Thursday, July 26, 2007
Avada Kevadra!
10 years of chasing after the the boy who lived, i finally can put it to rest.

I finished the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say, this final installment is much much better than the 2 previous one. Although, it's not as thick(thank god, my arms!) it does well enough to close all the loops that we had been left hanging. Couldn't actually this part of my life, the anticipation of the release of the next book would end as well. What would i look forward to next? I'm such a nerd =.="

The way JK Rowling spins out the story line is very intriguing as usual. It kept me thumbing pages after pages, trying to digest everything as fast as i can; without realizing the time and stomach growling. Despite my best efforts and warnings to friends, an idiot msn me the ending.

double u - tee - eff

Imagine my fury......

Although i would have expect the ending to be that, but i still want to find it out myself. I DID NOT read through 500pages of words so that you can freaking spoil the ending for me! I decided to boycott you for at least 1 month :|


0 time felt wasted

Simply an enchanting way to end the emotional bond I have for the characters of the book. Truly worth reading. All 7 of it again!!


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