Friday, August 03, 2007
Some youtube to share/Ben & Jerry
I want to go mad with assignments already. bertubi-tubi ...Without fail, need to hand in 1 report every week. Arghh.. Can't even afford to slack for awhile.. I haven't even watch spiderpig! Been getting news from malaysia. So many things has change since i left. It will never be the same anyway. Happy Birthday to Sern Hsien! but i doubt u even know the existences of this lil space on www.

Hmm..something to share.. Harry Potter video's made by fans. Harry & Hermoine. Really lovely one. I've forgotten how cute they once were. It's made as if they are meant to be together, which i think most of the avid fans would think they will eventually end up together from the first book.

Ron & Hermoine. No spoiler in both videos so can watch safely ..

Some weird activities that the inmates from Cebu, Philiphines do. They do Broadway! ahha It's good in a way. Watch out for the shemale :p

Going to Whitby tomorrow. The last day trip by the university anyway. I heard there's bout 250ppl going on this trip 0_OThe birthplace of Mr.Dracula and fish & chips.. Need a breather after the bout of migraines i've been suffering of late.

Ooo...My first Ben & Jerry Ice Cream!!! Cookie dough flava.. damn nice..

and this is the BEST TIRAMISU ever! Heavenly..
canot seem to stop snackin on the tiramisu!

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