Thursday, August 09, 2007
When to the library for the whole freaking day. Borrowed the first 2 books for the past 3 years of my life. Being feeling really really down today. Out of sudden. No idea why. Flatmates outside now sounds really happy..shouting and screaming. Everyone seem so carefree but me. Seems like everyone is far off so happy but just me. WHY! Hey, u dont wanna give a damn bout everything you think i want? You have assignment, u think i dont? U think you very busy, but i am damn free because i look free? You think you very stressful but i am not? WRONG! Arghhh

Decided to blog about something happy.

I went Cambridge few weeks ago. Woohoo! Cambridge is sunny and fun and full of hawties! Cambridge is guwd stuff.

Seriously, like spanish guys and chun chix. I can just stand at the pavement and stare the entire day at the people. Gorgeous people!
Needless to say, Cambridge University is #2 in the world, very smart people there. Very good looking people there too. Very quaint town. Build around the 32 colleges that made the whole university. OK! Photos.

Punting is a very good way to see Cambridge. Highly recommended. And it's a good way for you to communicate with locals ie Punter or people that share the boat with you. We got ourselves a handsome french punter, Alex who did an excellent job explaining the buildings to us.
A very crowded day for cambridge. So full of tourist, the whole canal is full. traffic jam
Mathematical Bridge. The bridge built without nails and that stood over 100 years. Go figure, engineers.
Some bridge built by students
A similar bridge in Venice leads prisoners from jail to court. In Cambridge, it leads students from hostels to exam hall. Go figure again!
Inside it.
The punter and I
King's college. One of the main college. Entrance 3pd for student. Damn worth it. Breathtaking view.
Great Vault. It has one very precious painting that people are pushing and shoving to take a photo of. Oh, why bother. i dont understand art. wtf
Pipe Organ
Very harry potter-ish thingie.
Book Stand. I like.

Courtyard. I saw a westie on the street.. How often do you see a westland high terrier on the streets of Malaysia?? Saint John's. Student entrance. 1pd. We witnessed a church wedding and kawan get told off by a priest for wearing a cap. A Very Windy but not freezing cold day

It's a freaking student accommodation.
Damn nice wei... how can.. no fair. I supposed ghost comes in the package. kekeke
the wall which was featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Looks damn nice right? It's really quite filthy, i wouldnt go near it.
I look damn smug and arrogant here towards Shin. I like.
My 2 bodyguards and dishwashers. Sayang! hahah
The view of the canal.
Hawt Hawt Hawt. This is just 1 specimen!!
Some Spanish tourist waving. My coursemates. Thats all. kthxbai ! After bloggin, still not feeling better. Gonna drink some happy juice.

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