Saturday, July 21, 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I got the BOOK! Wahhahahah

After walking under the rain and withstanding the cold(11c tonight), i AM one of the FIRST in the World to get the book!!!!

I stood in line for almost 2 hours just to get the book together with Shean, Chua and Joosing. Start queuing from 1115PM i guessed and finally got the book sometime pass 1am. Ahh, the excitement when you get nearer and nearer to the counter. At the stroke of midnight, you can hear people screaming and cheering as it's officially launched!

Some Deatheaters performance.

As expected alot of ppl dress up like potter and dumbledore and wizards.

Ok! Here's the book! Shean was so so kind to lend me the book first!! Thanks lot!!!!!!

I still have Manchester to go to at 8am tomoro..T_________T i wanna sell off my coach ticket now!!!!!!

BYE! Going to start reading now!!!

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