Thursday, August 30, 2007
* Happy Birthday Negarakuku~ I love my mamak food and many other foods. That's what Malaysia is at it's best to me.

Before i blog about Scotland and Liverpool, please allow me to introduce this lovely country side. This i must blog before i forgot the details.

Many may not heard of Whitby but the world biggest whaling activity was once here. Located in North Yorkshire, very near to famous Scarborough.

Captain Cook also set sail here before he found Australia. The remains of the famous Count Dracula was also believed to be buried under the grounds of Whitby Abbey. Hohoh..but i think it's purely fiction. Most English people regard Whitby as the most beautiful seaside town in England. So i went along with the uni trip. A total of 5 coaches went, the most number in any trips it organized.

Anyway, it was a very frustrating journey there as we was stuck in a jam for 4 hours, which leaves us with only 4 hour to explore Whitby!! Blimey, we had to forgo the beach because there's simply not enough time :(

Seaside places are famous for their seafood. Whitby is best known for their Fish n chips, scampi and oysters. This is Uk #2 fish n chips according to the plaque in front of the shop. Magic Chips. The # 1 is Magpie which is too full.

After climbing 199steps, we reached St.Mary's Church.

The view from top of the stairs. *Click for better view*

and Whitby Abbey....a ruins of the magnificent medieval abbey. Its such a lovely weather, perfect to go trigger happy! Weee~~~ *click for bigger image*

We did jumped here!
And posed. I'm Goddess Eve, with my devotees and trusty assistants. hehee.. so lawak. All so immerse in their own acting.

Fluffy white ducks that waddles peacefully.... until i chased them while shouting "Siew Ngap Ah!! " I think i scared the hell out of 'em. Hehe..Man, they look slow, but damn fast k..

The grass that are unprickly, and NOT insect infested. with my housemates + Mr.Wong

one last photo before heading to the pier. Rachael, SiewLing, Alan, Eve, Wong.

Took a boat trip that costed 2pd each. Consider cheap when they bring us out quite far out in the sea. As mentiond, lovely weather. Wasted we only had 4 hours. T______T *click for bigger image*

Lots of seagulls in Whitby waiting to swoop down to eat your food or poop on you =.= I KENA BOMB OK! wtf. But not very serious. it think the bird vomited or something. cos it's easy to wipe off.

So long Whitby, if fate allows, we shall meet again :) *click for my current wallpaper*
ps: I think all dogs goes to Whitby because i saw soo many different breeds here i was overwhelmed with joy. The people sure love their mutt. My camera was full of the doggie photo.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Super Lamb Banana!!

Back from Liverpool after an amazing 4 days there. Many many thanks to WenXian for providing us lodging, food and guide services. Thanks for F&B and HarryPotter for providing such a good welcoming dinner. To the rest of the scotland trip ppl plus new friends for making it a wonderful and memorable trip!!

I hope you guys miss me. Hehe. Will have proper blog up..when i settle down k? If i can settle down ;P

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Saturday, August 25, 2007
for the record, i am so damn intoxicated at this very moment.

i'm loving it..pada padapa...

sorry unable to blog about whitby, scotland, and soon &kahyang & shean's graduation jsut yet... im going to liverpool for the weekend to see the firework. some celebration for its 800th anniversary and to visit some friends..

sorry dad for you to find out on my blog.

im just being the useless me as always


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Monday, August 20, 2007
Ayam Back!!
Woohoo!! Back from the Highlands! AMAZINGLY BREATHTAKING VIEW!

so sad it ended to soon. dead tired. talk soon.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Apalaaaa~~Scotland yay! Yay!
That's the word i say the most recently. dono why suddenly like to say Apalaaa...alot...Hohoho...

Yay! Scotland Road trip!!! Finally! 1 and only 1 road trip with my collegemates after this..sayonara to everyone. :(

Cross my fingers that it will be magnificient!!! Ooo...hope hope ya..

Be gone till Monday. So be good people!!

Last *year today*, i had for the first time, the BEST PAN MEE at chowkit and then went Chinoz for the first time too.

and i also went visiting friends for the *famous Kajang satay*. Can't imagine now buaya and williamT are back in Malaysia and i'm away.

