Friday, August 10, 2007
Was so worried when the lecturer send out an email regarding plagiarism on our assignments last night. The penalty for that is being expel from university ler, sure worry. This morning went and get the feedback form and coast is clear...Woohoo..

Went walking around alone after that and find that really nice. came home to an empty flat cos the rest went library. Finally a quiet house to myself. Its really good to have some quiet time from all the huha in my life.

The roadtrip to Scotland is finally set!! Everything's booked and done. No more arguements thru and fro. Another problem settled!

It's time to tackle the most headache assignment of all. Treasury management. Dealing with figures..grrrr..sounds fun.

Tonight huge dinner with everyone at Noodle Inn. Chinese Food!! Yay! Char Siew Fan.. here i come..hehehe


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