Tuesday, July 17, 2007
The new room sux.
Just ended my 4 days TVB - Dicey Business drama marathon. Warao! Can't believe i actually finished 35 episodes within 4 days.

I'm the bestttt....

Life's been dull here. Thanks to the blardy rainy weather. Been raining for days!!! like 24hours continuously. So sleeppy, but canot sleep because i need to finish up all my assignments asap so that i can go on trips full hearted!! Anyway, i know i will still go without any care but it's just an excuse for me to start doing it.

I've moved to a new room. I miss my old room so much although the new one is a clone of the old one. Even the location of the bed to the wall color. I was hoping to get a red or purple one but instead i got the dull brown back -.-

The thing i missed the most is my window view. Although i had to climb 4 floor up instead of 1 now, it's still damn worth it. I get to see trains puffing, hills, clouds sailing by, KFC and people walking about. And almost every other evening i get to see rainbows. FULL BOW rainbows and sometimes Double rainbow. Now i only get a bicycle stand and some brick walls facing strangers house. And the occasionally guard kor kor walking around. T______T

Marilah. Let me show the GREAT view of Room 54/2

Sunday was one of the wettest day ever. Rain Rain go away! Come again another day! Anyway, miraculously i managed to drag myself out of bed at 645am, and walked more than 3ominutes to the Car Boot Sale/Sunday market under the rain. Woohoo!

Damn worth it i tell you. I initially wanted to get meself a coat as UK is entering into winter by end of this month according to newspaper. Hmm, couldn't find any that i fancy, clean enough, fits well enough or cheap enough.


VICTORY to ME! The BEST!! I managed to buy a cheaper than dirt Dorothy Perkins mini dress for just 50p.

How much was that you asked again?

50 pence = RM3.50

You read right! I kid you not. Where lah, can get dress so cheap. Some more brand new. Woohoooo.... Bargain Bargain.. me love bargains...

Pichaas! Somemore in my favourite coror..Pink..kekekeke..

Nice leh... A very happy me saying good nite to my lovelies and back to my auntie life of cooking, washing and going to class now :)

ps: I try to blog bout something "cool" soon ok? At least i show i am not that auntie lar =.=

Pss: i also slept for the whole day after i balik from the sunday market. hehehe.. compensate back mar...

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  • At 12:43 PM, July 19, 2007, Blogger Des

    lorong kulit or petaling street also kenot find so cheap wan laa...

    cis who says UK stuff is expensive after all?


    wei where is my jumper??? LOL

  • At 1:51 PM, July 19, 2007, Blogger christal.loh


    dun care.. i wan my past-birthday present... from JUNK also tak apa... kekekeke...

    i'm applying jobs from UK... lol... like dapat nia... lol...

  • At 8:13 PM, July 19, 2007, Blogger Eve

    Des: 1 GAP jumper coming up!

    Christal: Birthday present do not back log wan ok! hehehe