Here's Something for you people to read while i'm gone.

The Corridors or Power
Go Fug Yourself
Karen Cheng
The Bitter Stickgal

and 1 more extra if i am too lazy to update by Tuesday.

Edison Chen

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Yum! Yum!
This post full of hokkien slang.

Today my flatmates cooked Bak Kut Teh and Tau Ew Bak! Do you know how much i missed the smell of these 2 dish?? Although i kinda hate the dishes back home but just looking at it, already got me squealing all over the flat. Foodsick ! hohohoh

Ya, so although i grimace at the smell of the overpowering herbs, i still gladly ate everything somemore tambah nasi oy! haha.. Very pass la Monday team. Hope they cook everyday, then i no need to cook ady..somemore get to eat the best stuff like tomyam and wan tan mee...ahha..i wan chee cheong fun..Genting Kopitiam wan.. :(:(:(

The tau ew bak damn BEST...We bought some gammon and stewed it for more than 2 hrs...the meat damn tender and nice and sweet and salty and homey...i like it so so much!! The only thing missing is Eu Char Koay and Yam Rice. And garlic with dark soya sauce and also the black boiling kettle at the side of the table. Hmm...Thinking of gurney drive SongRiver.

Last Friday night, went to Noodle Inn with the whole course except for Weai. My charsiewfan dream!! Hoohoho...You see, so many people right...we conquered the whole place d.. Total of 18. If plus Neow, then 22 ppl!! haha

The portion damn big. Even my face canot cover the whole thing. Me n SYee share also, eat till want to die. Actually SWei wanna take photo of Eugene flexing muscle behind me issit? kekekek

Got roast duck la, char siew la, siew yok la...Damn nice la..

Assignments are killing me...babi, canot finish wan.... how many nights ady working on it.

I no longer sleep. I take nap instead. Many many naps of lah....!!

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Friday, August 10, 2007
Was so worried when the lecturer send out an email regarding plagiarism on our assignments last night. The penalty for that is being expel from university ler, sure worry. This morning went and get the feedback form and coast is clear...Woohoo..

Went walking around alone after that and find that really nice. came home to an empty flat cos the rest went library. Finally a quiet house to myself. Its really good to have some quiet time from all the huha in my life.

The roadtrip to Scotland is finally set!! Everything's booked and done. No more arguements thru and fro. Another problem settled!

It's time to tackle the most headache assignment of all. Treasury management. Dealing with figures..grrrr..sounds fun.

Tonight huge dinner with everyone at Noodle Inn. Chinese Food!! Yay! Char Siew Fan.. here i come..hehehe


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Thursday, August 09, 2007
When to the library for the whole freaking day. Borrowed the first 2 books for the past 3 years of my life. Being feeling really really down today. Out of sudden. No idea why. Flatmates outside now sounds really happy..shouting and screaming. Everyone seem so carefree but me. Seems like everyone is far off so happy but just me. WHY! Hey, u dont wanna give a damn bout everything you think i want? You have assignment, u think i dont? U think you very busy, but i am damn free because i look free? You think you very stressful but i am not? WRONG! Arghhh

Decided to blog about something happy.

I went Cambridge few weeks ago. Woohoo! Cambridge is sunny and fun and full of hawties! Cambridge is guwd stuff.

Seriously, like spanish guys and chun chix. I can just stand at the pavement and stare the entire day at the people. Gorgeous people!
Needless to say, Cambridge University is #2 in the world, very smart people there. Very good looking people there too. Very quaint town. Build around the 32 colleges that made the whole university. OK! Photos.

