But cute lor...
Ooo.. Finally reach Blackpool Tower. But need 13pd to take the lift up. What can you do theree?? Post a postcard there and the stamp will say "Posted from Blackpool Tower, the highest postbox" You think i will spend 13pd entrance fee and another RM3.50 just to do that?

Busking. This busker likes to scare the shit out of people. Even old people using walking sticks. To English people, he is entertainer/busker. To me, he is professional beggar.

I pity the ballon seller. The thing kept floating around him and tangle around him and hitting his head and face. Sad but funny scene. You can't even see the poor fella from the photo.

The South Pier is heaven to dare devil. There, you'll find Bungee Jumping, Sling Shots dan lain-lain suicide machines. I did not go in, because not enough time, money and life left to risk. But if you can see from the photo, you will know how crazy the games are. Bungee Jumping about 40pd ago. Paying that amount to try out the feeling of suicide. Best.

A kind of street deco you wont see in Malaysia.

My face with the famous ferris wheel on center pier.

My 2nd lunch. Hotdogs with chips that cost me 1.5pd which is cheap considering the prices around here.

This is the life.

That i want.


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