Punting is a very good way to see Cambridge. Highly recommended. And it's a good way for you to communicate with locals ie Punter or people that share the boat with you. We got ourselves a handsome french punter, Alex who did an excellent job explaining the buildings to us.
A very crowded day for cambridge. So full of tourist, the whole canal is full. traffic jam
Mathematical Bridge. The bridge built without nails and that stood over 100 years. Go figure, engineers.
Some bridge built by students
A similar bridge in Venice leads prisoners from jail to court. In Cambridge, it leads students from hostels to exam hall. Go figure again!
Inside it.
The punter and I
King's college. One of the main college. Entrance 3pd for student. Damn worth it. Breathtaking view.
Great Vault. It has one very precious painting that people are pushing and shoving to take a photo of. Oh, why bother. i dont understand art. wtf
Pipe Organ
Very harry potter-ish thingie.
Book Stand. I like.

Courtyard. I saw a westie on the street.. How often do you see a westland high terrier on the streets of Malaysia?? Saint John's. Student entrance. 1pd. We witnessed a church wedding and kawan get told off by a priest for wearing a cap. A Very Windy but not freezing cold day

It's a freaking student accommodation.
Damn nice wei... how can.. no fair. I supposed ghost comes in the package. kekeke
the wall which was featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Looks damn nice right? It's really quite filthy, i wouldnt go near it.
I look damn smug and arrogant here towards Shin. I like.
My 2 bodyguards and dishwashers. Sayang! hahah
The view of the canal.
Hawt Hawt Hawt. This is just 1 specimen!!
Some Spanish tourist waving. My coursemates. Thats all. kthxbai ! After bloggin, still not feeling better. Gonna drink some happy juice.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
ManU vs Intermilan 3-2
Last Wednesday i went to my first ever football match in my life. Who would have guessed it would be in Old Trafford, watching Manchester United get beaten up by Inter Milan 3-2.. hohoo.. That's sure one hella memorable event for me!! Big names that night:- Wayne Rooney, C.Ronaldo, Luis FIGO!!, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Van Der Sar, and Materazzi. I forgot if Alan Smith was sub in later on. I think he was..

Reached Manchester around 4pm, so we had around 2 hours to go about town before heading to Old Trafford. First place we look for is the biggest Primark in England!! Went berserk in there because we limit ourselves to only 40mins in there. Seriously, the longer u stay inside, the more money magically will be gone T______T

Back to the match, it was a record breaking attendance with 73,738 spectators. Almost the full capacity the stadium could hold. On the way to the stadium, we were stuck in the jam and there's seas of people clad in red walking towards it.

There's SO SO SO many people, so many different races, all types of ages... all there for the same thing.


The seats we got was pretty upfront. I was contented that i am in the stadium alone. Hooohooo.. Filled with adrenaline rush, we ran inside the stadium and cheered all the way till the end of the match. Many times the excitement got us all to stand on our feet and cheered or booed along... Extremely happy and excited bout it. Pichaaaass.... Of us shopping, and in the stadium itself.

RONALDO was brilliant at his footwork. However, I no longer find him super hawt simply because I saw soo many guys hawter than him..hohoo...

Wayne Rooney. Obviously the crowd favourite. They kept cheering RooooooNeh! RooooooNeh!... That sounds something like buuleh or Do it at first.. =.=?? But we shout together with the crowd..hehe

Rooney taking a free kick.. Hey, guess what? I saw Rooney score the only goal for MU that night as the goal post is facing us..Hohoho..

Near the end of the match, a guy decided to run across the field NAKED! Something that had never happened in Old Trafford before. and I get to witness it :) :) Anyway, it was a really funny scene. He ripped off his shirt and then pulled his pants down halfway, pulled it up again..and finally Riiipped it off.. haha

Everyone was cheering at it.. and he was struggling to get passed the guards. The Inter goalkeeper even picked his shirt up for him..hohoh. I think even the players were amused by this.

Some of the players.

The Final Score. I went to watch MU lose.. Hohooh.. But too bad, Chelsea lost to them for the charity shield T___________T Shevchenko T___________T
The store brimming full of people. It was so full it had to be closed and the people still wait outside -.-|| Sorry ahButt, canot get the cap for you.

The Sea of Red. Still cheering on, breaking the silence of the night.

Me, Shin and a Fan.

THIS, by far is one of the most memorable moment for me. At last i get to watch it live. Feels so sureal. So Damn Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A video to end this post. Do click to feel the atmosphere i had :)

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